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Slice of Life Mod

Sims 4 is an online social simulation game that allows users to make their mods in order to make the game more fun and interesting to play. This is a game that gamers have played for a very long time. Due to being played for so long, users used up almost all of the features of the game. This caused the users to get bored of the monotonous features.

The game introduced the slice of life mod, also known as the sol sims four mod, to add more interesting features. The purpose of this mod was to make the game look more realistic by adding some changes to its characteristics. It mostly pays attention to adding more details in real life into the game. We have listed the various features of this mod below:

Your Sims Can Get Drunk

Sims could never drink in the regular gameplay. But this feature of the slice of life mod allows your sim to get drunk. When your character drinks too much, their cheeks get red; this indicates that they are drunk. There is also a buff to help them sober up later on!

Your Sims can show more realistic emotions and reactions

The Sims 4 game originally does provide some reactions and emotions to your sim, but they are not anything special or unique. With the help of this feature of the slice of life mod, your sim will be able to show more emotions, and they will be so much more realistic.

For example, if your sim ever gets shy or embarrassed, its cheeks will get red. They have added many other emotions to the game, such as excited, ashamed, thrilled, sad, innovative, courageous, goofy, angry, tired, enthusiastic, depressed, anxious, passionate, etc.

Slice of Life Mod
Slice of life mod

The appearances of your sim will be more realistic

The appearances of your sim would change based on the various things that they would do in their everyday lives. For example, if your sim touches dirt, their hands would get dirty, just like real life. If your sim gets hurt, bruises and cuts on their bodies are visible. This feature also applies to children. Growing up, children go through the most changes in physical appearances, and this feature never fails to capture all of them in the most realistic way possible.

After a certain age, children will be able to lose their milk teeth and get a tooth gap, just like how it happens in real life! Depending on your sim’s age, they get various changes in their appearances in order to make the game seem more realistic like teenagers will get pimples and will also grow in height. Of course, there are also cures to these problems.

Your sim has a memory system

Since we are focusing on making the game more realistic, one of the features added by this mod is a feature that helps your sim gain memory. Your sim will be able to remember and recall moments from the past like first kisses, weddings, having children, cheating, divorces, deaths, breakups, and other significant occurrences. Due to this memory system, your sim will be able to feel nostalgic too.

The sickness system is more realistic

Just like humans, sims too can get sick. However, they made this sickness system in the sims more realistic with the help of the slice of life mod sims 4. When your sims get sick, they show features similar to real life. This mod allows your sim to catch illnesses such as flu, fevers, stomach aches, infections, etc. You can also spread these infections.

When your sim isn’t feeling well, it can also go to a doctor or a hospital if needed. Since they are trying to make this feature more realistic, your sim can also get a vaccination to prevent diseases or illnesses.

Female sims will be able to menstruate

Just like in real life, female sims will have their periods every month. When you turn the menstrual system on, you will be notified about your periods every month. However, instead of seven days, in the sims, their period lasts for only two days, and the cycle repeats after every twelve days.

Your sims will be able to have different personalities

Humans have 16 different personalities in real life, which are also called their “MBTI” types. Adapted from the real world, these 16 personalities exist in the Sims too. With the help of the personality feature of the slice of life sims four mod, you can give your sim a character.

These personalities will play a huge part in the behaviors of your sim and the way that they behave. You get the pleasure of choosing your own personality type for your sim too. This feature affects your sim’s social life, career, friends, goals, hobbies, talents, emotions, etc.

Your Sims will have better smartphones

This mod makes sure that it keeps up with the real world as much as possible. This also includes the fast-growing and evolving technology of the real world. Technology and its aspects, such as devices, phones, laptops, etc., are constantly changing and evolving. Due to this, the phones of sims in the game also will keep changing.

How cool is that! Your phones will keep getting more advanced features and apps like Fishing Simulator, Mall Tycoon, My First Language, Let’s Draw, Love Tester, Homework Helper, etc., which will make your Sims lives much easier. Social media, text message systems, and phone calls are the various apps that your sim will have access to so that they can communicate and stay connected with the rest of the sim world.

Your Sim will have more woohoo options.

Woohoo, options originally do exist in the game; however, this mod helps to enhance them a little more. The mod will offer you woohoo options such as Self WooHoo, Drunk WooHoo, and Drunk Risky WooHoo. There are also other random woohoo options that the mod will offer you; however, if you don’t like them, you can turn them off.

Your sims are more aware of their bodies

Your sims have the option to feel insecure and sad about their bodies as they become more aware of it with the help of this feature. If you want to increase the confidence of your sim, you can do it by giving it compliments. Body types will play a huge role in the game, just as they do in real life too. This mod will also allow your sim to check their body measurements.

Your sim will be able to become a social media influencer

This mod will also allow your sim to get famous on social media and build a name for themselves. Brands will also ask your Sim to promote and sponsor various products in exchange for money once they become famous and even become brand ambassadors. The more prominent your sim is, the more offers they will support brands.

Parties and interactive system

They also will allow your sim to interact with more people and make friends and a social circle. Once they have enough friends, people will invite them to various parties and events. They might also have guests and unexpected visitors, just like real life.

Download the kawaiistacie slice of life mod

You can download the kawaiistacie slice of life mod by clicking

With this, we can come to the end of this list about the different features of The Sims 4 slice of life mod. We hope that this article was of use to you and helped to make your Sims 4 gaming experience more interesting and fun.

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