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Sims 4 Basemental Drug Mod – (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Basemental Drug Mod

In the real world, drugs are a significant part of society. Although you may not have any connection with them, everyone is curious and hears about drugs every day. So why are they missing from The Sims 4 game? If you want to experience drugs, a game is the best place to do it. Experiment with drugs on your Sims. You can experiment with various kinds of drugs. 

This is where Basemental drugs Sims 4 comes into the picture. This is a very famous download in the game that introduces various kinds of drugs and substances to your Sims in the game. 

The Sims 4 basemental drugs download has various animations that make your gameplay exciting. It introduces multiple bongs, paper, blunts, and different other kinds of props. And all these props are very realistic to look at in the game. 

This article covers all aspects of the basemental drugs Sims 4 and how to use them in the game.


How to install Basemental Drugs Sims 4 Mod

The basemental drug download is relatively straightforward. Simply follow the steps given below :

1. To get the Basemental drugs Sims 4, visit their page to download the folder.

2. Once the folder has been downloaded, extract the contents from within the folder into the modifications folder: Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods>Basic Drugs, which is the folder for the documents. Change this into a new folder on your PC, which will be named Basemental Drugs for easy access and understanding.

3. In your game, enable mods and script mods. After that, restart your game. 

Ensure that the latest basemental drugs update is installed whenever you receive a The Sims 4 patch notice. This is one thing you need to remember; this mod requires constant redownloading 

which is necessary for it to run smoothly within the game. 

If the mod does not function properly in the game after installation, you can follow the following steps:

  • Select a Sim and choose the Basemental Drugs Sims 4 icon.
  • Select the drug dealer you need. This is done by going to Setting/ Assign NPC.

Make sure your Sim introduces themselves when there is a meeting. If not, the options to purchase stuff from the dealer will not be visible. 

How to use Basemental Drugs Sims 4? 

Drugs are illegal in the real world. However, they might not be in The Sims 4 game. A part of this mod is The Illegal Drug The Sims 4. It is a drug store with every kind of activity you can imagine. It includes purchases as well as selling drugs. More specifically, that of marijuana. There are various animations available within this mod. Each animation, medication, emotion, and need is unique. 

Various moodlets are also provided in this mod. Some of the moodlets available in this mod are addiction, hangovers, peaks, comedowns, and lethal overdose. You get the option to sell and purchase drugs as well. However, being careful and dealing with drugs can get your Sims into many problems in the future.

If you take these drugs and medications without a limit, recklessly, then the Grim Reaper is right around the corner to take your life. This mod is very realistic as it even replicates the adverse effects that your Sims will face due to the consumption of drugs. It will affect your Sim’s mental, physical, and social life. 

There are various kinds of drugs available in this mod. Each drug is unique and has different effects on your Sims. 

Buying Drugs in The Basemental Drugs Sims 4 mod

From NPC Drug Dealers

If your Sims are buying drugs from a NOC drug dealer, then the first thing to do is assign a specific NPC to be your Sim’s designated dealer. This will be the only Sim that deals drugs with you. To do this, follow the steps below. The process is relatively straightforward:

1. Click on any Sim you see and access the Drugs Menu in the game. 

2. Go to the Settings page. Next, click on Assign NPCs. This will next take you to the Assign Drug Dealer option.

3. Finally, choose the NPC Sim you want to set to be your NPC Drug Dealer in the game,

Buy From Dealer

Before you can start buying drugs for your Sim from a drug dealer, starting off by befriending them is necessary.. The higher level of friendship you have with them, the more discount you will get and higher quality drugs from them. 

Sometimes, it is possible that your dealer does not have the drugs you specifically asked for. In such cases, try again at a different time. You will get it from them at some point in time. Hence, befriend them as quickly as you can. 

Another essential thing to note is that your Sims can only buy from dealers. Your Sims will be unable to sell the drugs they bought from these dealers. These Sims are NPCs.

Discuss Drug Market 

To keep knowledge of the varied price ranges, and to buy cheaper and sell expensive, keep in touch with the market. Make conversations and discuss with your Drug Dealer. Ask them about the Drug market. You can specify which drug you wish to buy and want information on. Your Sims will receive a notification when that drug is available at a lower price and where you can sell it at an expensive rate. 

If you wish for your Sims to get into dealing drugs, this is an excellent way to start off. As with this option, you can always buy cheap and sell expensive, giving you a lot of profit margin. 

Trade Sex for Drugs

After some time, your Sim may get addicted to drugs, and In this case, if they do not have the money, they might trade sex for drugs. To make this happen, you must have the WickedWhims mod installed.

When your Sim gets the Addicted moodlet, click on the drug dealer. Select Drugs and then select desperately. Following this, click on the option to Exchange Sex for Drugs. Once you have chosen the option, you will manually have to do the needful using the WickedWhims Mod. 

