Sims 4 Homeschool Mod & Private (Download) 2023

Sims 4 Homeschool Mod

We all now understand the concept of homeschooling thanks to the Covid pandemic. So why not introduce the same idea to your Sims? In this context, we will look at the Sims 4 homeschool mod. The Sims custom content creators have worked hard on this Sims 4 homeschool mod to keep things realistic and make the experience as immersive as possible.

Until now, it was compulsory for your Sims to attend typical high or elementary school. This helps them earn excellent grades and build a strong character and foundation to study at a university. However, in the real world, there are also a lot of people who are subjected to homeschooling. 

This content brings you the best Sims 4 homeschool mods and how to use them. It shall also expand on some of its features. 

Grade School from Home

Grade School from Home

This Sims 4 homeschool mod created by NoelleBellefleur is a simple one. It enables your Sims to work from home. In this case, it will allow your young Sims to study from home. This Sims 4 mod will, however, still give your Sims some homework. It will provide your children Sims two home assignments every day. This will be only on school days.

 Hence, once you download this Sims 4 homeschool mod, your Sims will receive a notification one hour before the school starts. Here, your Sims will be given three options. The three options are:

  • Go to School – This will send your Sims to the typical school they go to daily,
  • “Work from Home” will allow your Sims to study at home. Homeschooling will take place, and make sure they focus on their studies.
  • Take PTO- This allows your Sims to stay home and not attend school. It is basically like bunking school.

If you opt for your Sims to go for homeschooling, the mod will assign two assignments to your Sims which need to be completed. This needs to be done before the next day of school. If you complete these assignments correctly, your Sims will improve their performance. 

The assignments allotted to your Sims in this Sims 4 homeschool mod are pretty straightforward. Your Sims will enjoy doing each assignment. These assignments will be mentioned in the school tab of your game. 

Some of the assignments that may be allotted to your Sims are:

  • Read a book at home or in the library.
  • Practice your typing skills
  • Craft a potion at home
  • Play on the monkey bars
  • Play chess and improve logic
  • Play card games
  • Perform a puppet show in your room.
  • Study the globe available at home.
  • Play games on the console
  • Try your hand at painting and painting murals.
  • Go to a food festival, eat, or play video games at the NerdCon.
  • Discuss mathematical fractions
  • Be funny with other Sims to improve humor

Many other tasks may be assigned to your Sims to complete. Make sure you complete these tasks without fail. The skill requirements, school days, and levels will all remain the same. They will work similarly to before as if no mod is in play. 

This Sims 4 homeschool mod is only for grade school students. 

Download this Sims 4 homeschool mod right here:

Sims 4 Homeschool Mod

Sims 4 Homeschool Mod

The primary purpose of Sims 4 custom content creators is to make the Sims 4 game world, which is a simulation, as close to real life as possible. Hence, they had to do something when the pandemic struck the real world. During the pandemic, all schools and offices were shut. Students were forced to attend school from home via video calls. So why not let your Sims similarly enjoy life? No more going to school for long hours. No more socializing or sitting through boring subjects. Just like students attended classes from bed, ate in the middle of classes, and slept, your Sims can now do the same. 

With this Sims 4 homeschool mod, your Sims can experience what students in real life did. It will introduce your Sims to homeschooling. 

Your Sims can attend their classes from home, take part in virtual classes in the virtual world and give attendance from their room. If you are worried that your Sims may not get the passing certificate or degree, you need not be concerned. Like any regular school, your Sims will get a degree of course completion. Your Sims will also be able to enroll in a University and pursue further education in their preferred field of interest. 

Your Sims also can build their characters and their value correctly at home. You will be able to control what your Sims do with their time. This will give your complete control over your Sims lives. This works for teens as well as kid Sims.

There are specific requirements, however, to use this online schooling mod by Kawaiistacie. The requirements are:

  • Base Game – it is essential to have the base game version of Sims 4. If not, your mod might not function properly.
  • MC Command Center – You can download this for free from the net. The mod has not been tested to work without the MC Command Center. However, it is said that it should work as this mod is only a simple career mod. If you plan to use this Sims 4 homeschool mod without the MC Command Center, you might have to figure out your way to get your Sims into homeschooling.

