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Guild Artisan Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Guild Artisan 5e
Guild Artisan 5e

Guild artisan 5e is an exciting addition to the numerous other backgrounds you’d come across. It has the perfect balance of adventure and fun. To experience being an artisan, even if it’s through a game, is worth your time.

It’d also make you appreciate artists even more because it’d be as authentic as it gets. The features are unique to every class, so choose any of them, but an exciting experience is guaranteed to you. So, here are some more reasons why artisan background 5e is worth your attention.

What is 5e guild artisan?

A guild artisan is a craftsman or merchant who is a part of a trade or labor union, which influences your craft. You’re one of the members of the artisan guild with a specialty in your particular field.

 You’ve already proven yourself in the mercantile world, and everyone is in awe of you. There is no social order or hierarchy of any sort; therefore, you have a close connection with every member, and you learned from the best. Your guild would be your walking stick until you haven’t gained the status of a master or expert by yourself.

Artisan Background 5e Attributes

  • Skills: Insight, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (one of your choice), a letter of introduction from your guild, a pair of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15gp.

Guild artisan 5e Features

  • Guild business – Cities are your best bet as the majority of the artisans are supported by other artisan guilds residing there. It might also be that your professional network might be scattered around a larger region; thus, it’s not firmly connected. You know about producing high-quality finished items and the understanding of the market. The primary question is whether you left this world for adventure or to combine both.

The Urchin features and Guild Artisan are similar when it comes to being well aware of their trade and the things related to it though.  

To figure out the nature of your group, consult your DM. Here’s a list of all your options.

D20Guild business
1.Alchemists and apothecaries
2.Armorers, locksmiths, and fine smiths
3.Brewers, distillers, and vintners
4.Calligraphers, scribes, and scriveners
5.Carpenters, roofers, and plasterers
6.Cartographers, surveyors, and chart-makers
7.Cobblers and shoemakers
8.Cooks and bakers
9.Glassblowers and glaziers
10.Jewelers and gem cutters
11.Leatherworkers, skinners, and tanners
12.Masons and stonecutters
13.Painters, limners, and sign-makers
14.Potters and tile-makers
15.Shipwrights and sailmakers
16.Smiths and metal-forgers
17.Tinkers, pewterers, and casters
18.Wagon-makers and wheelwrights
19.Weavers and dyers
20.Woodcarvers, coopers, and bowyers
  • Guild membership – The membership of your professional group yields you multiple benefits. For instance, provide shelter, food, and pay for your funeral, if required. The backing of a guild is essential as they’d support you through thick and thin, but they could also be against you if they find you guilty.

You have the opportunity to form several political relations by accessing the political figures through your guild if you are an esteemed member. In some cities or towns, a central place, “guildhall,” would be accessible to you for meeting others of the same line of work, such as patrons, allies, or hirelings. These connections would be established after you increase the guild’s funds.

The membership would be of 5gp per month. If you fail to pay the aforementioned fees, you’d have to make up for your debt to remain in their good graces.

Variant – Merchant background 5e

You are a part of the group of traders, caravan masters, or shopkeepers. Your job profile is to buy or sell other artisans’ work or the raw materials required by craftsmen.

You might also transport goods through a caravan, wagon, or ship, or you might have bought them from the traveling traders. For some, this life is more exciting than the artisan one. Your proficiency would be in navigator’s tools or an additional language. Your ride could be a mule or cart.

Suggested characteristics

The D&D guild artisan is equipped with numerous attributes pertaining to different classes, but a few are recommended for you.

D8Personality traits
1.I’m a perfectionist, and I organize things to a T.
2.I’m a snob and judge those who don’t appreciate fine art.
3.I always want to know people’s weaknesses to annoy them.
4.I’ve numerous witty sayings and a proverb for every occasion.
5.I’m insensitive towards those who don’t work hard and play fair.
6.I love talking about my job for hours.
7.I’m thrifty and would bargain for the best deal.
8.I’m famous for my work, and I’m surprised when people haven’t heard of me.


1.Community: Citizen’s must maintain community bonds and the security of civilization. (Lawful)
2.Generosity: My talents are for the good of the world. (Good)
3.Freedom: Everyone should have the freedom to choose their livelihood. (Chaotic)
4.Greed: Money is what drives me. (Evil)
5.People: I’m loyal to my people and not deals. (Neutral)
6.Aspiration: I work dedicatedly to be the best at my craft.


