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51+ Best Sims 4 Clutter CC & Mods (Download) 2024

Sims 4 Clutter CC

You’re not alone if you’ve ever played The Sims 4 and thought your virtual environment needed something added. There’s always space for additional customization, even with the abundance of options in the standard game. Sims 4 Clutter CC (Custom Content) is useful in this situation. 

A well-liked game addon called Clutter CC lets users improve their experience by adding a variety of furnishings, accessories, and other items to their Sims’ homes and environments, giving them a more realistic feel.

Clutter CC has a wide selection of products to fit every theme or style, from decorative trinkets to helpful storage solutions. 

We’ll go into the world of Sims 4 Clutter CC in this blog, covering its features, installation instructions, and tools for customizing your Sims’ environments. 

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50+ Sims 4 Clutter CC

1. Heirloom CC:

Heirloom CC by Leaf-Motif

Kitchen Clutter – The Sims 4 kitchens can now feature traditional dishware thanks to this lovely CC collection. You may mix and match to create a distinctive and classic design with our selection of ten distinct clutter objects, each available in many color options. 

The developer’s motto, “Embrace the kitsch,” establishes the mood for this assortment of retro-style kitchen accessories. Ideal for Sims owners who want to give their houses a nostalgic feel and value retro design.

2. Eco Decor Pack Freed:

Eco Decor Pack Freed

The Freed Eco Decor Pack will excite you if you enjoy playing The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion. This pack offers a variety of products that easily integrate into an eco-aware lifestyle so that it is an extension of the Eco Lifestyle expansion.

Rocks, vases, boxes, towels, cushions, jars, and a fantastic selection of plants are among the objects in the bundle. You can choose from 21 distinct pieces that complement the eco-friendly design.

3. Clutter in Farmhouse:

Clutter in Farmhouse

With the Farmhouse Clutter pack, embrace the coziness of rustic farmhouse interior design. With its charming assortment of worn-out artwork, wooden furniture, and vivid green plants that recall a classic farmhouse charm, this pleasant addition adds a touch of country style to your Sims’ houses. 

The Farmhouse Clutter pack adds a realistic touch to your virtual environment. It is perfect for gamers who want to add personality to their game or those looking for unusual décor items. You may bring the comfortable atmosphere of a farmhouse into your Sim’s home with these lifelike items.

4. Sweetheart Set:

Sweetheart Set

The Softie Set from CC Creator Aira is a must-have for anyone wishing to add even more CC options to your Sims’ kitchen. The lovely pastel colors and the delicious aspect of the goods distinguish this collection. 

The Bunny Pot, Mini Easel, Chocolate Cake, Milk Bottle, and a few other endearing decorations are among the whimsical decorations included in the Softie Set. These upgrades give your Sim’s kitchen a whimsical touch in addition to adding a splash of color.

5. Pink Baddie from “Baby Shower Clutter CC”:

Pink Baddie from "Baby Shower Clutter CC

With Pink Baddie’s Mechtasims baby shower set, be ready to throw the most talked-about Sims 4 baby shower yet. This gorgeous selection of in-game décor turns any regular party into a memorable occasion.

It has everything you need for the ideal baby shower celebration, including cupcakes, marshmallow flowers, a wall panel, a cake, and baby blocks.

6. Antique Stacks:

Antique Stacks

Do you want to use gorgeous piles of thick, unique books as eye-catching décor in your Sims 4 home? The Antique Stacks set can be the best option to add classic literature and an air of intellectual appeal to your Sims’ living area. 

Introducing a variety of painstakingly created, vintage-style, and precisely sized books into your Sims 4 world—reminiscent of the classic hardbound tomes seen in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts—is this book clutter collection.

These books might not be meant for reading, but they provide an exquisite way to clutter up any curious or perceptive Sim.

7. Mel Bennett’s “College Clutter CC”:

Mel Bennett's "College Clutter CC

Accept the real meaning of college life by listening to Mel Bennett’s “College Clutter CC.” This CC package introduces a range of college necessities to your Sims’ dorm rooms, adding a sense of realism. 

These necessities include A variety of pens, vibrant Post-it notes for messages and reminders, An easy-to-use planner for managing classes and homework, bright highlighters to draw attention to critical points, A traditional composition pad for recording ideas and an iPad—which comes with a stand for more convenience—for taking notes.

