How to live off the grid in The Sims 4 (Updated) 2024

Sims 4 Off the Grid

The Sims 4 off the grid wasn’t an easy mod to play because it was difficult to sustain with bare minimum necessities, and the mod was also lacking in many places.

However, there are a few updates that have been added to the mod, which makes it a much better version. So let’s take a look at the new additions and how it improves the mod’s functionality. 

How to Get on the Grid Sims 4?

You need to include the off the grid lot trait in your game in order to play the off the grid Sims 4 mod. Navigate to the houses icon in the top left corner of the screen in build mode, and you’d find a list of lot traits available to you in alphabetical order.

You need to select the ones that say, “This lot is not connected to the utility grid, and most objects that use power or water will not function as expected. Can your sims survive without the comforts of plumbing and electricity? Natural living does have its advantages, such as no utility bills.”

As soon as you select this lot trait, your sim’s household’s water and electricity will be shut off, and that’s when the real task begins.

Features of Off the Grid Mod

Off the Grid Mod

When you live off the grid, your savings increase because there’s not much to spend on. You don’t have to pay power or water bills as well; in fact you’d get money in the form of tax breaks instead. Your sim would receive 75 simoleans from their monthly bills, and here’s how they are broken down – 

  • No Power Usage While Off The Grid
  • No Water Usage While Off The Grid
  • Property Tax Discount for Living off the Grid

Off the Grid Functions

For your sims to survive while playing the off the grid challenge, there are certain items they can use that offer limited functions, though. The bathroom and kitchen are the primary areas that the off the grid mod affects, and here’s what you can use from there. 

1. Bathroom

Off the Grid Bathroom

First of all, you can only choose items that are available in the off the grid category in the build mode. So in the bathroom, you have the sink, shower/bath, and a toilet that your sim would need to use.

However, the toilet would have a water-saving flush, and your sim would have to quickly wash their hands and brush their teeth in the sink, and the same way, the shower would also allow you to bathe promptly. 

Your sim’s hygiene needs won’t be complete with just a few seconds of this shower, and that’s the fun part of this mod. 

2. Kitchen

Sims 4 Off the Grid Kitchen

Your sim can have a fridge and a stove from the off the grid category, but they’d offer limited meal options. When you click on the stove, a cook off the grid option would pop up, and it’d inform you about the meal options you can choose from – 

  1. Grilled Cheese
  2. Eggs and Toast
  3. Tomato Soup
  4. Popcorn Crickets
  5. Fish on a Stick

You can prepare a salad, though, because you don’t need any power to cook them. In the updated version of this mod, you can also add ice to the fridge that would maintain your fridge’s coolness for 24 hours, and keep your food fresh.

As you hover over the “add ice” option, you’ll see the following description: “fridges will now preserve food even without power until the ice melts…” and you can see the percentage of ice left in the fridge and get an estimate of how much longer you can keep your food in there. 

You can also use a grill because they function on coal or propane. 

3. How to Get Power Off the Grid Sims 4

Light in the Sims 4 is a luxury, and your sim can only be dependent on candles, lanterns, and fireplaces as a source of light. However, whenever your sim has a power surplus, they can use regular lights. 

4. Off the Grid Category

The update in this mod also included the off the grid category, which consists of a list of items that your sim can use when they live off the grid. The things mentioned in this category are the ones that don’t utilize power or water in any instance.

5. How to Get Water

Your sim would certainly require water when living off the grid, and you have the option to gather water by going to a fishing spot or any swimmable water, like the Sulani ocean, and choose the option “gather water.”

This way, you can store water on your lot and use it for showers, in the toilet, or sink. Once this water ends, you’ll have to go back to living off the grid till you gather more water. 

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle offers many more options to get water, such as the Dew Collector, which collects water every morning, which is enough for a single shower for your sim. This dew collector would be eco-friendly and won’t take much effort on your end to use. 

Another way is to use the water generator, which would harm the environment, though. Also, to add fuel to the generator, you’d need bits. Once you do so, click the generator to start, and it’d begin to create water for your sim to use. 

6. How to Get Power

It’s slightly challenging to get power without the Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle mod installed in your game. If you do have this mod, you can place solar panels on your roof or the ground, as per your house setting. A wind turbine would also work in the same way, and both options are eco-friendly also. 

You can also upgrade a treadmill to generate power, but your sim should have level 5 in handiness skills to gain this feature. In addition, they should also have two upgraded electric parts and three upgraded eco parts. Using the treadmill would allow your sim to generate excess power.

The last option is to use the power generator, which would consume 25 bits to work and is also not eco-friendly. Also, beware of the danger button, as it can shock your sim. 


How do you go off the grid in Sims 4?

To go off the grid in Sims 4, you’d need to add the off the grid lot trait to your game by navigating to the build mode and clicking on the houses icon where you’d find a list of lot traits to choose from.

What does off the grid lot mean Sims 4?

Off the grid lot refers to the lot where water and power usage are restricted, and most of the electronic or plumbing objects won’t be of any use as they won’t work. 


This was all about the Sims 4 off the grid mod, and we guarantee you that after the updates in this mod, it’s more fun and exciting while retaining its challenging part. After all, living off the grid isn’t an easy thing to do, but surviving in those circumstances is what this challenge is all about. Do give this mod a try, as it might enhance your gameplay and add a fun element to it as well.

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