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Sage Background 5e | DnD & 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Sage Background 5e
Sage Background 5e

In the sage background 5e, there isn’t a manuscript or scroll you haven’t read to understand the concept of cosmos. All your years of learning were dedicated to gaining knowledge, making you omniscient. Sage 5e is all about honing your wisdom as you advance in the game.

You aren’t privileged as the Dungeons and Dragons Noble, but your work is no less than that of nobility.

  • Skills – Arcana, history
  • Tools proficiencies – None
  • Languages – Two of your choice
  • Equipment – A bottle of ink, a quill, a small knife, a letter from a dead colleague posing a question you haven’t been able to answer, a set of ordinary clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10gp.

Sage 5e Features

Sage specialty – To choose the category of your academic training, roll a D8 or choose from the list below.

3.Discredited academic
7.Wizard’s apprentice

Analyzer – There might be times when you are unaware of something, but there are ways of acquiring that information by relying on outside sources such as a library, scriptorium and so on, quite like the Cloistered Scholar personality trait.

Your DM in the DnD 5e sage background might be aware of where the knowledge you seek is hidden. Those places might be out of reach or unable to discover. An adventure awaits if you wish to unveil that secret.

5e Sage Recommended Aspects

d8Personality Trait
1.I use more than three syllables to demonstrate my intellect.
2.I’ve devoured every book in the library, and gloat about my book collection.
3.I help those who aren’t intellectually gifted and explain things patiently.
4.I’m excited by mystery and intrigue.
5.I listen to both sides before giving my judgement.
6.I speak slowly to everyone as they are idiots.
7.I’m awkward in social situations.
8.I’m certain that people are after my secrets.

Ideal Sage

1.Knowledge: The journey to self-actualization is through experience. (Neutral)
2.Beauty: Beauty is so much more. It surpasses reality. (Good)
3.Logic: Emotions shouldn’t cloud our practical thinking. (Lawful)
4.Unlimited: The infinite possibilities we hold within us shouldn’t be restricted. (Chaotic)
5.Power: Enlightenment is the way to gain power and superiority. (Evil)
6.Self-advancement: The aim of learning is to self-improve. (Any)

Bond Sage

1.It’s my responsibility to protect my disciples.
2.I have an ancient text that holds dark secrets, and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.
3.My work is dedicated to supporting a library, monastery or scriptorium.
4.My life’s work is contained in volumes related to a specific field of folklore.
5.I still haven’t found the answer to a question over the years.
6.I sold my soul for wisdom and intend to win it back.

Flaw Sage

1.I’m greedy for information, and get easily distracted.
2.If I encounter a demon, I’d analyze it meticulously.
3.Unearthing an ancient mystery is worth the price of civilization.
4.I’m inclined towards complicated solutions than simpler ones.
5.I speak without thinking, offending others at times.
6.I can’t hide a secret even if my or anyone else’s life is in danger.

5e sage background

Minimalism isn’t our forte. Therefore, the D&D sage background comes with multiple options and varieties, giving the gamers the full experience of the journey they’d embark on.

Barbarian Sage

Barbarians can be put to use if you know their strengths. So the first thing you need to decide is the specialty you’d choose for them. They could create elixir, do stargazing and come up with new ways of accomplishing things. Another thing to keep in mind is from where you completed your training.

d6Personality traits
1.I hide my intelligence around strangers and let them believe I’m an idiot.
2.I boast about my physical and mental abilities whenever possible.
3.My language changes with the problems like elvish for arcana and gnomish for alchemy, etc.
4.I’m impressed by those who don’t self-praise their intellect.
5.I share what I’ve learned eagerly.
6.My research is my top priority.

Bard Sage

Bards love their art form, and therefore, instead of just being master of the artistic realm, they could also share the mythical stories connected to it. They could talk endlessly about the cultural and historical aspect of it.

d6Personality Traits
1.I must practice whatever I learn.
2.I meticulously take notes of new places I visit.
3.I’d create havoc if my favourite pen gets lost.
4.I only take my work seriously.
5.Education liberates people, and I want to spread it to everyone.
6.I’m annoyed when people don’t follow what I’m saying.

Cleric Sage

A cleric and a sage aren’t the complete opposite of each other. A cleric sage might not indulge in the rituals of the church, but they can research enigmatic activities and try to right the ancient mysteries about divinity. Focus on the questions of what excited you about this path, and if you have any flaws.

d6Personality Traits
1.My research is driven by the search for the answer to an essential question.
2.I visit the local university, library or book collection in every town.
3.I suppose that everything worth knowing is inside a book.
4.My research has shaken my faith, but I’ll continue to find the truth.
5.I’m ever-ready to debate on a topic I’m familiar with.
6.If someone knows something and I don’t, it annoys me.

Druid Sage

Druids are a combination of clerics and wizards. Their faith and inquisitiveness make them a compelling character and their studies might revolve around the mysteries of the natural world. Most of their work might involve fieldwork as they’d take full benefit of their wild shape and sorcery to stay hidden.

d6Personality Traits
1.My research takes me to dangerous situations, but I’m a weakling at heart.
2.I prefer direct and practical research.
3.I fear others might steal my project.
4.I tend to stop and talk to the trees as they have an abundance of knowledge.
5.I hate repeating myself twice.
6.My work comes first, even before my life.

Fighter Sage

Fighters and sage are a strange blend, but they choose innovative strategies and well-organized plans instead of mindless use of force. Your character could be a fighter and a scholar, both.