8. V1 of Witchy Things:

V1 of Witchy Things

The Witchy Things V1 set is a perfect option for creating a magical and ethereal Sims 4 home full of mystery and charm. The sorcerer and sorceress Sims will find their spiritual side rekindled with this collection, which is developed just for them. 

It includes traditional items like selenite wands, tarot cards, and smudging implements. You will not be making potions, but you will be making your Sim a hot drink and engaging in high-quality spiritual cleansing practices.

9. The Nintendo Switch Lite Version:

The Nintendo Switch Lite Version

My affection for The Sims is unfathomable, but I also have a deep love for my Nintendo Switch. It’s a must-have for any serious gaming enthusiast because of its unique games and the ease of portable gaming. It makes perfect sense to me to incorporate the Nintendo Switch Lite into The Sims. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the ideal option whether you’re putting up a Sims game room, keeping it on the coffee table after a gaming session, or using it as a decoration in your bedroom.

It’s unique enough to show off your love for this fantastic gaming system but not so unusual as to take up too much room.

10. Aesthetic Set in Blue:

Aesthetic Set in Blue

The beautiful Blue Aesthetic Set will enhance the interior design of your Sims. Their living quarters will be given new life and flair by this painstakingly created mod, which offers a varied assortment of junk with a blue theme. This collection beautifully exemplifies the timeless and elegant design idea of monochromatic aesthetics. 

It gives you a ton of customizing possibilities in addition to adding visually stunning elements to the game. As monochromatic color palettes are currently prevalent in home decor, gamers who want to turn their Sims’ houses into opulent, stylish retreats will find this custom content indispensable.

Your Sims’ homes will never have more uniqueness and charm thanks to the blue cutlery, food, and other goods at your disposal.

11. Decor by Sabrina:

Decor by Sabrina

It takes more than makeup and store-bought outfits to turn your Sim into a true wizard or ethereal magician in the magical world of The Sims. More showmanship than black makeup and cheap clothing is needed to create the appearance that you are a supernatural force wielding. 

Take a cue from Severus Snape’s creepy lair and add a variety of eerie and dangerous components to your Sim’s home – a concoction meant to cast a spell on your interior decor!

12. Bathroom Clutter CC Set:

Ravasheen's Bathroom Clutter CC Set

With this extensive collection of bathroom and makeup clutter, you can give your Sims’ restrooms a more realistic and lived-in feel.

With its twenty pieces, you can arrange them in groups or use them separately to create an authentic bathroom atmosphere. Perfect for those who wish to add more details and authenticity to the rooms that their Sims live in.

13. Gaming Accessory Clutter CC:

SimmerKate – Gaming Accessory Clutter CC

With SimmerKate’s amazing Clutter CC, you can finally wave goodbye to the headache of organizing your Sims 4 game area. This fantastic collection of gaming accessories gives your virtual gaming world more life, personality, and convenience. 

A hassle-free gaming experience is guaranteed by the tangle-free design of the Pom Pom Headset, while gamers looking for energy and focus will find the charming GG Juice Boost Can indispensable. With these fantastic gaming accessories, get ready to enhance your gaming experience!

14. Cups of Ice Cream:

Cups of Ice Cream

Nothing beats a cool scoop of ice cream during a sweltering summer’s day. The addition of Ice Cream Cups clutter will add to the authenticity of the whole scene, whether your Sims are enjoying this frozen treat at home or going into town for a sweet treat.

Nothing is left out—eight swatches with varying flavors, cup patterns, and a sprinkling of sprinkles—except the cherry on top.

15. Squared Cubby Inserts for Storage:

Squared Cubby Inserts for Storage

It’s no secret that our bedrooms frequently act as storage spaces for both treasured keepsakes and seemingly useless miscellaneous items. When given the proper attention, bedroom clutter—from old toys to stale art supplies—can elicit feelings of nostalgia. 

Though Marie Kondo may disagree with this method, if your Sim’s room has enough capacity for conventional cubbyholes, you can hold onto those treasured mementos a bit longer before they end up at the next garage sale.

