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Sims 4 Nails CC & Mod Download (All Free) 2023

Sims 4 Nails CC & Mod Download

The default Sims 4 game does not offer much variety when it comes to the nails of the Sims. We all love having unique and fun fingernails as it adds more character to our personalities, and therefore, adding that element to the game makes it great. If you want these for your Sims, too, there here is a list of some of the best Sims 4 nails cc.

Best Sims 4 Nails CC & Mod

Sims 4 French Manicure Collection

With the help of this nail cc, you can get a basic French manicure. These nails are the safest and great for a casual look. You will get this in five different colours along with a makeup look.

Sims 4 French Manicure Nail Collection by frenchiesimgirl

Sims 4 Halloween

These Halloween nails are great for festivals. If Halloween is around the corner and you want your nails to look perfect for the occasion, then this cc is ideal for you. They are adorable and have some great patterns to them.

Sims 4 Halloween Nails by kissyck

All Natural Spa Day Recolor

This cc is perfect if you want some natural-looking Sims 4 nail polish. This cc will also give you a French manicure, and in addition, they come in different shapes of nails.

You can get these in a stiletto or coffin style according to your choice. The French manicure in these nails also comes in black.

All Natural Spa Day Nails Recolor by isaiahillustrates

Sims 4 Academia Recolor

These nails will give you the perfect manicure to match your Academia -style look. These come in 56 swatches, and characters of all ages can use them. You can also use these for both male and female Sims.

Sims 4 Academia Nails Recolor by prismaie

Glossy Taco BG Retexture for Sims 4

This nail polish cc will give you beautiful nails in different textures. These are very realistic and come in 63 different colours. You will also get several different types of textures.

Glossy Taco BG Nail Retexture for Sims 4 by needlework reverie

Vibrant Colors Spa Day Recolor

If you like bright and colorful nails, then this nails mod is perfect for you. With the help of this mod, you can give your fingers some long and colorful extensions. They also come in eight different colors.

Vibrant Colors Spa Day Nail Recolor by Julie J

Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes

These nails come in some fantastic patterns. You can also add some toe nail polish to this. There are seven different pallets in this cc, all with different themes.

Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes by cosmicamos

Sims 4 Manic Solid

These nails are pretty basic and extraordinary for a casual look. You can also get them in 55 different colours. These colours are in dark and dull shades.

Therefore, they are perfect for any outfit. You can also get them in an almond shape. The texture of these nails is matte, and they are rounded.

Sims 4 Manic Solid Nails by christopher067

Sims 4 Pride

This nail polish cc will give you 14 different types of very bold and colourful nails. They are pride themed and are for the LGBTQ+ community. You can use this for all kinds of genders.

Sims 4 Pride Nails by NekoChan-Simmer

Sims 4 CC Square

These cc nails are very fancy and pretty. They also look very classy at the same time. They have a metallic and shiny look and have the word love written on top of it in a metal texture.

Sims 4 CC Square Nails by Bobur3

French Collection

These french nails are a little different from the regular French manicures you get. They not only have white tips, but they also have some metallic elements to them. These look incredibly classy and shiny with the silver and brown tones.

French Nails Collection

Rainbow Short Recolor

If you like to have colourful nails and play around with them, then this cc is perfect for you. You will get some shiny and bold, bright optiona in different colours with this mod.

Rainbow Short Nail Recolor

WM 201907

This option had an update, and the nails updates are more on the shorter side. They also come in many different colours and are great for some simple manicures. You can wear them anywhere from formal events to casual events. You will get them in seven different bright and cute colours

WM Nails 201907


These nails have a jelly-like texture to them. You will get them in 20 amazing swatches. They are perfect for a classy look.

Jelly Nails


These long nails will give you a bold and confident look. They also have 15 different colours to choose from and are HQ compatible

Dolce Nails

Natural French Manicure

This natural French manicure is perfect for formal looks. If you want more elegant manicures, you should go for the cc. These nails are gleaming and are topped with some sparkles in pretty patterns.

Natural French Manicure

Romee N21

This cc is another set of simple manicures. They come in 50 different colours and have some matte textures to them. These are some very unique nails that are perfect for any look.

Romee Nails N21

SS-Club WM 201910

These nails are great if you have a party or some formal event to attend. They are clear nails with a hint of colour to them. They also have some shiny elements which make them look beautiful.

SS-Club WM Nails 201910

S-Club WM 201817 (Christmas)

These nails are perfect for Christmas. If you are at the end of the year and wish to have some nails that match the mood of Christmas, then you should get this cc. You will get these in many themes like elves, Christmas trees and even Santa Claus.

S-Club WM Nails 201817 (Christmas Nails)

Zeta N20

These nails are great if you want something solid yet pretty. They come in different shapes and 30 different colours. You can use these for any kind of event.

Zeta Nails N20


These are some very unique nails and look almost transparent. Even after being transparent, they still have some colour, making them look beautiful. You can also get these in rainbow colours in 15 different swatches.

Transparent Nails

Glass Heart

This new mesh of glass nails is a must have because they come along with a small sized heart at the tip of the nails, which looks absolutely gorgeous.

In addition, this custom content is available in 10 swatches, and along with the color of the nails, the heart’s color changes as well. They’d compliment every outfit of your character’s, so give them a try and download these beauties right away.

We have come to the end of this article about the Sims 4 nails CC. We hope this could help you find some fun nails for your Sims.

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