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Sims 4 Family Funds Cheat (Add & Remove Money) – Updated (2023)

Sims 4 Family Funds Cheat

Adding or removing money from your sim’s funds is one of the best features of the Sims 4 because it adds a unique and exciting element to the game. However, there are times when your funds might not be sufficient, leading to a lot of problems, but the Sims 4 family funds cheat ensures that you don’t face such issues anymore. 

You can now set your sim’s funds to whatever amount you like with the help of cheat codes, and there’s nothing better than that. So let’s understand the process of using these cheat codes so that the real fun can begin. 

How to Set Money Cheat Sims 4

How to Set Money Cheat Sims 4

Using the household funds cheat, you can either make your sim rich or poor, depending on the amount you add to their funds. You can even set household funds Sims 4 to 0, and your sim would have to work their way to the top by earning money. There are a lot of directions in which you can take this feature. 

Here’s the process of how to set money in Sims 4 using cheats. Follow these steps carefully. 

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + C 
  • Type “testingcheats true” and a dialogue box will appear where you can input the money set cheat codes.
CheatWhat It Does
money [any amount]Using this cheat would set your Sim household’s balance to your desired amount when you enter the value in the brackets. This amount can even be as much as 1,000,000 simoleans or make them get rid of money, so don’t be shy while using this cheat.
sims.modify_funds +[amount]A specified amount of money would be added to your balance.
sims.modify_fund -[amount]If you don’t know how to take away money Sims 4, then this cheat will remove money Sims 4 from your Sims’ balance. 
rosebudIt’ll add 1,000 Simoleons to your sim’s funds
motherlodeAn addition of 50,000 Simoleons would be added to the funds.
kaching1,000 Simoleons would be added to your sim’s fund.
freerealestate {on/off}With this cheat, all the homes would become free and available for your sim’s family to move into. You can either turn it on or off in the brackets. However, you must add this code in the neighborhood screen.
households.force_bills_dueIf you want your sim to panic about paying bills, then this cheat would force bills to be paid immediately.

Motherlode, rosebud, and kaching are three cheats you can use repeatedly without any issues. 


Sims 4 always provides some or the other loopholes in their game, which allows the players to cheat their way. In the same way, you can use the Sims 4 family funds cheat to add or subtract money from your sim’s funds to either make their life luxurious or downright disastrous. But that’s the fun part of this entire game, and it’s good to experiment with such cheats.

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