16. Soloria’s Art Clutter CC:

Soloria's Art Clutter CC

You’ll recognize the meticulous attention to detail in this assortment of mess and decor if you’ve ever seen an art studio. It’s stocked with everything your artist Sim needs to express their creativity.

The elements in the bundle come in both light and dark variants, giving your creative environments some diversity. Designed to allow users to furnish their artist Sims with realistic and fully functional art studios.

17. Clutter and Flow Storage:

Clutter and Flow Storage

The Flow Storage and Clutter pack from MyshunoSun can help your Sims keep their life organized. Various objects in this pack are intended to assist your Sims in organizing their belongings.

Your Sims’ home office or study room will be well-organized with the help of items like file holders, storage units, corkboards, lamps, and tiny and large storage boxes. This will allow them to concentrate on their job and personal lives without distraction.

18. “Wooden Clutter Set”:

Aira's "Wooden Clutter Set

Aira’s “Wooden Clutter Set” is a fun accent for your Sims’ interior design. Each of the 25 unique wooden decor items in this collection gives the warmth and personality of their surroundings.

This collection includes wooden animal figurines for whimsy, framed wooden artwork for the walls, wall-mounted décor to improve the aesthetics of the space, the charming Bammerina music box, and adorable bear-shaped chopping boards for both functionality and style.

19. Baby Lotions Clutter CC:

Simplicredible Baby Lotions Clutter CC

The Sims 4 Baby décor CC clutter is a must-have for any baby’s nursery décor. This set, which includes a storage basket, baby lotions, and creams, is the ideal finishing touch for both traditional and modern nursery themes.

20. Mare’s Closet:

Mare's Closet

Fridges in the Sims universe appear to be perpetually filled and prepared for culinary miracles, but what about storage? Where are the chocolates, milk, and eggs? Players can now have a visible pantry, even if they don’t often use the stuff in it. 

For Sims of all cooking ability levels, the Mares Pantry set offers a fully equipped pantry-style storage cluster system. There are so many different food options there that any Sim would be delighted.

21. Vault – Avalon House Clutter CC Pack:

Siomi's Vault - Avalon House Clutter CC Pack

The Avalon House Clutter CC Pack, a fantastic addition to The Sims 4 customizing scene, is presented by Siomi’s Vault. This pack adds a variety of imaginative ornamental components to the game and brings plants into it. 

Potted plants, tabletop decorations, wooden-themed decor pieces, and a variety of exciting and fun items are all included in the box. These accessories are ideal for boosting the coziness and warmth of any house in the game.

22. Accessories for the Limoges Bathroom:

Accessories for the Limoges Bathroom

It’s impressive to see a Sim engage in their bath ritual, especially when you notice how effortlessly they can evaporate moisture with a graceful pirouette. Shampoos and bath creams are scarcely necessary with this low-maintenance regimen, making conventional bathroom supplies unnecessary. Nevertheless, vanity is still a hard habit to break. 

Even though your Sims might not need everyday toiletries, this Onyxium CC pack delivers an eye-catching display of luxurious bathroom amenities. This set comes with accessories evocative of upscale hotel facilities, like a wooden towel holder, a beautiful toilet paper stand, and a reed diffuser!

23. Animal Crossing Clutter:

Okruee's Animal Crossing Clutter for The Sims 4

This CC pack honors the well-liked video game Animal Crossing. It comes with an end table and six décor pieces that are influenced by the visual style of the play.

It’s a charming homage that lets you infuse your Sims environment with the charm of Animal Crossing. Ideal for Animal Crossing enthusiasts who wish to add the lovely aspects of the game to their Sims 4 gameplay.

24. Bewitching Clutter CC:

Kumikiya's Bewitching Clutter CC

Kumikya’s Witch Clutter CC collection has elevated Sims 4 decor to an unbelievable new level. Including books, plants with witch themes, and big vital bottles, these add a magical feel to your game. These clutter pieces promise to add even more charm to your gaming experience with their beautiful aesthetics.

25. Shells of Geode:

Shells of Geode

How fascinating could rocks be? Who would have thought? Gems, crystals, and everything in between are a great way to add a pop of color to even the smallest spaces and accentuate their natural beauty by reflecting sunlight. 

