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Mercenary Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2023)

Mercenary Veteran 5e
Mercenary Veteran 5e

The mercenary veteran 5e is the one who would fill all your voids for a need of adventure. You can take over the world’s fortune by exchanging your skills in catching anomalies for coins. Give this mercenary background 5e a read and become a skilled militant.

Background of Mercenary Veteran 5e

Since you are a 5e mercenary veteran who would rage a battle for gold and risk a limb, consequently you come across as a robust and vigilant person. You persevere till you can achieve it. You always have a keen desire to fight foes and reap new rewards as an adventurer as well.

Your innate knowledge about the life of a sellsword along with your stories of the flashbacks on battlefields prove to be an advantage necessary for survival. You have also served in a gigantic outfit masquerading as Zhentarim or the combatants of Minturn etc. It eased your dealings’ transactions as well.

However, after exploring d&d mercenary background it feels that you yearn for something more magnificent to equate the risks you take, something like Criminal feature. Most importantly, your legacy remains as a soldier to be hired because your highly skilled reflexes are prized. You also have the freedom to fight in any way that befits you.

Skill Set

  • Skill Proficiencies: Reflexes, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One category of gaming set, transportations (land)
  • Languages: None
  • Equipment: Firstly, a uniform affiliated to your company (traveler’s clothes of high quality), a badge indicating your rank, a gaming set as per your choice, and a pouch enclosing your excessive last stipends (10gp).


Mercenaries of the North

Near the Sword coast and throughout the North, countless militant companies operate their bases. Many of these are small scale operations that provide assistance to hundreds of folks who offer in exchange their hunting skills in capturing monsters and brigade, engage in wars, and provide security service. Among these life assisting companies are Flaming Fist, the Zhentarim, and the entire civilization of Minturn. They employ hundreds of members and provide private armies who offer those funds also.

Classes of dnd mercenary

Some organizations operating in the North are as follows.

The Chill

Chill is known for its cold weather and the mysterious location at  Lurkwood. It comes across as a place that offers shelter to numerous goblins who named the area ‘Chill.’

As a result of their famous image as raiders, these goblins have subsequently promised never to raid the North’s people because they hire them as warriors. Therefore, they maintain a mutually benefiting relationship also. Only a few people share their ideas and agree only to hold an army with the chill community.

On the other hand, they oppose this relationship. They silently pay the chill society for their services because they can hunt orcs and trolls of Evermore, battle the Uthgardt tribe and prevent any threats to their civilization as well.

Silent Rain

Solely occupied by elves, Silence Rain carries a legendary value with itself and operates out of Evereska. Above all, they aren’t guided by greed. Therefore, the Silent rain people agree to those jobs that either promote their eleven causes or involves eliminating threats, for instance, hunting and killing gnolls, orcs, etc. In addition, prospective candidates should leave a written word which should be in Elvish near Evereska, so that the Silent Rain people send their representative accordingly.

The Bloodaxes

The Bloodaxes were founded in Sundabar, spanning two centuries ago. They consisted of a faction of dwarves who were made outcasts for committing a crime against the pedagogy of Moradin Soulforger. They started their work as mercenaries if the North decided to hire them and pay a handsome fee.

This prompted the chain of inclusion of various tribes of other races. Almost every member was accused of a crime or served exile, or got into some mischief. As a result, the North came as silver lining for these outcasts that could offer them hope of starting a new life with the Bloodaxes.

Suggested Characteristics of d&d mercenary

Your bonds can carry meaning in your association with the people you traveled with and the comrades you served.  Your ideals depend on your perspective over the world, it’s inner workings, and your motivation over fighting.

D8 Options For Personality Traits
1.I prefer showing off, especially if there's a chance to get a job offer in it.
2.I am constantly gregarious and joyful, as long as I get paid well, irrespective of the situation.
3.Sound of steel and the clash of spears are just as fascinating as the sum of gold.
4.I perpetually train because training leaves the individual prepared even in a juncture of respite or susceptibility.
5.I withheld myself to a strict code of ideals.
6.I keep my intimate possessions in secret places that are known solely to me.
7.I would do anything to ensure my weapons off the arm, for I know it will safeguard me in return.
8.I do nothing, roll no finger or a saber unless I attend to the coins' jingling tone.

Mercenary – Flaws

d6 Options For Flaws
1.I'll commit anything for silver, curse the fallouts.
2.As vastly as I pretend to adore fighting, discreetly, I wouldn't say I like hurting others.
3.I have incapacitating debts that my labor scarcely reimburses it off.
4.I never flunk at my missions, even if I have to exercise to less honorable averages to complete them.
5.I would send an innocent of encountering his demise if it means I will win the combat.
6.Someone influential would do anything to retain my skull, so I pursue to attain his or her headfirst.


d6 Options For Ideal
1.Golden Soul: I crusade for wealth and nothing else. (Neutral)
2.Great Publicity: I will be remembered for my feats, sooner rather than later. (Any)
3.Power or Death: In my line of faculty, the harsh live and the vulnerable starve. (Evil)
4.Non-Sold Honor: I never wreck my vows. Never. (Lawful)
5.War and Crime: Whenever turmoil trims, so too do my stint. (Chaotic)
6.Good for Sale: I am a mercenary who swings his harpoon only in the word of welfare. (Good)


d6 Options For Bond
1.I came to be a mercenary to aid my kin, who would have presumably starved in a hovel somewhere if not for me.
2.I combat for a fancier that knows slight if not a trifle of me.
3.I was prompted by a great icon to become a mercenary.
4.I regale my esteemed comrades like brothers, and I will let no disrespect or laceration fall upon them.
5.I seek to safeguard something of extraordinary significance to me by maintaining it a secret, so you better forget what you just heard.
6.I never disdain an employer if they never offend me or cease giving me money.

Mercenary Life

Your experience is what defines your life as a mercenary. Your insight, has helped you identify a mercenary company by its emblem, including their reputations, names, commanders, or whoever hires them recently. Accompanied by your experience skills in language, you can find the fest halls and taverns where the mercenaries abide. You lead a comfortable life as the militant work only takes place between your adventures to afford you a lifestyle.

However, if you wish to retain some of the characteristics of this BG, but want to let go of the greedy and materialistic aspect, then choose Knight personality traits instead. 


As a militant member, you possess a special kind of warfare in this area to get noticed by your superior and become a spectacle to your enemies. Therefore, you can choose your warfare specialty from the table below and equip yourself accordingly.

d8 Specialty
1.I steer a mutiny within the rival colony.
2.I abduct aristocrats and high-ranking officers of the foe and hold them captive for a tall price.
3.I govern a squad of enforcers in engaged settlement to make sure the folk realizes who's in charge now.
4.I make sure the adversary's possession and their meadows burn.
5.My folk and I are irregulars that undertake self-destructive missions the nobles don't have the stomachs to do themselves.
6.I set up snares along crucial roads to make sure distinct people never enter their destination.
7.I seek out persons-of-interest on the battleground and make sure they don't vacate it.
8.While the armies are fighting, i'm raiding the camps and looting what I find.
Mercenary Background 5e
Mercenary Background 5e


Raging against demons and fighting gnolls embodies the adventures in the life of mercenary veteran 5e. While playing such an exciting character, it spices up the quests associated with his virtue. We hope this trajectory on mercenary background 5e had provided you with enough info about his life—so happy role-playing.

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