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Sims 4 Drunk Mod | Drinking & Alcohol (Updated) 2023

Sims 4 Drunk Mod

The Sims 4 game is the most realistic simulation game out there. There are constant updates from EA to make the gameplay more immersive and exciting. However, one significant aspect of reality that is missing from The Sims 4 game is alcoholic drinks. Moreover, Sims get drunk and do questionable things. Getting drunk at bars and drowning your sorrows in alcohol or partying is an exciting part of life.

So why shouldn’t our Sims experience it as well? To have this scenario in the game, mod creators have worked hard to bring you the best alcohol mod. This is also known as the Sims 4 drunk mod, as getting your Sims drunk is the goal in the mod and the game. 

Can Sims get drunk in Sims 4?

Although there are bars available in the game, your Sims cannot get drunk. This is because the bars only serve juices and plain drinks. Alcoholic drinks are not part of the base game. However, since the Sims 4 gaming community always wants something exciting, the Sims 4 drunk mod will have your Sims drunk in no time. This alcoholic drinks mod will have your Sims dancing, partying, and playing funky after a few shots. Some Sims may even pass out and have a good night’s sleep. 

So to let your Sims enjoy the happy hour and know how people party, let us look at some of the best drinking mods :

 Sims 4 drunk mod by MC Command Center

MC Command Center’s drinking mod is a creation of the famous cc creator, Candy. This mod is known as the “Drink, drank, drunk” mod. This makes the Sims 4 gameplay more immersive and exciting. 

In the base game, your Sims will be served a glass of water at the bar, and the Sims will receive no buffs. Hence, this mod plays around with that and gets them buzzed.


This mod’s main inspiration draws from the “over-medicated” moodlet. This moodlet is a part of the “Get to Work” EP’s sickness system. Any drink your Sims will be powerful enough to put the “dazed moodlet” over your Sims. The over-medication in this mod will be much more powerful and more effective. The moodlet in this mod will be on a scale of 1-10. Hence, each level will have a different level of drunk. 

What Sims 4 drinks are alcoholic?

Alcoholic Drinks Sims 4

All drinks now offered in the bar will be alcoholic if you want them to. However, there will be three flavor options provided to your Sims. Each flavor will allow your Sims to stay drunk for various periods of time. Following are the three flavors provided in the mod:

1. 3-hour flavor – This flavor is similar to the actual “overly medicated” moodlet present in the “Get to Work” EP. This flavor is not too strong, as it keeps your Sims dazed for a very short period of time. Three hours is the duration your Sims will be drunk. This is something very light for your Sims. It would be like having a few glasses of beer in the real world. After a nap, your Sims dazed moodlet will be removed. 

2. 6-hour flavor – This flavor option is significantly better than the 3-hour flavor in the mod. This flavor lasts for a longer time, i.e., around six hours. This time can be passed by simply putting your Sims to sleep. Use this flavor option if you want your Sims to have real fun.

3. 12-hour flavor – This is the most potent flavor option available at the bars. This will keep your Sims dazed for around 12 hours. The hangovers will also be quite harmful to your Sims the next day. A single nap will not be enough to make your Sims sober. The only way to shorten this agony for your Sims would be to put them on a long nap twice. 

Whichever flavor you wish to use on your Sims, the effects of the alcohol will still be displayed. The Sims will still behave like a drunkard. Their eyes will roll, and they will not be able to walk in a straight line. Your Sims will also act quite strange. 

You should note while playing this Sims 4 drunk mod that your Sims will be able to choose only a single flavor. Multiple flavors will not be allowed. If multiple flavors are selected, it is possible that your Sims 4 game might crash.


How to download this Sims 4 drinking mod?

The following instructions need to be followed while downloading this alcoholic drinks mod. 

  • This drinking mod needs to be downloaded via the link attached. Once downloaded, unzip the file on your computer.
  • Move the extracted file to your mods folder on your computer. This will make it easier to track things. 
  • Open the Sims 4 game and open the cheats console. Turn testingcheats on to make the mod functional in the game.
  • Once the above step has been completed, you need to shut down the game and restart it for the mod to work correctly within the game. Enjoy playing the game once it works. 

Sims 4 Alcohol mod

Sims 4 Alcohol mod

This Sims 4 drunk mod is also created to tackle the problem of there not being any alcoholic drinks in the base game. Or the fact that Sims are not able to get drunk within the game. This alcoholic mod created by “Wolfdude” is similar to the mod mentioned previously. However, the unique difference between the both is that some various other buffs and interactions are present in this mod. 

The mod consists of four other buffs that are pretty interesting and exciting to have in a game:

1. Buzzed – This buff is the most common. However, it will kick in and initiate the moment your Sims have their first drink. The buff will automatically be activated. This buff lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Along with this, your Sims will also receive a 1+ happy buff. 

2. Drunk – When the above buff, “buzzed” buff, starts to fade, the drunk mod will kick in. This will give your Sims a +10 dazed buff, which shows how drunk they might be. Apart from this, it includes feelings that your Sim may not feel without the drink. For example, your Sims will be more energetic, have a stronger urge to pee, and have an increased ability to form lovable bonds with other Sims. 