For Sims who enjoy nature, who identify as witches, or who love sparkling things, the Geode Shells in this set are a fantastic complement. There’s no right or wrong reason to begin collecting geodes, so take advantage of this set’s variety of color and shape options and enjoy decorating your Sims’ rooms.

26. Create Your Mess:

Create Your Mess

When your Sim’s house starts to look drab, it’s a dead giveaway that you need A) a cat friend, B) a complete overhaul, or C) some greenery. Now that we’ve established that you went with option C let’s look at several ways indoor plants might revitalize your visually dull house.

Most physical clutter is destined for the trash, but indoor plants are one of the few things that survive. 

Taking care of these natural areas gives you a feeling of purpose and encourages you to improve your local site (or at least take action on climate change, which is an urgent matter).

Nevertheless, do not prematurely turn your house into a jungle. Start small with this CC bundle, which allows various plants and office items to be tastefully combined inside multiple pots.

27. Plant Mom Clutter CC Pack:

Simkoos' Plant Mom Clutter CC Pack

With the help of this creative CC collection, embrace your inner plant parent. You may save money and give your Sims’ houses a distinctive look by using everyday objects to display your collection of plants.

Eleven unique items are included in the group, along with a cute costume your Sims can wear while tending to their plant babies. Ideal for those who like to add greenery to their Sims’ houses and wish to incorporate some environmentally friendly design elements into their gameplay.

28. Peg To Vary:

Peg To Vary

Put puns aside, anyone wishing to upgrade their halls and entrances must get the Peg To Differ set. It offers ten warm and visually appealing pieces that capture the personalities of your Sims and are suitable for Sims living in modern villas or cozy cottages.

This entryway set exudes a refined and welcoming atmosphere that makes every visitor feel at home without being flashy or showy.

29. Shoes for Décor:

Shoes for Décor

Sims who are fashionable recognize the importance of displaying items at home. Ultimately, what’s the purpose of moving up the professional ladder if you can’t show off your stylish attire?

Your Sims can now proudly showcase their favorite shoes on a useful shoe rack thanks to the Decor shoe clutter set. It gives the impression of a more extensive wardrobe and adds a touch of luxury without altering how your Sims dresses.

30. “Objects Set”:

Arwen Kaboom's "Objects Set

Make your Sims’ house a comfortable haven using ArwenKaboom’s “Objects Set.” Crafted explicitly for hallways, this assortment aims to assist you in creating a warm and inviting mudroom for your Sims. 

It includes various items that enhance the atmosphere, such as tidying baskets for organization, a cozy blanket for extra warmth, A potted plant to provide some natural elements, and a chic rug as the focal point of the room. For pet owners, a dog leash and extras to customize further the nook, such as a summer purse, hat, and scarf.

31. Vanilla Kitchen Clutter CC:

Aira – Vanilla Kitchen Clutter CC

Do you want to give your Sims 4 kitchen a cozy, domestic feel? It will help to look no further than Aira’s lovely Vanilla Kitchen Clutter CC collection. Adding beauty and coziness to your virtual kitchen is easy with this assortment of 27 clutter and decorating items. 

These interchangeable accessories, from toasters and hot pots to quaint trays and cozy chairs, will let you customize your kitchen to your Sim’s particular taste.

The realistic textures and attention promise an even more immersive gameplay experience to detail each item, which improves the overall ambiance of your kitchen.

32. Cargo Bundle:

Cargo Bundle

The garage clutter pack will give your Sims 4 garage a more rough and attractive look. This extensive collection includes everything you’d expect to find in a mechanic’s shop or garage, from tires to oil cans and various automotive trinkets. 

Give your game an authentic touch by immersing yourself in the world of automobile reality, as this clutter does. With this pack, you can make your Sim a dedicated mechanic, a casual gearhead, or create a gritty picture backdrop. It has everything you need to let your Sim say, “This is an incredible garage!”

Link –

33. The Set of Daguerre Photography:

The Set of Daguerre Photography

If you’re a Sim who is creative and doesn’t just take selfies, then you should furnish their studio with tons of clutter to feed their enthusiasm for photography!

Encourage your Sim’s passion for photography with this Syboubou CC set, which comes with all the traditional accessories of a pro photographer. 

Arrange a collection of photos on shelves, walls, or even the ceiling, together with various retro cameras and modern furniture. Even though they will go primarily unread, your Sim can display a selection of photographic books to put the perfect finishing touch on everything.

