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Sims 4 Granite Falls (Guide) 2023

Sims 4 Granite Falls

The Sims 4 has excellent infrastructure and has some fantastic places to visit. The Sims 4 granite falls is a vast landscape surrounded by nature. You can send your Sims here so that they can go camping and stay there for upto 7 days. You will experience various new things and have your very own adventure. You can set up your camps here and also rent some pre-built lots. A lot of fine trees, sprawling valleys, and many lakes surround this area.

Your Sims can also go hiking and explore a lot of things. There are many woods and jungles that they can go to. Building campfires and spending time with each other is also a fantastic thing they can do in the granite falls.

Your Sims can even grill their food on these campfires in the granite falls. There will be various stations present in this place which will give your Sims information and guidance about how to camp. The game will provide them with anything that they need. There will also be a lot of wild animals such as bears, tigers, etc. Your Sims can choose to live in a rental lot or a tent.

Your Sims can also go stargazing with a few other friends. This is quite a fun activity and there are many other activities they can do. The forest of the Granite falls like a maze. You can also hibernate in a small cave, almost like a rabbit hole. Your Sims will also have to be careful of poison ivy, which can make them sick.

How to get to granite falls Sims 4

Features of the granite falls

Here’s what to do in the Granite falls Sims

  • Camping and cabins: With the help of this feature, your Sims can go camping and also stay in cabins. There are various types of cabins that you can choose from.
  • Insect collecting: there are a lot of jungles, nature and woods around your surroundings. Your Sims can collect a lot of exciting and unique insights from these places and store them.
  • Granite falls forest: you can visit the beautiful and lush forest of granite falls.


This Granite falls will come with two neighbourhoods and one secret lot. 

  • The two neighbourhoods are called “campground” and “granite falls forest”.
  • The name of the secret lot is called the “hermit’s house”.


For the accommodation of your Sims, they will get five rental lots. There will also be one community lot. You can edit how these lots look and how they work according to yourself. You can also edit the entire build of these lots and turn it into how you wish them.

The five rental lots and their prices are as follows: 

  • Campground (§111 per day)
  • Forest Hideaway (§635 per day, two bed two bath)
  • Green Getaway (§397 per day, one bed one bath)
  • Lakeside Retreat (§893 per day, four bed three bath)
  • Riverside Retreat (§282 per day, one bed one bath)

The one community lot is a national park named Granite falls forest.


The climate of this place is very divorce. You will find four different seasons here. The seasons are summer, winter, fall and spring. 

  • Summer: During summers, the temperatures will usually be quite hot. You will also experience a lot of heat waves and clear sunny skies.
  • Winter: During winters in general, there will be a lot of snow. You will also experience freezing temperatures along with snowstorms and lizards.
  • Fall: During the fall season, the climate will be delightful. Maybe you will experience some snow and rainfalls as well. The temperature will differ from warm to cool occasionally.
  • Spring: The springs will be pretty pleasant as well. During this time, the temperature will keep changing from hot to cold, and there will also be a few rainfalls.

More information about the Sims 4 granite falls

  • initially, the name of the Granite Falls was going to be misty pines.
  • The TV series gravity falls inspired the name of this place. Due to this, you will also see a lot of references in the game from this TV series.
  • This place resembles Washington DC in the United States. It also has references to three cities: North Carolina, Minnesota, and Washington.

How to get to granite falls Sims 4

To get to the granite falls, you will have to get an expansion game pack called the Sims 4 outdoor retreat.  You will also need to take a vacation to visit this place. You cannot easily see it like you can with other sites in the game. The granite that falls by default is called the “Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat”. Its location is across the deep woods which you will have to travel by using the bramble patch. Follow the steps below to know how to find the secret hidden area in the granite falls:

  • Firstly, start by clicking on the “go on vacation” option. Take a vacation to the granite falls Sims 4.
  • After that, you will have to travel across the granite Falls Forest National Park. You can easily do this function by zooming out on your map or clicking on the travel option. You can find these options on the phone of your Sims.
  • Next, you will have to locate the bramble patch. To find this, try and see a very distant place from the waterfalls. This task can be a little challenging as many trees surround the national park waterfalls.
  • After you find this bramble patch, click on it. You will get an option to explore once you do so.
  • Click on the option that says explore.
  • After that, you will be asked a few questions by the game. You will have to answer all of these questions to cross the deep woods. You will only have one correct answer to each question. These questions will be multiple-choice questions.
  • If you answer all of these questions correctly, you will get to see the hermit’s mountainside retreat, which is your secret location.

Secret Location: Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat

Once you find the secret location, there are a few things that you can do. These activities are exclusively only meant for the secret place, which is fantastic. You will not find these anywhere else. Over here you can go fishing. You can also catch very rare and unique fishes, for example, their mountain lionfish. You can also add unique and exciting insects to your insect collection—for example, the will-o-wisp. You can also find various types of herbs here.

There are many other activities as well that you can do. It is a great experience, and it is worth trying out. This adventure will also add some more excitement to the game. If you manage to move the hermit into your house, you will get a hidden achievement called “no longer solitary”. 

The Sims 4 granite falls is a very unique place in the game. It will add a lot of colour and excitement to your game and make it a lot more interesting. If you are someone who loves adventures and nature, then you should try this vacation out.

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