3. Wasted – If your Sims do not know their limits and keep drinking, this buff will kick in. It means a 10+ dazed buff for your Sims. This buff is significantly more substantial and more severe than the “drunk” buff. Your Sims may start acting out under this buff.

4. Hungover – As soon as your ‘wasted” buff starts to fade, this buff will kick in for your Sims. Under this buff, your Sims will get 10+ uncomfortable moodlets, which last for a long 4 hours. This buff will also decrease your appetite and your social energy. 

However, your Sims might not have to go through having a hangover each time. Over time, they will build resistance if they keep intoxicating themselves with alcohol.

The installation for this mod is quite simple and similar to the previous mod. So download it from the link given below and enjoy handling drunk Sims.

Basemental Alcohol Mod Sims 4

Basemental Alcohol Mod Sims 4

Alcohol is just a tiny part of this basemental mod. The central part of basemental mods is to provide drugs. Although this mod does not focus on alcohol, it is still a significant part of the mod and has unique characteristics. The features included in this mod are:

1. Drinking – When your Sims start drinking at the bar, making them stop drinking will not be easy. If your Sims stop drinking, the effects of the alcohol will subside, and your Sims will also get a negative buff and corresponding moodlets. 

2. Hangovers – Your Sims will get very bad hangovers thanks to all the heavy drinking. In the end, there is some price you need to pay for all the alcohol that goes into your Sims’ body. 

3. Tolerance Trait – In this mod, with the help of a cheat, it is possible to increase your Sim’s alcohol tolerance. They will be able to drink more than they could before and not get as drunk. 

4. Bouncers ( A Lot Trait) – If you own a bar, you can now hire a bouncer that is stationed at the bar at all peak times. The bouncers will ensure that every Sim is behaving decently and not harassing or troubling anyone or causing a nuisance at the club or bar. If these Sims catch any Sim misbehaving, they will be picked up and thrown out of the club. There is also a possibility of there being an aggressive fight.

5. Underage Drinking – Thanks to this alcohol mod, your teenage Sims will now be able to get drunk more quickly. However, if you decide to place a bouncer at the bar or club, teenage Sims will be required to show an ID to get past them. 

Nevertheless, if your Sims are underage, they can always create or buy a fake ID. Your Sims can do this by clicking on any PC available to your Sim. Your Sims will be able to buy a fake ID from inventory. However, this will cost your Sims around 1500 simoleons. 

6. Drunk Texting – A significant experience every person has is drunk texting. Your Sims will be able to drunk text any Sim they wish to text. Replies will also be sent based on what moodlet is acquired by them at the moment. Thanks to the drunk texts, there are chances of your Sims breaking their relationships and going through other consequences. 

7. Real Drink names – This mod gives you the cool option to replace the name of juices with that of actual drinks. This will hence introduce beers and various other beverages. Therefore the new buffs within this would be beer pong, beer kegs, and various other new buffs for your Sims to experience. 

Although these features may seem nice and cool, there are specific side effects to getting intoxicated. Over time, if your Sims keep drinking too much, an “Addicted to Alcohol” buff will be acquired by your Sim, which will last for a period of five days. If your Sims have this buff and do not drink for a while, they will receive negative buffs and consume more alcohol. 

The adverse effects of too much drinking include vomiting, passing out, and various other effects.

How can you install this Sims 4 drunk mod?

The steps to download this mod are pretty straightforward. Follow the steps mentioned below to have a smooth installation process and enjoy the mod within the game. 

1. Download the file from the site. This will be a zipped file.

2. Any old mods folder should be deleted if your game has been updated.

3. Extract the content of the zipped file you recently downloaded. Move the content of this file to the Mods folder on your PC.

4. Open your game and go to settings. From there, enable script mods in TS4. 

5. Restart your game and enjoy playing with this Basemental alcohol mod. 

Sims 4 Custom Drinks Mod

Sims 4 Custom Drinks Mod

Have you ever wished to become a bartender at a famous bar or club in your city? This mod will allow your Sims to become a bartender at home or the club. Make delicious cocktails and give people delicious beverages to get drunk on. 

Your Sims can customize various drinks. This will allow your Sims to choose from 15 drinks that are pre-made within the mod or the game. The animation within this mod is fantastic. It will show the procedure of your Sims making the perfect drink for their guest. 


The Sims 4 drunk mod is a must-have if you wish for your Sims to have a real-life experience. Can Sims get drunk? This question has been asked by a lot of Sims. However, your Sims can only get drunk if they download any of the mods mentioned above. The base game does not have alcoholic drinks. Hence, an alcoholic drinks mod is the only way you can even have access to alcohol in the game.

Your Sims can experience every little thing when it comes to drinking. From getting drunk and acting out when wasted to having the worst hangovers your Sims may have ever experienced. Each alcohol mod has something unique to offer. The various buffs included in the mod have an interesting aspect, which makes the gameplay much more immersive and exciting. Hence, get your hand on one of the Sims 4 drunk mod and let your Sims have the time of their lives within the game.

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