34. Retro Days Clutter CC:

Radioactivedotcom's Retro Days Clutter CC

This vast collection of CC will allow you to take your Sims back to the 1980s. It’s ideal for finishing the Decades Challenge or giving contemporary dwellings a touch of the past.

With the 40+ unique items in the pack, you can fully embrace the ’80s vibe in your Sims’ environments. Fantastic for gamers who want to produce original in-game images that evoke the 1980s and love retro themes.

35. Clutter Cat, Nursery 1:

Clutter Cat, Nursery 1

As toddlers become more prevalent in The Sims 4, it’s critical to designate space that honors their delicate and sensitive character. To address this demand, Bojanasimsyt’s Nursery 1 set was carefully created.

This pack includes a variety of trendy yet toddler-friendly goods to make your Sims’ house a comfortable and welcoming space for the youngest family members.

36. Set of Coffees:

Set of Coffees

With the Coffee Set, you can provide your Sims with a comfortable coffee station for those mornings when nothing tastes better than a hot cup. This all-inclusive set includes everything needed to guarantee that your Sims wake up to their favorite coffee brand and strength.

You can select from a range of Starbucks off-brand coffee products, such as coffee grounds and bottled Frappuccinos. You can easily create your coffee bar by setting it next to your coffee maker and adding attractive mugs!

37. Swedish Bitch:

Swedish Bitch

Few people can resist the appeal of taking a sentimental trip back to the most fantastic decade ever, whether or not they are from the ’90s. Simmerberlin has compiled elements in this CC pack to bring back nostalgic recollections.

This collection includes everything you need to relive the glory days of the pre-iPhone period, from a Game Boy Color to a stack of cassettes, which may leave the younger generation confused.

38. Housework:


Messes vanish almost magically, giving Sims a unique talent for keeping their homes neat. But the Housework package offers a range of necessary products for a tidy and orderly house for people who prefer a more practical approach.

Your Sims will have everything they need to clean up any mess or puddle, including brooms, scrubs, vacuum cleaners, colored trash cans, spray cleansers, sponges, and iron.

39. “Daisy Floral Clutter Set”:

Daisy Floral Clutter Set

The “Daisy Floral Clutter Set” by Aira gives your Sims’ living areas a sophisticated and airy feel. This adorable set includes exquisitely made objects with a daisy pattern, such as colorful mugs and cups to liven up your Sims’ mornings, color-blended plates to offer a touch of luxury, Vases and bowls for decoration and practicality, a chic mirror for vanity, and candles to create ambiance.

40. Produce Clutter:

Ravasheen's "Produce Clutter for Sims 4"

Explore the world of fresh produce by using “Produce Clutter for Sims 4” by Ravasheen. With the help of this collection, your Sims may create a thriving farmers’ market stand with various colorful vegetable goods, such as carrots, potatoes, and leeks. Now, your Sims can go on a brand-new business enterprise.

41. Simkoos in Battlestation Clutter CC:

Simkoos in Battlestation Clutter CC

If you want to outfit your virtual home with a realistic and functional gaming setting, you need the Sims 4 Battlestation Clutter CC.

With desk microphones, ring lights, mouse/keyboard pads, PC rigs, and other accessories, this kit ensures your Sims can play their favorite video games in style. All ages and genders can use the diamond-shaped wall lights and headphones.

42. Décoration of Living Room CC:

Décoration of Living Room CC – KKB

It’s easy to makeover your Sims 4 living space with KKB’s impressive Clutter CC collection. Every object has been carefully crafted to blend in with the overall aesthetics of the game. This collection of clutter, which includes colorful cushions and cozy armchairs, gives your Sims 4 living room vitality. 

The matching curtains give any décor a refined touch. Please don’t overlook the wooden tree clutter, file racks, and cloth storage boxes; they add a special touch to every space.

43. Kitchen Clutter Set in Pink and Gold:

Kitchen Clutter Set in Pink and Gold

The Pink and gold Kitchen Clutter Set will make your Sim’s kitchen look better. This line of CC products is perfect for homes with a pink or gold color scheme since it adds a sense of luxury and elegance to your Sims’ kitchen and dining rooms. 

