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Sims 4 Tea

There are times when your sim would need to be in a certain mood for a particular task or event, etc. For instance, if they are going for a job search, they’d need to be motivated, or if they are about to confess their feelings to another sim, they’ll need courage, and so on. Sims 4 tea is an essential aspect because, in the game, tea plays an important role. It can change your character’s mood depending on what brew they are drinking to help your sim get into the required spirit. 

So let’s take a closer look at what this feature is all about, and it is worth it for you to try. The answer’s yes, but we’ll explain why in this article. 

More About Tea Sims 4

There are a total of 8 varieties of teas, out of which 6 are included in the base game, while Spa Day, Jungle Adventure, and Cats & Dogs expansion packs consist of different teas. You can make your character drink any of these, depending on what mood you want them to be in. But before we move on to the types of brew, it’s essential for you to know where to get this drink from. 

  • Go to the Buy Mode.
  • Search for objects based on rooms.
  • Choose the “kitchen” option and then select “kitchen appliances.”
  • Look for Tea Magic Personal Brewer in the inventory or search for it in the search bar. 

The tea costs 275 simoleans, and each variety of this drink is priced at 15 simoleans. A single pot of tea can brew three cups, but it’d spoil 10 hours after this drink is made by your sim. So you can keep it in the fridge for it to last longer. You can get any quality of this drink, and there’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. 

It features a programmable timer, pot and cup settings, a spoon of sugar option, and a lemon twist. Apart from this brewer, there are two other options as well that you can opt for if you have the My Wedding Stories pack installed. The options are as follows –  

1. Double Happiness Tea Set

This teapot is inspired by Chinese culture and shows respect and offers your best wishes to the guest when they are served the drink in it. It costs 290 simoleans.

2. Just a Spot of Tea, Tea Set

This option would remind you of a British era with its floral and dainty designs. You can buy it for 305 simoleans in the game. 

Note: Drinking tea would affect your character’s bladder, and they’d pee more frequently. 

Types of Tea

Types of Tea

As I mentioned earlier, there are 8 types of brew. This section will discuss the kinds of brew and their effects. 

1. Base Game:

Healthy Green

Drinking this brew would have health benefits for your character. Your sim would receive a +2 happy moodlet, which would stay for four hours. 

Earl Grey, Hot

This drink would give you a +2 confident moodlet that would last for 4h and make you feel like you can accomplish anything. 

Pitch Black

Your sim’s focus would increase once they take a sip of this brew because it offers a +2 focused emotion for 4 hours.

Run Oolong Tea

A +2 energized mood is what your character would gain after drinking this, and it’d keep them full of energy for 4 hours.

Steamy Ginseng

Your sim would feel romantic because of this brew, which gives them a +2 flirty mood for 4h. 

Cozy Apple Juice Tea

This brew would grant your avatar a +2 happy mood that lasts for 4 hours, and their joy would be infectious.

Calming Chamomile

The chamomile brew reduces the anger and tense emotions of your sim. It’s calming, after all. 

2. Spa Day Pack

Lemon Honey Ginger Detox

This tea would also help your sim gain a +2 focused moodlet for 4 hours.

3. Cats and Dogs Expansion:

Spiced Sparkling Apple Juice

It’d offer your avatar a + 1, which would last for 2h. 

4. Jungle Adventure:

Yerba Mate

If you want your sims to feel inspired, then let them drink this brew as they’d gain a +2 inspired emotion for 4 hours. 

5. Seasons Expansion:

Bee Tea

Your sims would receive a 2 hour long + 2 happy emotions. 

6. My Wedding Stories:

Black Dragon Tea

As soon as you take a sip of this brew, you’d get a + 2 focused moodlet for 4h. 

Cozy Apple Juice Tea

Your characters would gain a +2 happy emotion that would have its effects for 4 hours.

Orange Blossom Tea

Here’s another brew for your character to try to get the +2 focused moodlet for 4 hours.

Now you can brew any of these drinks as per the occasion. So if your sim has a concert, you can prepare the Earl Grey tea for them to make them confident, for instance. 

If you’re visiting the Romance Festival, which is part of the City Living Expansion Pack, then you’d come across a Sakura tea fountain there, which would get your sim in the right mood to enjoy the festival and flirt with other players as well. 

Issues with the Tea Brewer

One of the issues that a lot of simmers have faced while using the Tea Magic Personal Brewer is that once you instruct your character to drink a specific brew and then move on to the next task, they won’t. Instead, they’d go for another cup of drink and repeatedly do this. This glitch hasn’t been resolved yet, so you might also encounter this issue.  


Now, these tea moods would undoubtedly get your sim in the desired emotion that you want, and this works really well in the game because it reduces the amount of effort that might go to waste or might affect your avatar in some other way. So be sure to use the Sims 4 tea for your character and enjoy this new feature.


How do you get tea in Sims 4?

You can brew tea using the Tea Magic Personal Brewer from the build mode, which costs 275 simoleans. One brew can serve up to 3 cups and it’ll become spoilt after 10 hours.

What tea makes a Sim inspired in Sims 4?

If your characters upgrades the black tea, which gives the focused moodlet, then it’ll change to an inspired moodlet.

What does the tea do in Sims 4?

Tea practically acts like coffee in the game, but it doesn’t save your character’s energy. The base game includes six teas; whereas, the Spa Day, Jungle Adventure, Cats and Dogs, and Seasons game pack adds one more type of tea to the mix.

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