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Anthropologist Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2023)

Anthropologist Background 5e`
Anthropologist Background 5e`

Being an Anthropologist 5e, you get to explore various cultures with people who will fascinate you beyond your imagination. Moreover, anthropologists are the sole reason we know about history; they are the carriers of the past. Therefore, delve into a world of deep secrets by reading this article on anthropologist background 5e.

Background on 5e Anthropologist 

You always shared a deep fascination with various cultures’ practices, be it the most ancient or exceedingly modern. Moreover, by gaining knowledge about them as an anthropologist 5e like laws, philosophies, customs, you can speculate how different members of society play a huge role in forming their destiny.

In fact, your view point came through your first-hand observation of events by exploring various settlements and gaining insight into their local customs and histories. Even Folk Hero background might be of interest to them, you never know.  

Anthropologist Attributes 

  • Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: None
  • Languages: Any two of your choice
  • Equipment: First of all, a leather-bound journal, a bottle of ink, an ink pen, a pair of traveler’s clothes, one knickknack of unique significance, and a pouch enclosing 10gp.

Anthropologist Features

Cultural Chameleon

From an early age, you have a liking for the outside world. Consequently, you mostly stayed away from your homeland and lived among those vastly distinct from your kins and culture. As time goes by, you adjust to their way of life and understand their foreign cultures.

Similarly, the tribesmen developed a bond with you and started considering you as one of their own. As a result, your different experiences shape your pursuits and customs. You also have an option of choosing a race whose culture you have embraced.

Proficient Linguist

In addition, you have the gift of detecting the robots who possess no language to communicate. You employ your observation power by spending one day with them and grasping their gestures, unvoiced words, etc. As a result, all this becomes your basic level of understanding them.


Suggested Characteristics of d&d anthropologist

Suggested Characteristics

Anthropologists are mysterious beings, since they discard the culture they are born into. They explore different cultures by becoming a part of them. Furthermore, their keen desire to see how other civilizations and races survived and perished drives them.

For instance, the fame of discovering a lost empire etc. can tempt you or you can explore different traditions because of your intellectual curiosity.  

Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1.I always had an affinity for those who are different from myself. I prefer to be among those who are not among our race
2.I always had an affinity for those who are different from myself. I prefer to be among those who are not among our race
3.I prefer observing than meddling.
4.Because of my exposure to violent people, I have grown used to violence.
5.I have such a keen desire to discover new cultures or find dead ones that I would be ready to risk it for anything.
6.My priority when coming to a new settlement is to understand its culture.


d6 Ideal
1.Discovery. I hope to be the one who is the first among the lines of many in discovering new traditions. (Any)
2.Distance. One must keep a distance from intruding in one's cultural affairs. (Lawful)
3.Knowledge. Understanding other's culture helps understanding ourselves. (Any)
4.Power. Familiar people desire strong leadership, and I swore to provide it. (Lawful)
5.Protection. I will do anything in my capacity to prevent my societal traditions from perishing. (Good)
6.Indifferent. Life is unjust. There's no goodness in preventing someone from inevitable death. (Chaotic)


1.I was gifted a journal by my mentor, which enclosed many fables and wisdom in it. Losing it would be devastating.
2.Having spent half of my life among primeval lineage or clan, I desire to go back and see how they are thriving.
3.Ages ago, something disastrous happened to one society. I befriended them, and I honor their friendship.
4.I have a profound interest in humanoid culture and seek to learn more about it as it fascinates me.
5.I strive to avenge the kingdom, clan, empire, or tribe which have gone extinct.
6.I possess a trinket on which I share the belief that it is my key to discover a long-deep buried society.


1.I get seasick of boats
2.I prefer my own company rather than making tons of friends.
3.I look down upon people's intellectual capacity from other cultures and believe that I have a lot to teach them.
4.I have developed some nasty habits because of living among races such as orcs, lizardfolk, or goblins.
5.Nothing satisfies me.
6.I never take off my tribal mask.
Anthropologist Background 5e |


Finally, we hope you had one hell of a ride while reading about Anthropologist background 5e and his adventures into various lands. So let’s venture into the realm of fascinating traditions, and customs through the eyes of 5e Anthropologist.

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