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Faction Agent 5e Background | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2023)

Faction Agent 5e
Faction Agent 5e

In this tutorial, we seek to give you the full record to learn about the faction agent 5e from the outset to advanced. You don’t need to go anywhere else to probe about any information cause we have accumulated all the information necessary for you to advance. Read this article on faction agent background, equip yourself of all the elements and the numerous types of suggested characteristics. So here’s the tutorial.

Background of Faction Agent 5E

In the North and around the region of Faerun, numerous organizations are functional. However, they are not hurried by constraints of topography. To these sects, their units run anywhere the institution supposes necessary, and these factions maintain their agendas without heeding the political boundaries.

For instance, the cache-holders (folk who patrol caches of fairness or jinx for practice by the sect’s operatives), information dash minders, bootleggers, rumormongers, sellswords, haven proprietors, and listeners, to quote a few, are engaged by these divisions.

At the heart of every 5e faction agent are those who assist, like its head, seats, and hands. In Faerun, you have helped as an envoy for a specific faction. If you were based on the section, its purposes and how those objectives blend with your own there, you probably must have conducted it secretly or candidly.

As a result, when your sect has become an explorer, it doesn’t inevitably need you to renounce membership in your division though you have the freedom to do so, and also, it might heighten your significance in the group.

Skill Sets

  • Skill Proficiencies: Wisdom, or Charisma mastery of your preference, Insight, and Intelligence, as deemed appropriate to your contingent.
  • Equipment: Pouch enclosing 15 GP, a sample of a seminal sect text, a pair of conventional clothes, and a symbol or an emblem depicting your faction.
  • Languages: Any two of your choice

Suggested Characteristics of d&d 5e faction agent

Your confidential bond can be interacted or solely attributed to any other units of your division, could be your locality or an item which is as vital as your contingents 5e. In addition, the impression for what you aspire is perhaps in keeping up with the beliefs and also the principles of your group, but at the exact time, it might be more emotional.

D8Options For Personality Trait
1.I worship a particular idol from my sect and often refer to that individual's deeds and examples.
2.I can find a mutual ground between the vicious enemies; I sympathize with them to maintain peace.
3.I speculate if everyone partook in the principles of my faction, the realm would be a more excellent place.
4.Nothing can stir my positive attitude.
5.I recount faction principles in almost every circumstance.
6.I am easygoing with other sects and revere the embodiments of other organizations.
7.I've been on expeditions alongside contingent leaders. Associating with the initiates is debilitating.
8.I've disbursed so long at the bureau that I have little pragmatic knowledge in negotiating with people who lack faction discipline.


D6Options For Flaws
1.I suspect others severely, and myself even more harshly.
2.I put too much confidence in those who exert power within my coalition's rank, particularly the leaders.
3.My faith sometimes steers me to syndicate those that back and cheer my faction blindly.
4.I am stringent in my thinking.
5.I am skeptical of strangers and anticipate the worst in them.
6.Once I yank a goal, I become gripped with it to the disfavor of everything else in my vitality.


D6 Options For Ideals
1.Tradition. The doctrines of my division must be protected and upheld. (Lawful)
2.Charity. I always seek to assist those in need, no matter the circumstances. (Good)
3.Change. We must enable to bring about the shifts our sect is striving towards to alter the world. (Chaotic)
4.Power. I dream that one day I will rise to the top of my faction's prestige. (Lawful)
5.Faith. I hope that my group will care for me in moments of need. If I struggle hard, things will go well. (Lawful)
6.Aspiration. I strive to ascertain myself as a competent member of my contingent by echoing my actions to contingent ideals. (Any)


D6 Options For Bond
1.I would perish to recover crucial relics that would boost my section towards our motives.
2.I will someday get retribution on the heinous group Mentor who marked me as a traitor.
3.I owe my esprit to a division Stalwart who put up with me when my parents departed.
4.I do everything for the ordinary people.
5.I will do anything to ensure the group I represent.
6.I crave to rid the name of a covert agent as a renegade.

Classes of dnd faction agent

The Emerald Enclave
The Harpers
The Lord's Alliance
The Order of the Gauntlet
The Zhentarim

Factions Of The Sword Coast

The North and the Sword Coast have substantial and centralized parliaments, and they are promptly accountable for the gain of classified societies and conspiracies in those areas. Since it’s one of the primary blocks of the north and sword coast, you have a head start on being a representative. Here are some likelihoods, have a peek at them.

The Harpers

Founded more than a millennium back and has been disassembled and acknowledged many times, these harpers persist the influential, which will take action to grow immorality and stimulate fairness through understanding rather than brute force. However, in any scrutiny, they can be skillful at spotting and spying similar to the City Watch background, as these Harpers are very proficient. The generous bards and proprietors, rangers, other Harper’s, and the ministry of deities all aligned with the Harper’s standards.