Think about your specialty carefully since you spent many years learning and mastering it. An Eldritch knight might compliment this backdrop as they could use spells rather than rely only on physical strength.

d6Personality Traits
1.I have a quote or a word to pair with my blade.
2.I use my strong exterior to hide my education.
3.I seek new knowledge to sharpen my mind.
4.I enjoy a good puzzle and welcome any chance to test myself.
5.I judge others by their strength of mind and body.
6.I’m detached to most of the situations.

Monk Sage

A monk with this backstory would emphasize different subjects, and they might be philosophers instead of scientists. Monks have control over their bodies, and sages acquire command over their mind.

You could even have a master who is long dead, but his writings have helped you a lot. Take your time to develop a moral framework for your persona to aid in your roleplaying.

d6Personality Traits
1.My master’s teachings provide an answer to every question of mine.
2.I only rely on my mind.
3.People might think of me as cold and emotionless.
4.I like knowing new people inside out when I meet them.
5.I’m disheartened when people aren’t interested in philosophy.
6.I’ll happily talk to anyone interested in listening to me.

Paladin Sage

Paladins, mixed with this backdrop become focused on their physical strength and do so by reminding themselves of the reason behind it.

In the 5th edition, they venture the path of moral codes instead of worshipping a specific god. They question every religious teaching and critically analyze it. The primary question you must be concerned about is their education.

d6Personality Traits
1.I tend to correct people whenever they are wrong.
2.I share my opinion, even in someone else’s conversation.
3.I believe that my knowledge is right, and therefore, I don’t change my opinion.
4.I have a witty response ready for any situation.
5.I get lost in thoughts and become unaware of the surroundings.
6.I read a particular book every night.

Ranger Sage

While creating this sage DnD backdrop, ensure that you deliberate on what does your character feels passionate about. They could excel in any one subject they are genuinely interested in, or they might even have an inherent skill for a specific activity, so keep that in mind.

d6Personality Traits
1.I have an appetite for mysteries, which leads me to interfere in situations.
2.I speak out loud when solving a problem.
3.I always keep my favourite treat with me.
4.Merely listening to the world can offer great insights.
5.I despise snakes.
6.My safety is compromised in my quest to gain knowledge.

Rogue Sage

Rogues are excellent at planning and plotting, so the addition of this backstory only adds to their skill set. They are conniving and manipulative beings who might be benefitted from the extra knowledge.

Your focus should be on your character’s key objective and desire. They could be archaeologists who obtain artefacts by disabling traps, or they could be driven by greed or lust.

d6Personality Traits
1.Profit is superior to knowledge.
2.An ulterior motive doesn’t drive my quest for knowledge.
3.I develop a theory in my mind and then work upon it.
4.I developed a personal, philosophical faith after years of study.
5.I observe where all valuables are kept in a room when I enter.
6.I act before thinking.

Sorcerer Sage

If the sorcerers develop a habit of book-reading apart from spell casting, they’d have a smooth sail forward. Their new powers could have left them dumbfounded, which pushed them to turn to libraries and ancient scriptures, or it could have been an accident while performing one of your experiments. What is the answer you seek? Also, think about the emotional memory that drives you to fulfil your discovery.

d6Personality Traits
1.I use quotes from popular books to gloat about my wisdom.
2.Crowds make me uncomfortable.
3.Some people don’t understand the seriousness of my work.
4.I do origami or embroidery to keep my mind calm.
5.I trust people only after they prove their loyalty.
6.I try resolving things peacefully instead of combat.

Warlock Sage

A warlock’s motive behind the pact could be the revelation of the true identity of their patron or unearthing the secret that the real puppeteer behind the throne is a devil. If you’re aware of Doctor Faustus, warlock’s aren’t different from him.

They gained their knowledge by devouring obscure books and ancient treaties. Keep the answer’s ready for how and why you got into this pact as it lays the foundation for your storyline.

d6Personality Traits
1.I don’t care about treating people equally, traditions, etc.
2.I’m proud of my loyalty to my patron.
3.I always carry a new book with me and check for others to add to my collection.
4.My patron orders me to do silly tasks like noting down star formations, but I don’t question it out loud.
5.I collect trophies from my adventures and keep a record of it.
6.I’m determined to use everything possible to accomplish my aim.

Wizard Sage

Wizards are your best bet to mould into this role seamlessly. They check all the boxes for being a wizard and sage, be it the thirst for knowledge, the study of mysterious arts for years, and a little eccentricity.

But there are things you need to work on like why did you learn magic, your struggles, and your ultimate goal. Connect it with an emotional moment.

d6Personality Traits
1.My best friends are my books, and I take care of them.
2.I talk about every topic, even if I don’t know anything.
3.I’m conscious of my appearance.
4.My mind is constantly working, so I have difficulty framing full sentences.
5.I’m dedicated to my study, even if it affects me.
6.I relish in the act of curling up with a new book.

5e sage FAQ’s

Here is the answer to a question frequently asked for the D&D sage backstory, “what does lore incorporate in this backdrop?”

  • Think of the character as a scholar who stays in touch with scholars all over the world via mail and so on.
  • They keep rambling about their research and also trade information. Therefore they are aware of what other people are working on. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them have a solution.
  • They are unaware of where to find the information.


This is all about the sage background 5e, which would hopefully help you out if you decide to go ahead with this option. Sage 5e is one of the most exciting backdrops you’d come across, so don’t miss out on this.

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