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Noble Background 5e | Noble 5e – 5th Edition D&d (2024)


The title of noble in itself projects power and prestige like the soldier background 5e. Your family is wealthy and owns numerous lands which secures them a political influence over others.

In the noble background 5e, you get to decide whether you’d be a humble person even after all the pampering or a snob who is arrogant about his privilege. Noble 5e is your chance to enjoy the life of luxury from up close.

Noble 5e characteristics

Expertise – History, persuasion

Tool proficiencies – A type of gaming set

Languages – One of your choice

Equipment – A pair of fine clothes, a signet ring, a scroll of pedigree, and a purse containing 25 gp.

Noble background 5e Features

Position of privilege 5e – Being born in the lap of luxuries has its perks when it comes to your social status. People pay you respect and try to make you as comfortable as possible amongst them. You have a connection with people in high places which give you an undue advantage.

Retainers – This is a variation in the D&D 5e noble features which allows you to have three vassals who serve the family by being their messenger, attendant or a majordomo.

They are ordinary people who perform your daily tasks but aren’t your loyal companions who’d fight for you or go along with you to dangerous placeslike the persona in the Courtier background.  They might even leave your side if their lives are in peril. You can either choose the position of privilege or this attribute.

Variant noble: knight – Even though it’s one of the lower status titles, you still have the chance of being promoted. But if you choose this, you’d have to let go of the position of privilege feature.

Your common retainer would be replaced by a noble who’d be your squire and in expects to be a knight in return. The other two servants might be a groom to care for the horses and one who keeps your armour shiny.

The aspect of courtly love isn’t impossible, and you might include a banner or other token from a lord or lady to whom you give your heart.

Recommended Characteristics

There are plenty of noble backstory you can access which are as follows –

d8Personality traits
1.My flattery makes everyone I meet into a beautiful person.
2.My kindness and generosity make me everyone’s favourite.
3.People understand I’m above them because of my majestic bearing.
4.I keep up with trends and try to look my best.
5.I get others to do my dirty work, and I escape inappropriate situations.
6.I see myself as others as we all have the same blood.
7.If you lose my favour, it’s lost forever.
8.If you harm me, I’ll destroy you.

Ideal Noble

d6Personality traits
1.Respect: People respect me due to my status, but everyone deserves it. (Good)
2.Responsibility: I must respect the supremacy of those above me. (Lawful)
3.Independence: I’ve to prove I don’t need my family’s help. (Chaotic)
4.Power: I can do things on my own if I gain more power. (Evil)
5.Family: blood runs thicker than water. (Any)
6.Obligation: I must protect those below me. (Good)

Bond Noble

d6Personality traits
1.The approval of my family is important to me.
2.My family’s alliance with other noble houses must sustain.
3.The members of my family are more important to me.
4.I’m in love with someone who my family detests.
5.My loyalty to the monarch is everlasting.
6.I wish the ordinary folks would see me as their hero.

Flaw Noble

d6Personality traits
1.I secretly consider everyone below me.
2.I hide a scandalous incident that could ruin my family.
3.I get angry when I hear insults draped in sugarcoating.
4.I have a voracious desire for carnal bliss.
5.The world revolves around me.
6.I often embarrass my family through my words or actions.

5e noble Background

Barbarian noble

You might have nobility in the barbarian kingdom, but a feudal system seems unlikely. Aristocracy could be based on hierarchy, or you could earn it by proving to be worthy of the noble titles.

You could also decide to be a knight variant wherein you’d be a warrior with a squire under your control, or you can bring your entourage along with you to serve you.

d6Personality Traits
1.Either bow down, or I’d ruin you.
2.I’m quite knowledgeable and use phrases from different languages to prove it.
3.I despise the title bestowed on me, and I prefer to act like peasants.
4.Only glory can prove my value as a warrior.
5.I overlook the advice of those underneath me.
6.I enjoy being in the limelight.

5e noble personality traits

Bard Noble

 A bard’s expertise in diplomacy and their sophistication makes them suitable for the D&D noble backdrop. They might have been a layman who rose in social status due to his finesse in music.

In the knight variant, you might own a squire or a bard training under your guidance. Give these characters clear demarcated roles to avoid confusion.

d6Personality Traits
1.I wear the latest fashion and always stay well-groomed.
2.I hate being rough with others, and I’d never sleep in the wilderness.
3.I behave like a clown because people might not like the real me.
4.I hold grudges against people who did me wrong.
5.I feel empathetic towards those who suffer.
6.Some people call me petty, and they’re right.

Cleric Noble

There is always a clash between siblings regarding inheritance. It’s the second child often who has to choose the religious path and gain power and status through it. Your persona could have done the same, or they might have been brought up in theocracy.

In the knight feature in the Dungeons and Dragons noble, you could either be a wandering cleric or a crusader who preaches his faith to all. The religious members might be your followers or a family member who came along with you. 

