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Archaeologist Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Archaeologist Background 5e
Archaeologist Background 5e

Become a part of an adventurous world by unlocking the past mysteries through the eyes of Archaeologist 5e. Also, discover possibilities and understand this character by reading this given trajectory on Archaeologist background 5e in D&D’s gaming world.  

Details on Archaeologist 5e

Their excellent knowledge of history nurtured them to become a 5e archaeologist. Additionally, archaeologists bridge the past and the present by studying fallen empires and their remains like bones, art, ruins, etc.

Suppose one looks through the 5e archaeologist background. In that case, they are who research archaeology and travel in search of mythical answers.

The amalgamation of their efforts to dig artifacts results in bringing together the story of monarchs, aristocrats, and so on.  

Archaeologist 5e Attributes

  • Skill Sets: Knowledge of History, Investigation and Survival Techniques
  • Tools: Tools of Cartographer or Navigator
  • Languages: As per your choice. You can also read Celestial and Infernal.
  • Equipment: Firstly, a wooden container with a map to a ruin or dungeon, a bull’s-eye torch, a miner’s pick, set of travellers clothes, notepad, a personal tent, a trinket recovered from a dig location, and a pouch enclosing 25gp.

Features of dnd archaeologist

Before entering the world of adventure, you spent your youth looking for artefacts from ruins and crypts. With all this tedious search, you get a hold of some high priced relics and earned gear by selling them such as from the elves community of Uthgardt feature.

Amongst those possessions, some became precious to you emotionally, and you truly hold onto them. Given below are some signature items for you to choose. So please take a look at them.

d8Signature Items
1.10-foot shaft
7.Hooded lamp
  • Sixth sense:- Out of all the 5e backgrounds, you are the only one with an instinctual power where you can decide if this expedition is worth putting effort or not. If your instinct favours your journey, you don’t mind putting hours, days or years in search for it.
  • Fence Connections:- Although you don’t have a knack for salesmanship, your experiences have helped you. You form strong connections with intermediaries who most probably find a buyer for your goods. They get brokerage, but it’s only a percentage of what you earn.

Historical Knowledge

Furthermore, you can identify the purpose and the makers of the ruins, whether dwarves built them, elves, humans, yuan-ti, or any other race. Also, you can effectively evaluate the monetary value of the artefacts even if they are more than a century old.

Moreover, you can specialize in various subjects. So roll a d4 to determine which area of the field you choose to work in.

2.Ancient Text
3.Mystical Artefacts
4.Spiritual Origins

Suggested Characteristics of d&d archaeologist

There are less cases of archaeologists not being lured by a new dungeon especially if it shares a link with mystical beings like witches, wizards, etc.

Different archaeologists have different motives; some take for fame or wealth while some try to lighten the past by protecting it. Moreover, archaeologists combine the qualities of a scrappy chronicler with the self-made boldness of a treasure-hunting rascal.

Although there’s one thing they share in common and that’s their curiosity for the unknown, just like the DnD Far Traveller

Personality Traits

d8Personality Trait
1.I have a passion for maze and puzzles.
2.As a packrat, I never throw anything away.
3.Prestige matters to me more than money
4.I'm not sceptical of stealing things from the dead.
5.I'm an old soul who prefers to live around dusty relics than be a part of society.
6.I don't dread traps, I dread the ignoramus who activates them.
7.Even if I fall, I will rise up
8.You might expect me not to love a good brawl, as many speculate me as an intellectual. But these fists were made for punching.


1.Preservation. It is the museum from where this artefact belongs (Good)
2.Greed. I expect some monetary turnout if I'm to risk my life. (Any)
3.Death Wish. The most exhilarating experience is making your way through death's claws. (Chaotic)
4.Dignity. Belongings of the dead should be respected. (Lawful)
5.Immortality. All my life's work is to find the truth behind an everlasting life. (Any)
6.Danger. The danger is an inevitable part of discovery. The two go hand in hand. (Any)


1.The tales of lost cities always intrigued me as a child. My most significant purpose is to find it, learn its secrets, and mark my name in the history books.
2.I will keep searching for my mentor who left me long ago.
3.I'm a part of healthy competition, and the only best is going to be me.
4.Any artefact that shares a significant history, is not for me to sell.
5.Any artefact that shares a significant history, is not for me to sell.
6.My central hope is to bring dignity to a library, a museum, or a university.


1.I dead a common wild animal – and I see them lurking everywhere.
2.I have an obsession with secret doors
3.Boredom makes me impatient and reckless if I can't explore.
4.I'm a workaholic who keeps waiting for the next expedition and has no social life.
5.Left is where I go if offered to choose between left or right.
6.Sleep never takes me if darkness isn't there.
Archaeologist Background 5e

Unsaid Gods of D&D – Archaeologist 5e

Finally, after exploring the Archaeologist background 5e, we see them as people who think that the past holds the key to the future. They mingle the past with the present and bring forward a very exhilarating experience.

Hence, as explore the undiscovered castles, relics, and dungeons of the unknown. So prepare for a thrilling experience by becoming Archaeologist 5e to take upon the responsibility to illuminate the world through your knowledge.

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