1.I learned my trade from a workshop, which is an important place for me.
2.I created a piece of art for someone but found them unworthy of it. I still haven’t found someone appreciative.
3.I owe everything to my guild for making me the way I am.
4.I earn money to secure love for someone.
5.My motive is to return to my guild and show them how great I am.
6.I’m seeking revenge from those who destroyed my workshop and ruined my source of income.


1.I’ll go to any extent to acquire a valuable thing.
2.I assume that everyone is out there to get me.
3.It’s my secret that I stole from the guild’s funds.
4.I’m always in search of more than what I have.
5.I’d do anything to receive a noble title.
6.I’m envious of those better than me. Rivals surround me.

Guild artisan classes

Similar to other fifth edition backgrounds, the guild artisan background 5e offers you numerous classes to not limit your options while choosing your adventurous journey. Take a look.

Barbarian Artisan

Barbarians seem like a mismatch to the guild artisan backdrop because it’d take efforts for you to change them from being part of a social order to being a member of the loosely connected guild. Your interest might have been piqued while you were traveling with a merchant caravan. You can choose to be in any category of work listed in the above table.

Your guild membership could have been your entry into society. Focus on how you were introduced to your group and why you left it all.

D6Personality traits
1.My profession is my pride, and I don’t take insults well.
2.I treat my customers justly, and I expect the same in return.
3.I wish to craft something which no one expected.
4.The perfectionist nature of the guild annoys me.
5.My assistant does the math.
6.I’m always on the look-out for a new opportunity.

Bard Artisan

A bard is a natural at being a guild artisan as his list of skills can be inclusive of learning art and craft along with music or as a backup career option. They could be alchemists, brewers, calligraphers or scribes, cooks, jewelers, painters, or even Entertainer feature.  Since they are excellent negotiators and have contact by being a member of a prestigious guild, their flair for sale would set them apart.

D6Personality traits
1.I’m always looking for a sale to make.
2.The 112th Rule of Acquisition is “Nothing is more valuable than gold.”
3.God is gracious to those who deserve wealth.
4.I don’t have a business mind; my love for crafts is what brought me here.
5.As long as my crafts bring happiness to people, money doesn’t matter.
6.I count every penny I have before sleeping.

Cleric Artisan

It seems odd for a cleric to enter the world of arts, but the ones who excel in this domain make excellent craftsmen. For instance, a smith cleric of Moridun or Hephaistos, or an elven woodworker cleric of Elhonna could be natural at it.

Form a link between your faith and your craft. What or who motivated you to do both? Do you have a person you trust in the guild for advice? Try to answer such questions as you build your character.

D6Personality traits
1.My work is the reflection of my worship.
2.My motive for entering the church was to increase my standing in the guild.
3.I won’t let my work go unacknowledged. I aim to be famous for my work.
4.I feel upset that my adventure has rendered my trade as a hobby.
5.I was born into a low-income family, and my guild is the only way to access power.
6.My parents wished me to learn this trade. I secretly hate it.

Druid Artisan

Druids, who are also artisans, are expected to balance the natural world and the civilized one. But how does one do that? Some cultures like elves, dwarves, and gnomes are inclusive of their natural world, and therefore, someone like an elvish woodcarver druid can shape and design unique woods to use in their crafts.

But this connection is not limited to just nature lovers. Anyone with a little knowledge of earth elements can practice this craft. Emphasize the reason you left your trade or why you continued it and who was in your circle.

D6Personality traits
1.I pay my respects to nature through my art.
2.The discovery of my gift detached me from my success as an artisan. I wish I could go back.
3.I enjoy learning new tricks from other artisans.
4.I’m annoyed by interruptions and sometimes act violently.
5.I take the transformation of raw material into finished goods as a kind of worship to me.
6.I no longer practice my craft, but I won’t stop talking about it.

Fighter Artisan

Since fighters are well-informed about weaponry and armors, their skills could come in handy as an artisan. It’s natural for them to produce arms they might use themselves.

However, people not related to this profession can also create fighters if they are part of a distant network of traders. You might have turned to combat to secure your shipment of goods. So, focus on your aim, were you satisfied being in the guild, and so on.

D6Personality traits
1.I’m a pinchpenny hoard all my money.
2.I’m always ready with a joke to tell.
3.I take delight in discussing the finer details of my art.
4.I take apart new devices to understand their mechanism.
5.I’m quite terse and can be rude to those who aren’t from my trade.
6.I enjoy bargaining, just for fun.

Monk Artisan

Monks can practice their craftsmanship aside from their martial skills training. But, you’d have to link their trade to their discipline as a monk.