Once your Sim has satisfied the drug dealer, click on the dealer again and select the desperate menu. Following this, you need to click on Receive Payment. Here, the drugs you are addicted to and want will be the form of payment. 

Build / Buy Mode

Some drugs within this mod can also be bought from the build/buy mode. One thing you must remember before buying from here is that these drugs will be more expensive than those which you buy from the drug dealers. 

Nevertheless, only a few drugs are available in the build/buy mode. Moreover, it has been advised not to take this option and recommended that players play using other ways. This is to give players a realistic and immersive gameplay experience. 

Dark Web

The dark web, as always, is the one place where you can find anything. The Sims 4 has something similar. Sims can buy some of the best quality drugs over the dark web. However, you need to deal with a few prerequisites before you can start using the dark web for drugs.

Through Dealing

Your Sims can easily access the Dark Web by reaching level 3 in any Dealing Skills. Work on your skills; soon, drugs will not be far out of your reach.

Through Research

By researching all available drugs in the market in succession, your Sims can gain easy access to the Dark Web. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on any computer in your house,
  2. Select Drugs and then go to the Basemental Forum, which is a part of the mod. 
  3. Following that, click on Research. Your Sims will now automatically Research every kind of drug available
  4. Once your Sims have conducted thorough Research on the drugs, access to the Dark Web will be allowed to your Sims.

Buying Drugs on Dark Web

As soon as you have gained access to the dark web, you can click on any computer available to your Sims at home. Select the Drugs option and then select Dark Web. Following this, you will have the opportunity to choose Buy Drugs.

Once you select the Buy Drugs option, you will have to choose which drugs you wish to buy and in what quantity. Place the order, and your Sims will receive the drugs in their mail the following working day.

Types Of Drugs in Sims 4 Basemental Drugs Mod


Adderall can easily be purchased from your drug dealer. Apart from this, it is also quite possible that a doctor may prescribe this drug to you. This is only in cases where your Sim has the custom ADHD trait. Also, if your Sim has the Active trait, there is a slight chance that this drug may be prescribed to you. This drug will cancel out all ADHD symptoms that your Sims may exhibit.

The consumption of Adderall will also energize your Sims to a great extent and will increase their focused moodlet. They will see success in interactions that are related to studying or homework. 


This drug can be purchased from the build/buy mode in singular packets, from a dealer, or even from the Dark Web. Each package will differ in quality. These packets will be torn and put in lines, and snorted directly. The Addictive moodlet will also be shown and will stick with your Sim for a period of 5 days. Another side effect of snorting too much Amphetamine is your Sims losing a lot of weight quite drastically.

You will also get an interaction to “Share With…..” with a selected Sim. This Sims should be your friend. In the end, you wouldn’t want to share it with a total stranger.


Cannabis is the most common drug among drug users and drug dealers. There are a few common strains of cannabis. Some of these strains are:

  • Northern Lights
  • Trainwreck
  • OG Kush
  • AK-47
  • Sour Diesel
  • Purple Haze
  • Sour OG
  • Purple Lights
  • OG Wreck
  • Purple AK-47

These strains are available in the drug market. You can acquire them from your Drug Dealer or the Dark Web and grow your cannabis at home. Cannabis can be used in various forms. Some of these forms are blunts, joints, bongs, vaporizers, hookahs, and edibles. 

Your Sims can also cultivate their own weed.. You can grow various kinds, and the seeds can be easily bought from the “Buys Seeds” option available in the Planter Box from Buy Mode. 

. Sims who smoke cannabis regularly will get the “Stoner” buff. If your Sim’s stoner buff disappears, and your Sim has not smoked, then they will get jittery and hyper until they smoke the next joint or blunt. Other side effects are Paranoia, drowsiness, and light-headedness.


Cigarettes and cigars can easily be bought in the Buy Mode or from a local dispenser. As any person, your Sim will also get an uncomfortable buff after their first ever cigarette. 

The side effects of tobacco are not too serious. However, too much can obviously get serious in no time. Some Sims who become regular smokers will get addicted to it. An “Addicted to Nicotine” buff will appear, lasting five days, and will be refreshed after every smoke. Another serious side-effect of smoking tobacco is cancer. Regular smokers who smoke a certain amount of cigarettes are more likely to have cancer.

You can purchase the Cancer Immunity trait from the rewards store to keep smoking without the fear of cancer. It is also possible to have cancer immunity by simply disabling cancer from the settings. 


It can be purchased from Buy Mode, Dealer, or from the Dark Web. Cocaine is usually consumed in powder form. And the only way to consume cocaine in the game is by snorting it. 

Cocaine is a powerful drug. It will give your Sims the confidence buff and boost up their energy level. Their walk style will be altered, and Sims will also experience a drastic reduction in their weight. 

If your Sims consume too much cocaine in one sitting, they may experience a very fatal OD. If the OD is not fatal, your Sims energy level will plummet drastically, and you may also pass out. If the OD is highly lethal, as stated before, then your Sims may die on the spot. 

