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Urchin 5e Background | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Urchin 5e
Urchin 5e

The urchin background 5e is a notorious one, which would leave you in splits as you move along. But let me remind you, urchin 5e isn’t without its hardships and problems. This backdrop wouldn’t be a path of roses at all times, but it’d keep you on your toes.

Details about urchin Background 5e

Life for you hasn’t been easy since childhood. You were an orphan who lived on the streets with no one to look after you. You managed things on your own and fought against all odds, which led you to survive on their own.

Fights over food were a common occurrence, so was the constant anxiety of your food being stolen by someone. On the other hand, the Guild Artisan background works as a close knit community. Do check it out.

You slept in strange places, got sick, but never had the privilege of staying at one place long enough to call it home. However, all of this never slowed you down, and it never will. This orphan background 5e is a story of transformation, and how you carry this journey forward is up to you.

Urchin 5e Attributes

  • Skills – Sleight of Hand, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies – Disguise kit, thieves’ tools
  • Languages – None
  • Equipment – A knife, a map of the city you grew up in, a pet mouse, a trinket to remember your parents by, a pair of ordinary clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10gp.

5e urchin features

  • City secrets 5e – You are well acquainted with the secret passages and valleys, which might go unnoticed by the other dwellers in the urchin DnD. But you can use these hidden alleys to transport yourself and your companions from one place to another in a relatively faster speed during your leisure time.

5e Urchin Background – Suggested Characteristics

Here are all the recommended D&D urchin attributes you should consider while developing this plot.

D8Personality traits
1.I hide tidbits of food and trinkets in my pocket.
2.I’m quite inquisitive.
3.I prefer squeezing into small places to avoid people.
4.I sleep with my back to a tree or wall along with my belongings bundled in my arms.
5.I lack manners and eat like a pig.
6.I doubt everyone’s motive of being nice to me.
7.I hate bathing.
8.I don’t beat around the bush and speak bluntly.

Ideals Urchin

1.Respect: Everyone deserves respect, be it rich or poor. (Good)
2.Community: We must look after each other as no one else would. (Lawful)
3.Change: The rich becomes impoverished and vice versa. The only constant thing is change. (Chaotic)
4.Retribution: The elite need to be shown life and death in the gutters. (Evil)
5.People: I believe in helping those who help me
6.Aspiration: I’ll prove that I’m worthy of a better life. (Any)

Bonds Urchin

1.I’ll defend my town or city at any cost.
2.I sponsor an orphanage to ensure that no one else endures what I did.
3.I owe my life to another urchin who helped me survive on the streets.
4.I can’t repay a debt to the person who took pity on me.
5.I’m a fugitive as I robbed an important person to get out of poverty.
6.No one else should go through the troubles I went through.

Flaws Urchin

1.I’d back out from a fight if I’m outnumbered.
2.I’d go to any lengths to acquire gold.
3.I’ll never trust anyone entirely, apart from me.
4.I’d stab someone in the back rather than fight fair.
5.It’s not considered stealing if I want it more than them.
6.People who aren’t capable of taking care of themselves, get what they deserve.

D&D 5e urchin background classes

The assortment of classes available to you in this backstory is as follows –

Barbarian urchin

Barbarian urchins are an aggressive class who figured out early in life that fighting was the only way to survive on the streets. Your story could be of a tribal who was forcefully sent to the city by others and had no option but to adapt. Deliberate upon how you survived, your friends, enemies and so on.

D6Personality trait
1.I fiercely guard what belongs to me.
2.I go to sleep only after securing my surroundings.
3.I quickly consume all the food and beverages offered to me.
4.I enjoy belittling people and would continue to do so.
5.I feel proud of my accomplishments in the street.
6.If anyone touches my mouse, they’ll lose an arm.

Bard urchin

Bards and urchins are an unlikely combination, but helplessness can give rise to strange pairs, such as this. They could have chosen this path of an entertainer 5e to earn a livelihood, which would aid you in singing roguish songs and enjoying with the best of them.

The primary moment in your life to ponder upon is how they achieved hope and direction in life. Their backstory needs to be merged with their motivations.

D6Personality traits
1.I have a habit of lying with no rhyme or reason.
2.I adopt new personalities in every new town or shop.
3.I never accept a gift without a promise to pay back.
4.I hoard my food and eat tiny portions.
5.I steal impulsively without fearing consequences.
6.I don’t prefer wearing nice clothes to blend in with the crowd.

Cleric urchin

You might have joined this class as a way of escaping the cycle of poverty, or the nuns might have taken pity on you and provided you shelter.

Focus on your connection to God and faith, how it came to your rescue and what is your purpose in life. Decide beforehand as to how you want to steer the storyline. Would it be about redemption or your test of faith?

D6Personality traits
1.I’ll always extend a hand of kindness first.
2.I try to follow my faith ardently, but I have a flaw I can’t let go.
3.I relish the finer things in life.
4.I speak my thoughts out loud as no one listens to me.
5.I proudly adorn my holy symbol and wouldn’t hesitate to preach it.
6.I listen to others attentively to understand them before speaking.

Druid urchin

Druids can be seen in a different light in this particular backdrop. The quintessential attributes such as talking with trees, connecting with rodents and vermin are all a thing of the past. Prepare elements such as how you connected with nature, what is their primary goal in life etc.

D6Personality traits
1.I’d choose the company of my mouse over people anytime.
2.I tend to forget the people around me and keep talking to animals and plants.
3.I steer clear from crowds as much as possible.
4.I make a nest out of waste materials and then sleep.
5.I keep everything shiny in my pocket, even if it isn’t mine.
6.I refuse to bathe and don’t change my clothes too.

