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More Columns Sims 4 | Create a Sim (CAS) – Download (2023) Updated

More Columns Sims 4

“The Sims 4” is an online social simulation game and in the fourth part of “The Sims” franchise. Sims 4 now consists of a “CAS” option which is short for “create a sim”. This feature allows users to create their own sim just as the name suggests. Ts4 has improved this feature in comparison to ts2 and ts3. By using this feature you can make your own individual sim and add it to the game. You can personalise a sim’s features and its personality. You can also decide the sim’s gender, personality, it’s physical appearance, its voice, it’s pregnancy abilities and the way it dresses.

It also allows you to choose the relationship which you want your sim to maintain like its friends and family members. This feature of CAS is great as it is. However, to make it even better many mod creators have added certain changes into this feature in order to make it even more fun and easier to use. A column mod created by a mod creator called weerbesu is an example of this is the Sims 4 more CAS columns mod.

More cas columns in Sims 4

Ts4 created a new mod which provides more Sims 4 CAS columns. Ts4 CAS is the name of this new mod. You can increase the number of CAS columns cc that can be added into the game with the help of this mod. It can found in the catalogue panel. This mod has been divided into three parts which are three columns, four columns, and five columns.

You can adjust the CAS of these columns to your liking with the use of UI game hacks. This mod is a wonderful match for your game and can help you get more CAS columns in Sims 4.

More cas columns in Sims 4
Sims 4 more cas columns

Things to remember about column 3, column 4, and column 5

Your game’s resolution may cause issues when working with Sims 4 column mod so make sure that it should not be too low or too high

  1.  If the resolution is less than 1280720, the 3 column category will not reply correctly.
  2. If the resolution is less than 1600900, the column 4 categorization may not work properly.
  3. They will not implement the column 5 if the game’s resolution is less than 1920×1080,
  4.  If you want to have pets in the game, such as cats and dogs you will need higher resolution accuracies than just the following categories above. For that purpose you can use a mod called “ Sims 4 more columns”.

Compatibility in CAS columns v1.8

They have combined and enhanced the column 5 category in the 1.52.100 game version.

  • They have modified the catalogue title and several UI categories.
  • The filter bar has expanded to incorporate the extra columns on the screen.
  • They have removed the function that distributes Sims evenly at random to the rightmost edge.

 They have linked pet development to a number of changes. 


After using “undo,” skin tones shifted to the left.


They have made an update in the (Kits patch) version 1.71.86 of the game.


They made an update in version 1.72.28 of the game.


  • They have made an update in the version 1.73.48 of the game.
  • When you’re working with more than 10 rows of swatches at once, they have included a scrollbar for your convenience.
  • In this edition, the randomization option is available for additional categories.


  • This update addresses the issue of being unable to click on items owing to many rows of swatches.
  • They have made fixations in the mismatch in the Match Eye Colour checkbox caused by many tabs of pet eye swatches.
  • The swatch scroll list now defaults to the selected swatch rather than the beginning, as it did previously.


They have made an update in version 1.76.81 of the game. This resolves the issue where the previous version would prevent EA from implementing the new CAS fix in the current patch.


They have made an update in the (Cottage Living patch) version 1.77.131 of the game


They have made an update in the (Spa Day Refresh patch) version 1.79.93 of the game. When changing fingernails, the camera no longer zooms in.


They have made an update in version 1.81.72 of the game.

The bugs in Sims 4 more CAS columns

  • You’ll need a resolution higher than 1280720 to use the Sims 4, 3 Columns mod that allows you to add three extra columns to your game.
  • You should have a resolution higher than 1600×900 to use the Sims 4, 4 Columns mod which allows you to increase the number of columns in the game to make more room.
  • When you run into problems, there should be no graphic errors.
  • The CAS background makes your columns look attractive.

Sims 4 CAS mods: Cautionary

  • You should remember several factors, such as the resolutions should not be weak, as previously said. In Sims 4, it should not be less than 1280720 for three columns.
  • The resolution in Sims 4 for 4 columns must not be less than 1600900. It also shouldn’t be smaller than 1920×1080 for five columns.
  • You must have higher resolutions than the above columns if you wish to utilise the Create-a-pet mod.
  • Use the most recent version, v1.10, as prior versions will not increase the number of columns.

Sims 4 Columns Mod: Conflicts

If you download The Sims 4 columns mod, it is most likely to clash and override with some other mods causing glitches and leading to conflict. To remove these glitches you can use “The Sims 4 mod conflict detector” or you can use these files given below:



Above given are some of the files which remove glitches caused by The Sims 4 columns mod.


How to delete columns in Sims 4?

To eliminate a column, it must be completely empty. Whether the columns are entire or incomplete, either relocate or remove them before deleting them.

How to get 4 columns in Sims 4?

Use the 4 columns mod to get 4 columns in Sims 4.

How do I get more columns in Sims 4?

You can download the Sims 4 CAS column to get more mods in Sims 4.

Can you add more worlds in Sims 4?

Yes, you can add more worlds in Sims 4 by creating them on your own or by using cheats, without using any mods.

How do you break CC in Sims 4?

To break CC in the game, go to the CC tab in the app and look at the list of all the CCs there. The cc’s that are highlighted in red are the ones that are damaged or missing.

How do you make your sims stand still in CAS?

You can make them stand still when you are animating them.

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