Hence, if your Sims are consuming cocaine, ensure that they are within their consumption limits. 


 Your Sims can buy MDMA from the Buy Mode, Dealers, or the Dark Web. MDMA is available in pills. Hence it can be placed on the counter and popped. Popping the pill straight away is the easiest way. However, it is advised that Sims be aware of their surroundings when doing it. 

The effects of MDMA are pretty strong. It will give your Sims a Dazed and a Flirty buff. Your Sim’s mood will also be altered, along with an increased energy boost. 

Addiction to this drug will leave your Sims with a buff that lasts for five days.

Overdosing can cause fatal OD’s, which can kill your Sim. At the same time, some non-fatal OD’s will only significantly drain your Sim’s energy level. However, the chances of a fatal OD are considerably higher. 


This drug is one of a kind. It can be purchased from a shaman who can only be contacted via the Sim’s cellphone. Once you have established contact with the shaman, they will send you on a trip to acquire the drug. The first dose of this Ayahuasca drug will make your Sims nauseous and give them the nauseous moodlet as well. A daze will set in after a while. After a few of consumption, a new interaction will show up. This will allow your Sims to “close their eyes and drift off.” They will go on a trip in their mind, drift through their thoughts, and have visions. 


This drug can easily be acquired from dealers or the dark web. Your Sims can also get access to Xanax via a doctor’s prescription and by it from the pharmacy. Hence, for this, you will have to visit the doctor by booking an appointment. There are around 20 pills in each bottle. Xanax gives Sims a very happy buff and will reduce their stress, tension, and any uncomfortable feeling away. If your Sim overdoses on the pills, it is quite possible that your Sims get a fatal OD and die. It does not take long for a non-fatal OD to turn into a deadly OD.


Lean is nothing but your regular cough syrup, which can easily be bought from the pharmacy around the corner. However, you can still purchase it from the dark web, from dealers, or from a doctor’s appointment. It is also possible for your Sims to create their own lean at home.

It will give your Sims a dazed buff. However, the larger the quantity your Sims drink, the stronger the effect will be and the longer the results will last. Some side effects of lean are nausea, addiction, and an increase in tolerance over time. Overdosing is also an effect that can kill your Sims if they pass out and have a fatal OD.


The best way of getting access to and consuming LSD is from your drug dealer and from the dark web. This is a specific drug with a very strong effect. Your Sims can use the LSD blotter sheets to consume LSD. The effects of LSD are quite strong if you do multiple tabs of acids. Each trip after consuming LSD is different. So there will be a lot of variety present for your Sims. There are no fatal side effects of LSD. 


Steroids are another common drug that is found on the market. You can also acquire steroids from the dealer or the dark web. In the game, your Sims will be able to gain access to two kinds of steroids. One is the weaker Testosterone Enanthate. And the other gives you impressive muscle gain and is significantly more potent than testosterone, known as Trenbolone.

Usually, steroids are injected into the body. Using steroids responsibly will energize your Sims and significantly improve their gyming abilities. However, if it is used continuously over extended periods, your Sims might die of a heart attack due to the pressure on the Sim’s heart while injecting. Another effect is death due to liver failure. Other temporary side effects are skin conditions, rage, dizziness, and being incredibly horny. 


Alcohol is also part of the Sims 4 basemental drugs mod. After drinking too many glasses, your Sims are bound to be drunk and act out. It will give your Sims the alcoholic moodlet. Another fun aspect of this mod is that teenage Sims can make a fake ID which they can use to enter bars and clubs.Some of the drinks included in this mod are:

  • Vodka and soda
  • Rum and coke
  • Gin and tonic
  • Dark and stormy
  • Mimosa
  • Screwdriver

If your Sims end up drinking too much, side effects such are vomiting, passing out, and various other things can happen. Hence, ensure your Sim’s safety first. Make your Sim sleep if you wish for them to sober up quickly.


The Basemental drugs Sims 4 mod is a very interesting mod that is a must-have in your game. It brings the harsh reality of the real world into the game. You may not be able to experience the consumption of drugs. However, you can make your Sims experience that and then see the side effects of doing drugs. Each drug in this Sims 4 basemental drugs mod is unique and has a fun characteristic. The creators have tried to stick to reality. However, a few cheats can be used in some aspects to make the gameplay more exciting.

For example, it is possible to disable cancer if your Sims are smoking too many tobacco cigarettes. Such cheats are sometimes necessary to keep the game lively and fun. Ensure you buy the drugs safely. It is possible that your Sims get apprehended or have a rendezvous with the cops if they are caught or are subjects of a raid. In such cases, your Sims will have to deal accordingly.

Getting associated with drugs is risky; hence, be very careful and think multiple times before entering into things. Be it the Sims 4 game or real life. As seen above, death is also possible in some cases if your Sims overdose on something. Use this mod to experience what you will never experience in real life. Use the game to the best of your advantage and see the effects of how drugs ruin lives.

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