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How To Get A Death Flower in the Sims 4 (Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Death Flower

The Sims 4 Death Flower is a unique and intriguing item that players can acquire. 

This black flower, which has a skull-shaped design on its petals, can be used to bring about the death of a Sim character in various ways.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Death Flower is that it is a rare and elusive item that is not easy to come by. 

Players must explore the world of the Sims 4 and search for the flower to add it to their inventory. 

A critical aspect of the working of this flower is that it doesn’t work on oneself.

How to Get A Death Flower in Sims 4?

How to Get A Death Flower in Sims 4?

Method 1: Organic Find

If you’re looking to acquire this powerful tool, there are a few steps you can follow to make it happen:

Step 1: 

Explore the World of Sims 4.

You can use the map view to navigate your Sim around the world and visit different locations. 

Look for areas likely to contain rare items and resources, such as parks, forests, and beaches.

Step 2: 

Search for the Death Flower.

Once you’ve explored the world, you can search for the Death Flower. 

This might include a strange plant, an unusual item, or anything else that catches your attention. 

When you find a possible location for the Death Flower, approach it and interact with it to see if it is indeed the Death Flower.

Step 3: 

Acquire the Death Flower.

Once you’ve found the Death Flower, you’ll need to acquire it to add it to your inventory. 

To do this, you’ll need to interact with the flower and select the option to pick it. 

The Death Flower is now in your inventory, and you’ll be able to use it to bring about the death of a Sim character.

Step 4: 

Use the Death Flower.

You can now use it to bring about the death of a Sim character. 

To do this, you’ll need to interact with the Sim you wish to kill and choose the option to use the Death Flower. 

Depending on how you use the flower, the Sim may die instantly, or they may die from a slow and painful death.

Acquiring the Death Flower in Sims 4 requires a bit of exploration, luck, and determination.

Method 2: Gardening Skill (Grafting)

This method involves the use of gardening skills. 

To get the Death Flower, you must first reach level five in gardening and be able to cut and graft plants.

Cut and graft an apple tree and a cherry tree to get a pomegranate. 

You can purchase a starter fruit seed pack from the game computer. 

You must cut and graft a snapdragon and a lily to get the Orchid Plant. 

These plants are present in Willow Creek. 

Once you have the Orchid Plant and the pomegranate, you can cut and graft them together to get a sliced plant. 

If you are at level ten in gardening, you can purchase a rare seed pack online for 1000 Simoleons, including the Death Flower.

Method 3: Realm Of Magic Game Pack

Requires the ‘Realm of Magic’ game pack.

If you are a successful spell caster, you can buy Death Flowers at the potion ingredient store in Casa Alley. 

Additionally, by completing the space rock collection from space missions, you can also obtain Orchids.

How To Get A Death Flower With Cheats?

To get a Death Flower in Sims 4 using cheats, follow these steps:

  • Open the cheat dialogue box by pressing ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard.
  • Enter “testingcheats true” to enable all cheats.
  • Enter “bb.showhiddenobjects” in the same cheat bar. It will unlock the debug options.
  • Search for “Death Flower” in the search bar.


  •  Check the build menu at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • The Death Flower should now show up and be available to purchase.

Note: Cheats may impact gameplay and affect achievements. Use at your discretion.

Death Flower Drink & Arrangements

Make the Shadow Realm drink using the Mixology skill. 

To make this drink, your sim needs to be at level 10 in Mixology and have §250. 

While it is still debated whether the Shadow Realm drink has any significant effect, it is considered the official drink of the Grim Reaper.

Another way to use the Death Flower is by scenting flower arrangements using the Flower Arranging skill. 

When your sim is at level 9 in Flower Arranging, they can use the Death Flower to add a particular scent to their arrangements. 

If this arrangement is gifted to another sim, it will cause that sim to age up or, if they are an Elder, to die. 

So, be careful when giving Death Flower arrangements as gifts.

Despite the exciting uses of Death Flowers, they are not a source of income in the Sims 4. 

Death Flowers are essentially worthless.

 The only purpose that death flowers serve is to save the Sim from death.

Use the Death Flower to add a touch of drama to your Sims’ lives, but don’t expect to make a profit from them.

How Can You Kill A Sim Using The Death Flower?

Players can choose to feed the Death Flower to their Sim, causing them to die instantly, or they can use the flower to craft a deadly elixir that can end the life of another Sim.

The Death Flower is a powerful tool in players’ hands and can create exciting and dramatic scenarios in the game. 

Players can use the Death Flower to bring about the death of a Sim who has been causing trouble, or they can use it to create a tragic ending for a beloved Sim character. 

Additionally, players can use the Death Flower to create a sense of danger and suspense in the game as they attempt to avoid the deadly consequences of coming into contact with the flower.

Extreme Life Insurance

This scenario seems fictional in which a friend has asked for a Death Flower as a form of insurance against death. 

To fulfill this request, the player must grow a Death Flower and deliver it to their friend before it’s too late. 

In return, the player will receive payment.

Death Flowers do not offer actual protection against death in the game, and their only purpose is to add flavor and excitement to the player’s experience.

In conclusion, the Sims 4 Death Flower is a unique and intriguing item that creates excitement and drama. 

With its rarity and the variety of ways it can bring about the death of a Sim character

The Death Flower is sure to become a popular and sought-after item. 

Whether players choose to use it for good or evil, the Death Flower will surely add depth and excitement to the game.


What does the death flower do in Sims?

This rare bloom can be utilized in two ways: as a bargaining tool to prevent the grim reaper from taking a sim’s life or as an ingredient to revive a sim through ambrosia.

How do I cook ambrosia in Sims 4?

You need to have a level 10 Cooking skill, collect the ingredients (Death Flower, Ambrosia Fruit, and a Life Fruit), then use the cooking stove to create Ambrosia.

What happens if you plant the death flower in Sims 4?

Planting the death flower in Sims 4 does not result in any specific action or outcome.

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