The Order Of The Gauntlet

One of the recent power factions of Faerun, The Order of the Gauntlet, has a program and plan identical to that of the harpers. It has vastly different strategies from other groups. Still, the keepers never hide in the silhouettes of darkness, which are sacred warriors on a spiritual quest to expand justice and crush evil. The ministry of the orders is the benefactor’s gods. These directive agents tend to be skilled in theology in order’s ideals. Therefore, they repeatedly seek aid from the ordinance enforcement, who are very friendly.

The Emerald Enclave

By conserving the balance in the realistic or natural order and also obstructing the forces that bring equilibrium and endangerment are the dual purposes of Emerald Enclave. The genii that are dwelling off the soil are those who support the block. They are most proficient in temperament and can seek relief from the rangers, woodchoppers, hunters, druid circles, barbarian clans, and pastors who glorify all nature deities, for example Dionysus, the god of wine, foliage, joy, extravaganza, and earth.

The Lords’ Alliance

For the towns and other administrations that constitute the lord’s representative, are the diplomats on one status? They labor on behalf of the institutions and have their faculty of people. But are also a faith with concerns whose concerns surpass the regional politics and that of topography. Therefore, in the narrative, the union should rely on the government’s assistance, a coalition member, and invite other administrators and even the federations who approve the alliance’s standards in these sections. The alliance agents are expected to be mindful.

The Zhentarim

In the realm of the Zhentarim, people have become more noticeable at large in current years, for example, how the organization works to expand its reputation among the ordinary people. The section associates and brings out the employees and settles them to entrust that assist the goals of various raven networks. Still, it doesn’t imply that they are undoubtedly immoral.

The dealers of the raven network are continually proficient in extortion and also frequently work undercover. They seek most relief from the traders, mercenaries, magicians, and priests who united with the Zhentarim.

Additional Factions (Non-SCAG)

Bregan D’aerthe

Bregan D’aerthe recognizes the covert organization. It is one of the most prominent names to circumvent the Underdark and is mainly composed of male-Drow envoys. Its goal keeps altering according to its whims. Its leader is a flashy and impenetrable figure who is infamously known as Jarlaxle.

This supplementary contingent means Bregan D’aerthe has functional compartments up and down the sword coast. Spotted the many sights of Bregan D’aerthe were in Luskan, placed in the metropolis of sails. In the Underdark, this auxiliary factions department is in the borough of Menzoberranzan.

The Gray Hands

The Waterdeep, City Guard, and City Watch are competently protected against hazards and compel some more drastic solutions. The lords of Waterdeep are an elite force of proficient adventurers. This group’s units are capable of meeting face to face with the greatest opponents even though they are less in numbers.

The lords of Waterdeep hate to summon gray hands unless there are other options. The aftermath from these confrontations involving the association inevitably imposes an enormous deal of collateral ravage on the City of Splendors.

Featuring the favor of the masked lords

You are condoning some of the trivial criminal vices.
I am acquiring some chunks of information which the city watch remembers as part of a criminal investigation.
Sanctioning sleep in immunity at one of the city watch places.
Making an arrest
You are furnishing with veterans per tier of your composition to get posterior into potentially brutal city business.

Feature: Safe Haven

As a 5e faction agent, you can seek allowance from the classified network of proponents and sleuths for any expeditions. You possess the knowledge of hidden figures and know the passwords that can help you point out those detectives, deliver you admission to the secluded safe house, complimentary room, and delegation, and provide you with the best aid in discovering the information.

The d&d faction agent either never undertake to stake their lives or stake disclosing their true identities.

Featuring the favor of the masked lords

The subsequent contingents inducted in a specific issue or adventure canard are as follows.

  • Descent Into Avernus
  • Flaming Fist
  • Hell riders
  • Rage of Demons
  • Council of Spiders
  • Elemental Evil
  • Elves of the High Forest
  • Order of Samular
  • Waterdeep
  • Xanathar Thieves’ Guild
  • Bregan D’aerthe
  • Spelljammer
  • Star Elf Rebellion
  • The Consortium (Arcane)
  • Nevermind Cartel
Featuring the favor of the masked lords


What is a faction agent 5e?

These faction agents pursue their goals without scrutinizing the political boundaries, and their units administer anywhere the institution deems necessary. At the bottom is innumerable blocks are those not there to confirm small task for a distinct organization, but those who do serve as its hands, head, and heart.


The above-illustrated faction agent background has numerous features and varied suggested characteristics. We clarified all faction agent 5e advantages, and you can examine them from the facets mentioned above individually, such as 5e sects and the supplementary 5e groups. This article is like a division chart, so use it and prepare yourself accordingly.

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