However, they aren’t the only one though who’s forced to choose religion. In Sage 5e, your character might have chosen this path unwillingly as well.

d6Personality Traits
1.My title doesn’t hold value as faith makes everyone equal.
2.I wear the finest clothes to appear as a noble or cleric.
3.I enjoy distributing tasks and supervising them.
4.My image as a being generous and holy is a façade.
5.I accept dangerous tasks to prove my standing.
6.I keep myself on a high pedestal and expect everyone else to do the same.

Druid Noble

Societies which consider druid magic of high value understand its importance. Elves, dwarves and even superior humans would want to send their children to practice this faith.

Your title could be the result of your lineage, or it could be because of your upbringing, which eventually would shape your magic. The knight variation would include a young druid or a servant. You could even have a person looking after the animals.

d6Personality Traits
1.I hate being shabby and ensure that my clothes are ironed.
2.I assign work to my servants whenever I can.
3.I set an example for others, and I’m ready to do, even the dirty work.
4.I’m intolerant to courtly manners and don’t practice them.
5.I won’t change at any cost.
6.I invest in animals in sync with my status like lion, bear etc.

Fighter Noble

A fighter and noble is the perfect union. Their combat skills are unmatched. You could either be an expert swordsman or a famous duelist; the possibilities are infinite. Focus on building your family and connections to aid your DM.

1.Whoever questions my ability, I challenge them to a duel.
2.I wear queer clothes and enjoy going against social ideals.
3.I scrutinize other’s actions.
4.If you don’t fulfil your promises, you’re of no value.
5.I don’t engage with people of lower status directly.
6.I cherish my crown and would do anything to protect it.

Monk Noble

Monks as nobles refer to a family of users with expertise in energy or aura. It might be that the society expected you to learn this skill or you might be a natural at it.

Your code of conduct and your courtly norms could have a wedge between them, so it’s essential to know your response in advance if the situation arises. The knight alternative offers you the option of being a nomadic samurai or a travelling monk with everyday people as disciples.

d6Personality Traits
1.I follow my routine meticulously.
2.I show zero mercy to those who are against me.
3.I’m not trapped by the bling of court and dress simply.
4.I enjoy wordplays and debates.
5.I observe instead of interacting with the world.
6.I despise those who can’t follow the rules.

Paladin Noble

This class has got the quality of chivalry to a T. Figure out why and how you got into the nobility class and what did it cost you. Your duty to the court and your oath, whatever it might be could clash at occasions. This could bring out the twist you were looking for and spice things up.

d6Personality Traits
1.I hate disorganization as it depicts corruption.
2.I will go to any lengths to retain my power.
3.The recognition is the reason I became a paladin.
4.I’m kind to those who help me and brutal with those who oppose me.
5.My bright future is the fruit of my birth.
6.I’ve let go of honorary titles and consider myself a typical person.

Ranger Noble

All the prowess required for being a noble are included in the ranger, be it face skills, murder, disguise and picking locks. You could have learned all this by yourself or in any way. There’re no restrictions regarding your imagination. But keep their ultimate aim in mind and their connections.

d6Personality Traits
1.I gauge every person in case of a fight.
2.My smile and humour is part of my charm.
3.I keep a list of my friends and enemies.
4.The layman seems exciting as I’ve never been away from the courtly life.
5.I take every chance to prove myself.
6.I plant the idea of me being a people’s person in everyone’s mind.

Sorcerer Noble

Nobles are pretty serious about the purity of blood, more than Hogwarts itself. Therefore, sorcerers with this backstory would have powerful spellcasters as their descendants. Natural spellcasters are more valued than sorcerers who discover and learn it.

d6Personality Traits
1.My bloodline is proof of my ascendancy, and I make people realize that.
2.Common people look amusing and strange.
3.I’m quite clever, unlike what I let people believe.
4.I don’t rub my status in people’s face.
5.I prefer punctuating my words and emphasizing.
6.I keep my estate up-to-date.

Warlock Noble

A warlock owes every property and inheritance to their patron. Your rationale behind choosing this title brings together the rest of your story. In the knight form, does your servant know about your abilities?

d6Personality Traits
1.I’m afraid people might find the kingdom I come from, doesn’t exist.
2.I trust no one and keep a close eye on my friends and enemies.
3.I don’t get my hands dirty easily.
4.I’ll do whatever required to secure my family’s land and power.
5.I’m prideful and don’t let go of insults.
6.I’m the last in succession, and I’ll try everything to change that.

Wizard Noble

A wizard had the best of everything in life. Wizards as nobility have its advantages as they can use magic to curb dissent or to protect their properties. You might even consider yourself superior to other nobles.

The knight variation might allow you to have a research assistant or a student or someone to help you out to stock magical artefacts. You have the chance of being a knight wizard, a sort of newbie explorer as well.

Wizard Noble
d6Personality Traits
1.I keep a record of all the creatures I come across.
2.My magical power sustains me, why should I work more?
3.I prefer theoretical practice than practical.
4.I’m generous with money and do charity for the poor.
5.I stay away from conflicts.
6.I make demands instead of requests.


If you are riveted by the life of nobility, the noble background 5e is the perfect choice for you. Noble 5e brings your dreams into a virtual reality format, and who can resist that? So, don’t think hard and keep gaming.

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