How to set up the Sims 4 homeschool mod?

To start using the Sims 4 homeschool mod, follow the steps mentioned below for a smooth download and gaming experience:

STEP 1 :- The first step is pretty simple. To start using the home school mod, it is necessary to make a few changes in the game settings using the MC Command Center. Open the MC Command Center and “Enable Quit School.” Do this for teens and elders. Do this for your teen and children, Sims. 

After you have made the changes, restart the game to make the changes work.

This will allow your Sims to leave their typical public high school.

STEP 2 :- Once you have enabled the option to let your teens quit high school with the help of the MC Command Center, you will need to have access to a mobile phone. It would be best if you directed your Sims to “Find a Job” via this phone.

STEP 3 :- After that, your Sims must fill out some paperwork. This is necessary to become an actual home school student. Your Sims must handle the paperwork on their own. You will not be able to help them with that. Only one visit to the office is required to take care of the process. 

However, there is always a way to skip this process. To do so, you can use the MC Command Center. You can use the Command Center to promote your Sim simply. 

STEP 4 :- Once your Sims are finished with the paperwork, they can finally be homeschooled students. To start their online home classes, they must next select the branch they wish to be in. 

Depending on your Sim’s age, the options may vary. Generally, two options are available. However, sometimes there might be the only one available to your Sims. 

STEP 5 :- This last step will probably make your Sims happy to get started with your virtual classes. You need to visit the Build and Buy mode. Here it would be best if you bought an “Education Online PC” for them.

You will generally have three to four options to choose from a set of PCs. Select the best one that suits your Sim’s needs. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps to have a smooth installation process.

Gameplay Information

Just like the previous Sims 4 homeschool mod, your Sims are also expected to study for fixed durations and complete their home assignments. The Sims will also have an exam day which will decide their grade level. The exams shall be held two times per week. 

However, if your Sims get a B or an A, they will earn the connections trait. Alon with this, they will also have to take the exams only once a week as an award. 

All their school work needs to be done on the computer that you bought for them. The computer is now their school. 

There are various things you can do with your homeschooling computer. Here are a few activities and tasks you can use your homeschooling computer for;

  • You can study all your different subjects.
  • Complete your classwork
  • Hire a study helper that will help you study all subjects. This costs 80 Simoleons.
  • You can also hire a Classwork Helper. This shall help you finish your classwork faster than usual. This costs 50 simoleons.
  • Your Sims can study or flirt with a classmate.
  • Chat with your classmates

These are some of the things your Sims can do during their classes and on their Sims 4 homeschooling laptops.

Apart from these, if your Sums are under the impression that studying at home means relaxing, then it is wrong. Here are some of the requirements of the Sims 4 homeschool mod:

  • Your Sim students homeschooling must study ten hours per week
  • The students must complete all their classwork
  • Sim students must build their skills
  • If your Sims get poor grades in their exams, then they must take the exams twice per week.

Some cheats to get stuff done faster

Here are some cheats your Sims could try to get their classwork done quicker than usual:

  • Plan to do the classwork with your classmates to help complete the work faster.
  • Send your Sims to study with the help of exploring mod. This will help your Sims complete the work faster.
  • Use helper services that were mentioned previously. However, keep in mind that these services are paid for.
  • Use a homework helper app from the slice of life mid. This shall help your Sims do the class work quicker.
  • With the help of the MC Command Center, you can promote your Sims to the grade you wish them to be at.
  • If your Sims use the homework books they used at the public high schools, it will help them get the classwork done quicker.


The Sims 4 homeschool mod is a must-have if you wish to keep a closer eye on your Sims. You will not have to see them disappear to school and come back later in the evening. With the Sims 4 homeschool mod, you can keep an eye on what they are doing and studying. The homeschool mod does not prevent your Sims from having a standard education. They will do everything that is taught in public high school, just from the comfort of their home. 

You can select what subjects they study and what they do. You can arrange a meetup with classmates if you wish to chill for some time. You will also be able to see your Sims earn various qualities such as responsibility, manners, etc. 

The Sims 4 public high school can get boring sometimes. Hence a change of place and pace will be good for your Sims. They can learn from the comfort of their house and not worry about physical school again. 

Happy Simming. 

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