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City Watch Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

city watch 5e
city watch 5e

Feel the thrill in your bones by revolving around the world full of foes, forgery, lawbreakers and delinquents. Reside over them through your ability to find clues by fighting against lawlessness.

So show off your skills as City Watch 5e by reading this trajectory on City Watch Background 5e and investigate crimes, catch criminals and become a saviour of thousands.

Background of City Watch 5e

As a 5e city watch, you have fulfilled your duties to your creed by confronting enemies who instigate disorder and you don’t belong among those who keep a keen eye on enemies.

You are a watchdog keeping tags on citizens by safeguarding them against any lawbreakers and policing them to restore order against the sinister evil force. For instance, the Faction Agent background might be troublesome for you. 

Furthermore, you could have been a part of any creed with an investigator background 5e like The City Watch of Waterdeep or the City of Splendours, and be a savior. Thus protecting them against rowdy royalty and petty thieves. Or you could have been the legendary protectors of Silvermoon or among the clan of Silverwatch etc.

Maybe your origin hails from Neverwinter, serving as their Wintersheild lookout. They are the recruits of a newly founded branch who swore to keep their oaths of protecting the City of Skillhands.

City Watch 5e Ranks

Every rank holder of Waterdeep patrols the area under the command of a significant ward, they guard the communities as per their stations.

CaptainSenior civil
MajorWard civil

City Watch Attributes

  • Skill Sets – Muscle Power or Acrobatics, Investigation and Perception.
  • Tools proficiencies – Musical instrument – horn
  • Languages – Standard language as per your choice
  • Equipment – A uniform with your clan’s signet indicating your rank, a horn to call help, pair of manacles, two keys, a guards cloak, and a bag enclosing 10gp.

Suggested Characteristics of d&d city watch

Even if you are not an inhabitant of these places, this background can offer you a stunning perspective inside the member’s law enforcement and an insight into the early years of your life.

Cities like the ones mentioned above have their police forces and constables. The smaller towns also have the privilege of protection through sheriffs, thereby protecting the state and its citizens.

Your bonds can also be accessed by the watch members of the organization of your creed itself. Your bonds concern the community. As a dnd city watch your ideals revolve around peace and prosperity, and if you end up solving all the crimes, then your models will deliver the justice that defines you.

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1.I am respectful of others and speak to them politely
2.Flashbacks of war haunt me, I'm vile in forgetting them.
3.I have trouble making new friends because I lost all my old ones.
4.My military experience has helped me to master combat
5.I can keep my gaze brazen even if I'm starting at a hell hole
6.I'm healthy. Therefore I enjoy smashing things.
7.Crude sense of humour defines me.
8.I never divert a problem as I believe facing a problem straightaway is the best way to solve it.


D6Options For Flaw
1.I can't help but recall the monstrous enemy I faced in battle.
2.I look down upon those who are not warriors.
3.I have a dreadful secret of committing a mistake that killed thousands. I will never let anyone know about this.
4.Blind is my hatred for my enemies without any reason.
5.I always follow the law, no matter how much it hurts.
6.My ego will never steep low to be deemed wrong.


D6Options For Ideals
1.Greater Good. Martyrdom is the greatest virtue of our people.
2.Responsibility. I should never question authority (Lawful)
3.Independence. Following others blindly is a tyranny (Chaotic)
4.Might. The strong always win in life just like in the war. (Evil)
5.Live and Let Live. Ideas should not be prioritized over life. (Neutral)
6.Nation. My town, country, or folk are the only ones who matter. (Any)


D6Options For Bonds
1.I will be ready to sacrifice myself for the ones who accompanied me in war.
2.My life was given a second chance by someone else, and I will be ready to return the favour.
3.Honour defines my life.
4.It's hard to forget the crushing defeat of my folk against the foes.
5.Folks who fight along with me, are worth dying for.
6.I fight for the ones who can't stand for themselves.

Features and Classes

Watcher’s Eye

Your primary aim revolves around solving crimes and preventing them from happening. Law enforcing and catching criminals is your daily routine. It leaves you with a strange feeling regarding your local laws and offenders.

Therefore, finding local outposts becomes an easy task for you; these outposts concern your watch or your organization too. This helps you in locating places where criminal activities are outsourcing, and you become more likely to be welcomed in those places.

At this point, the DnD Charlatan’s expertise in people to read them like an open book would have been helpful, right? 

Variant City Watch: Investigator

The community investigator are less in strength, and their aim revolves around solving crimes and finding suspects. These rare investigators can be found in rural areas and have at least one city watch or patrol who can track down criminals. For instance, you having skills as an investigator fits you much better than athletics.

One of the Guard

As a watch-keeper, you have the privilege to seek food and shelter from the guard’s garrison. The guards who never suspect you will never pick a fight with you. They’ll come to your aid unless you have overwhelming evidence against yourself or if they are under the senior command. The city you will stay in will be decided by the DM based on your adaptability.


During your tenure as a guardsman, you can choose to perform any regular duties as stated below. 

City Watch Background 5e
City Watch Background 5e


We hope you had one adventurous ride while reading about the city watch background 5e and learning about him. City Watch 5e can take you to different worlds and can give you are heroic stance against the foes you might encounter.

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