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Best Sims 4 Band Mods & How To Join Them (Download Guide) 2024

Sims 4 Band Mod

Take a musical voyage through The Sims 4’s virtual world with the intriguing Band Mod. By adding a lively musical aspect and enabling your Sims to form, join, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of a band, this creative modification brings life to the game.

Enter a world where the possibilities for creation are endless as your Sims demonstrate their musical talent, become instrument experts, and captivate virtual audiences.

The Band Mod brings excitement and interaction to the gameplay, regardless of your experience level with The Sims. Come along as we examine the nuances of this mod and see how it improves The Sims 4 experience, from arranging memorable in-game performances to forming melodic ensembles.

Sims 4 Band Mod

Sims 4 Band Mod

The Sims 4 band mod, “World Famous Band Career,” created by Lotus221 and formally released on ModTheSims in 2019, has received over 38,000 downloads, demonstrating its popularity among the Sims 4 community.

Sims fans are advised to choose this mod since it provides a realistic band experience and lets users fully immerse themselves in the fascinating world of being a band member.

The Principles

With the help of this creative mod, which brings the music band career to the Sims 4 game, players may join bands and groups and take on roles as instrumentalists or singers.

Like those in other professions in TS4, band careerists will have a set schedule. They regularly leave their homes to pursue their passion, transforming their work from a standard desk job into a labor of love.

Ranks, Pay, and Emotions

A planned career trajectory with multiple titles, accompanying pay, and favored moods is included in the Sims 4 band mod. The following is a synopsis of the titles, descriptions, and related wages, workdays, necessary skills, and desired moods:

1. Bedroom Performer

  • Description: Practice makes perfect. Everybody has to start somewhere.
  • Salary – Work Days: $18 per hour, $90 per day – MTWTF
  • Skills: Guitar – 1, Writing – 1
  • Preferred Mood: Embarrassed

2. Garage Band

  • Description: Try not to upset neighbors in your venue.
  • Salary – Work Days: $23 per hour, $115 per day – MTWTF
  • Skills: Charisma – 1, Guitar – 2, Writing – 2
  • Preferred Mood: Playful

3. School Entertainment

  • Description: Possibly the toughest crowd to please… You succeed at this, and you can succeed at anything!
  • Salary – Work Days: $30 per hour, $150 per day – MTWTF
  • Skills: Charisma – 3, Guitar – 3, Writing – 3
  • Preferred Mood: Energized

4. Town Buskers

  • Description: Get a thumbs up from your local townsfolk and give a push in the right direction.
  • Salary – Work Days: $37 per hour, $185 per day – MTWTF
  • Skills: Charisma – 5, Guitar – 5, Writing – 5
  • Preferred Mood: Confident

5. Local Bar Performers

  • Description: Word is spreading of your upcoming fame. Keep going, you’ll get there.
  • Salary – Work Days: $45 per hour, $270 per day – TWTFS
  • Skills: Charisma – 5, Guitar – 6, Writing – 5
  • Preferred Mood: Happy

6. Campsite Band

  • Description: Now you’re venturing out; maybe it’s time you look into a bigger audience… maybe at holiday sites. After all, if you can entertain families, you can entertain anybody.
  • Salary – Work Days: $113 per hour, $904 per day – TWTFS
  • Skills: Charisma – 6, Guitar – 6, Writing – 6
  • Preferred Mood: Happy

7. Online Celebrities

  • Description: You have become an online sensation, and the bigger bands are starting to notice you too!
  • Salary – Work Days: $150 per hour, $750 per day – MTWTFS
  • Skills: Charisma – 7, Guitar – 7, Writing – 7
  • Preferred Mood: Confident

8. Stand In-Band

  • Description: The more well-known bands request you to be a backup if they can’t make it to a venue!
  • Salary – Work Days: $255 per hour, $1785 per day – MTWTF
  • Skills: Charisma – 8, Guitar – 8, Writing – 8
  • Preferred Mood: Confident

9. Supporting Artists

  • Description: You’re almost there; you have made it to the main stage but supporting the main act. One more step, and you’ll make it to center stage yourself!
  • Salary – Work Days: $450 per hour, $2250 per day – MTWTFSS
  • Skills: Charisma – 9, Guitar – 9, Writing – 9
  • Preferred Mood: Energized

10. World Famous Band

  • Description: You have made it! Number 1. Top of the world. From all of those garage sessions to performing in the town. You are stars!
  • Salary – Work Days: $600 per hour, $3600 per day – MTWTFSS
  • Skills: Charisma – 10, Guitar – 10, Writing – 10
  • Preferred Mood: Energized

With the help of the Sims 4 band mod, you can fully immerse your Sims in the fascinating world of music, with a fulfilling experience at every career level. Raise your Sims to the height of their musical career and see them take the globe by storm!

Ultimate Music

Ultimate Music By lilyvalleycc

Presenting “Ultimate Music” by LilyValleyCC, a fascinating delve into the complex world of the music business. Although the captivating actors on stage frequently catch most of the attention, the real magic happens behind the scenes.

Explore a diverse range of occupations in the music industry, each of which plays a vital role in producing exceptional performances.

Those who are passionate about music have a plethora of opportunities in this ever-changing world. Imagine the geniuses arranging smooth production and promotion, the sound engineers painstakingly perfecting soundscapes, and the talented songwriters creating captivating songs.

The music industry, a vibrant, diverse ecosystem, invites people to go on a journey where passion, creativity, and teamwork converge, offering an unmatched experience in the captivating world of music.

Start your mega-career with “Ultimate Music,” consisting of seven different tunes with five skill tiers. Among the tracks are:

1. Performer:

Take the stage, show off your singing abilities, and captivate the audience with your presence and poignant delivery.

2. Band:

Unite with other artists to create a powerful, unified musical force that appeals to fans by harmonizing talents.

3. Writer:

Use your creative energy to create compositions and melodies that evoke strong feelings in listeners, creating auditory environments that have a lasting impression.

4. Education:

Through educational initiatives, share your expertise and love of music with the future generation of musicians.

5. Management:

Handle the business end of the music industry, guiding careers and ensuring that artists and productions run smoothly.

6. Music Producer:

Head inside the studio and take on the role of sound designer, perfecting and upgrading compositions.

7. Music Journalist:

Write about the fascinating tales from the music industry, including analysis, interviews, and reviews that add to the sector’s story.


The Sims 4 is given a dramatic musical experience by Lotus221’s “World Famous Band Career” Band Mod. With over 38,000 downloads, this mod places users on a genuine band journey, enabling them to take their Sims from being an unknown group to a “World Famous Band.” 

It enriches the Sims 4 experience with organized job paths, band membership rules, and engaging gameplay.

“Ultimate Music” from LilyValleyCC has seven tracks, each with five levels, covering singing, band cooperation, composition, education, management, music production, and journalism, for individuals looking for a more extensive musical experience. 

With the help of these mods, users can influence their Sims’ paths within the alluring realm of music, resulting in an unmatched gameplay experience.


Can you have bands in The Sims 4?

Yes, The “World Famous Band Career” mod allows you to have bands in The Sims 4.

Can you become a musician in Sims 4?

Yes, you can pursue a profession in music in The Sims 4 or use mods like “World Famous Band Career.”

Can you have concerts in The Sims 4?

While there isn’t a dedicated concert element in the basic Sims 4 game, you may imitate a music career with mods like “World Famous Band Career,” which includes performances.

What is the musician career mod for Sims 4?

The “World Famous Band Career” mod for the Sims 4 allows players to become musicians, form bands, and advance through different stages of musical achievement. Lotus221 created it.

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