This set includes adorable things like chocolate chip cookies, heart-shaped cookies, mittens for the kitchen, a cup tree, a collection of spatulas, and more. These additions improve the general atmosphere of the kitchen.

44. The décor of Alberta

décor of Alberta

A perfectly ordered desk provides a calm before the onslaught of chores and deadlines that frequently follow.

Luckily, unique content ensures that your workspace is always neat and organized, so it’s the perfect setting for gamers who are precise and gag at the sight of misplaced memo pads or jumbled calendars.

With the help of this CC set by Soloriya, inspire your Sim to get through dull workdays and midweek blues.

45. Astrology & Crystal Clutter:

Astrology & Crystal Clutter by Leaf-Motif

With these enchanted pieces, your Sims can display their zodiac signs with eye-catching wall hangings. It also enables them to gather a varied assortment of crystals, which gives their rooms a hint of mystery.

There are several different enchanted items in the CC bundle. Ideal for those who enjoy astrological and mystical themes and want to add a little extravagance to their Sims’ houses.

46. Sound Sleeping Set:

Sound Sleeping Set

Your Sims deserve a break after a demanding workweek, and the bathroom is the ideal spot for them to do so. The Relaxing Bath Set’s numerous decorative components will improve your Sim’s bathroom experience.

With the help of the bath soaks, bath oils, soaps, wines, and different plants included in this package, your Sims may relax and de-stress while enjoying a lovely me-time experience.

47. Severinka at Berj Kitchen Clutter CC:

Severinka at Berj Kitchen Clutter CC

Is it time to remodel the kitchen in your Sims? One need only examine Severinka’s outstanding Sims 4 kitchen clutter CC. This set of sixteen utilitarian and ornamental black-and-white Scandinavian goods is stylish.

Your Sims may now enjoy their daily routines with more refinement and style thanks to jars that range in size from large to medium, teapots, and eucalyptus vases.

48. Kerrigan House Designs x Mechtasims – Dorm Clutter CC:

Kerrigan House Designs x Mechtasims – Dorm Clutter CC

Make sure your Sims 4 bedroom is entertaining and realistic using Mechanisms x Kerrigan House Designs. There are 28 new things in this clutter pack, ranging from valuable components like the desk shelf and mini fridge to ornamental ones like posters, heart lights, and carpets.

These things will add character to your dorm and make a living in a dorm for your Sims a fascinating experience.

49. “Yummy Clutter Collection”:

Mel Bennett's "Yummy Clutter Collection

The kitchen is the center of any house, and Mel Bennett’s “Yummy Clutter Collection” adds a delightfully chaotic touch to your Sims’ cooking areas.

A delicious assortment of kitchen clutter, such as bread plates embellished with apple slices and chestnuts and a variety of cheeses, apricots, and oranges, will satisfy their demands.

50. Franxius Interior Design:

Franxius Interior Design

Sims with hectic schedules and a fondness for office clutter might find what they need in the Franxius Office Decorations set.

Including various products that may keep your Sims productive—like notebooks, fashionable stationery holders, office supplies, and wall organizers—this collection is ideal for a work-from-home environment.

These office decorations, with their understated yet sophisticated design, are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, so your left-brained Sims will be happy working there.

51. Ghibli Clutter CC:

Aira – Ghibli Clutter CC

Your Sim’s house will seem more magical and whimsical with the addition of the Sims 4 Ghibli Clutter CC set. It offers many possibilities, from the Susuwatari Bowls to the Calcifer Light, with 15 pieces and 60 swatches.

Your Sims’ dwellings will feel happier and more alive with this clutter, especially if you’re a Studio Ghibli lover.


The excellent addition to the game, Sims 4 Clutter CC, lets players give their Sims more realistic and unique customization options for their homes and surroundings.

There is a vast array of clutter objects available in this enormous custom content collection, ranging from magical witch-themed decor to nostalgic kitchen gadgets and everything in between. 

There is a clutter CC to fit any taste and style, whether you want to evoke nostalgia, create a homey farmhouse feel, or lose yourself in Studio Ghibli or 1980s themes.

These cluttered objects improve the atmosphere of your Sims’ living areas and add visual appeal. You can add personality and charm to your Sims’ dwellings with the abundance of options available.

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