Fighter urchin

For this class, fighting is the only way out of the vicious circle of poverty. The skills gained from it aren’t wasteful as well. Their combat skills could have been imbibed by living on the streets, protecting the food or through guards, criminal etc.

Your character’s reaction to things would be dependent on their upbringing. It might be that they found a master who taught them the ways of life. However, their fights are considered real unlike the criticism that DnD Gladiator faces while in the arena. 

D6Personality traits
1.I don’t mind winning a fight through unfair means.
2.I enjoy gambling and cheating at gambling even more.
3.I try to hide my poverty in every possible way.
4.I don’t prefer being in wide-open spaces.
5.I prefer attacking with an element of surprise or ambushing them.
6.I’m accustomed to a life of troubles, and I don’t know how to live without an enemy to fight.

Monk urchin

Monks could be expert at fighting after learning it from fight clubs or street brawls. They can become famous and wealthy without spending money on armours or weapons. The Pugilist is a sub-class of this class. Emphasize how you learned these skills, what are your plans as a street urchin 5e and so on.

D6Personality traits
1.I learned quickly in life that if you don’t stand up against bullies, you’d have to bow forever.
2.I spend all my cash on food and expensive clothes.
3.I attempt to settle matters peacefully.
4.I’m afraid of horses, big dogs and cats.
5.I give charity to the poor as I’m aware of their misery.
6.I’m scattered all around and don’t stick to a task for long.

Paladin urchin

Paladin’s are a passionate archetype; therefore, it’s essential to decide as to what caused them to choose this course. Their aim could be eliminating vampires, or to go on a great quest.

Whatever they do, they are determined about it. Again, your focus must be on how you began this journey. You can go in another direction as well, which is to steal all their items by justifying it as an oath. This could turn into an exciting story play for all.

D6Personality traits
1.My faith becomes more vital due to retributive justice.
2.I’ve no sympathy for those who dominate the weak.
3.I take delight in the finer things in life whenever I get a chance.
4.I prefer sleeping on a bedroll than a bed.
5.My fashion sense isn’t impeccable, but I keep up with the trends.
6.I don’t trust the elite as they only care about themselves.

Ranger urchin

Rangers paint well in the colour of the urchin as there is no lack of monsters or dangers out on the streets you can’t deal with. They would do well as bounty hunters but how do they feel about this line of work? What drives them to carry on?  If they have a furry companion, how did you meet them? All these questions should be your priority.

D6Personality traits
1.I notice all the exits in a room and don’t sit with my back towards it.
2.I don’t bathe as my natural scent acts as a camouflage.
3.I’m doubtful of people who hate dogs.
4.I steal anything and everything.
5.I bargain the prices for everything.
6.I’ll eat anything edible.

Rogue urchin

An urchin transforming into a rogue is inevitable since their life hasn’t been an easy one. You might have found a family in the thieves’ guild, or you might have earned something by stealing from the rich. The critical moments in your life that shape your journey could be as to why you learned these skills, how they go into this life etc.

D6Personality traits
1.I stay away from the spotlight as it gets people in trouble.
2.I lie to those in authority.
3.I savour my food and relish it to the last bite.
4.I dress as an urchin to remain anonymous.
5.My past actions still haunt me.
6.I feel for the small creatures and care for them whenever possible.

Sorcerer urchin

Life as a sorcerer has its own share of issues. Your plot could revolve around your birth parents and why they abandoned you. You might even be exploited for your magical powers, or you might use them to become powerful and dominant. Concentrate on the subject matter of what you feel about your abilities, how did your spells get triggered, and who were your friends or enemies.

D6Personality traits
1.I keep my magical powers a secret from people I don’t trust.
2.I prefer being barefoot, even on rough terrain.
3.I can’t be in one place for long.
4.I eat all the food at once, instead of saving it for later.
5.I prefer being in crowded places as it renders me anonymous.
6.I have a hidden desire to play an instrument after being inspired by a street performer.

Warlock urchin

The pact plays an essential role in this class; therefore, your backstory could have two major components: before the pact and after it. Hence, your sole attention should be on the fact that why your character made a pact and what lured them to that specific patron. Collaborate with your DM to figure out the essence of the patron to understand the storyline better.

D6Personality traits
1.I’m an extrovert and enjoy being the life of the party.
2.I’m always groomed and feel proud of my appearance.
3.I despise the wealthy and will rob them with no remorse.
4.I hold onto things others consider useless.
5.I’m kind and gentle with others.
6.I’m used to taking what I want without any regards.

Wizard urchin

All you need to put your energy into is how did you train yourself in wizardry. It could be from a school of wizardry, or you might have stolen a spellbook and become a self-taught which would reflect in your choices. Also, why you chose to be a wizard? What was the motivation that drove you, and you can modify this rationale later on.

D6Personality traits
1.I use intelligent words to prove that I’m educated.
2.I pretend that I’m clueless about what I’m doing and it has worked till now.
3.I keep my spellbook close and don’t let it out of my sight.
4.My jokes are indecent, and I swear like a sailor.
5.I’m not ashamed of taking credit for someone else’s work.
6.I follow a strict moral code, which helped me survive.


Urchin background 5e promises you a fun time with its range of classes and the features it has to offer. You don’t come across such delightful backdrops easily, but urchin 5e is the one you need to look out for as it could be the one.

Urchin 5e Background
Urchin 5e Background

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