You can create a harmony between the two as your craft can manifest your spirituality or keep track of your physical progress by producing beautiful pieces of art or finely honed weapons. Be detailed about why you left this life behind.

D6Personality traits
1.I acquire serenity by practicing my craft.
2.I’m always alert about new trends in the market.
3.I’m extravagant in my expenses and spend money as soon as I gain it.
4.I’m still in search of a perfect expression of my work.
5.I enjoy learning new things about my trade as everyone is a potential expert.
6.I stay away from topics like trade and money.

Paladin Artisan

You might have been a guild artisan, but you found your true passion in your faith or it might be that you left your trade after an encounter with divinity, but you still maintain your guild contacts.

All you need to worry about is to keep your craft true to your faith. You could craft glassware or weapons for your use. But the ultimate question is, why you decided to be a paladin?

D6Personality traits
1.I try to keep my past and present life as far away as possible.
2.I’m quite economical, but I’m working on it.
3.Civilization can only exist if we stay honest to our contracts.
4.I intertwine stories and teaching of my faith in any business deal.
5.I detest hustlers and would call them out whenever I can.
6.I’ve made some bad deals in the past, but I’ve always stayed one step ahead.

Ranger Artisan

The motive behind a ranger being an artisan could be to safeguard their investments or to obtain goods as a trapper, hunter. or miner. The main objective of rangers is to protect society from monsters.

So, you could join a group of people with the same goal and craft tools like a compass or a magic tracker for your ease. Be ready with answers to how you gained this trade, why you pursued a life of adventure, and so on.

D6Personality traits
1.I keep a meticulous record of every transaction to avoid being cheated.
2.I don’t shy away from spending money on delights.
3.I charge for my services even from my friends as help doesn’t come for free.
4.I learn about my trades as much as I can.
5.I haggle at every chance I get.
6.I’m secretly afraid of not being accepted by society.

Rogue Artisan

A rogue knows how to get their way in this world of hustle. Your street-savvy attitude makes you a perfect candidate for this profession. If you wish, you can balance both your class and trade while adventuring.

Your business connections could be formed while traveling around the continent. Prepare your answers regarding when and how you acquired these attributes, and who your master was, etc.

D6Personality traits
1.I don’t care if your mother is ill, you’d have to respect the terms of the contract.
2.I bargain with everyone, even princes and kings.
3.I spend money as soon as I earn it.
4.Is a well-executed heist better or a finely crafted work of art?
5.I’m annoyed by people who consider themselves expert but know nothing.
6.I keep a record of people who betrayed me as they tend to vanish.

Sorcerer Artisan

What if you could use your powers in your work of craft? For instance, you could be a blacksmith who can melt metal with their hands. An experiment granted you these magical powers, and it’s up to you whether you find it troublesome or a golden opportunity.

Your facileness can be a crucial element in your character build, which could help you achieve success. Your attention should be on why you entered this trade and what is your task or aim on this adventurous journey.

D6Personality traits
1.I use my charm to have the upper hand in negotiations.
2.I’m a perfectionist for contracts and would only agree if the terms are written down in ink.
3.I spend extravagantly whenever there is a chance to celebrate.
4.When life gives me lemons, I set them on fire.
5.I’m in contact with a friend back home and write to him whenever I can.
6.I relish discussing my trade with anyone interested.

Warlock Artisan

The perfect example of a warlock with a DnD guild artisan backdrop is Dr. Faustus. They made a bad deal with the devil and had to pay for it as the patron demanded more.

Warlocks rely on their charisma to get the best out of an agreement, or it could be that your magical gifts give you dominance over others. You need to deliberate as to why you made a deal with your patron? What was their demand? Does anyone in your guild know? What do you plan to do about it?

D6Personality traits
1.I reward those who serve me and punish those who don’t.
2.I don’t follow ethics in business.
3.I live in constant fear of my secret being exposed.
4.I mentally keep a tally of my good and people.
5.I’ve been making my way in the world since I set out on my own.
6.I carelessly spend money.

Wizard Artisan

Wizards can make excellent artisans as they both require hours of study, and it’d be in symmetry with jobs like an alchemist or wandmaker. They are also patient enough to handle the nitty-gritty things.

To form your backstory’s core elements, focus on the significant events in their lives like when you chose this trade and decided to study magic. These episodes would eventually lead up to the reason why you went on an adventure. Think about why you left your ordinary life and what it is they are seeking.

D8Options For Personality Traits
1.As a person of few words, your actions speak louder than your words.
2.You have a sense of self-respect, and you do not tolerate any infringement on your honour by others.
3.You have a lot to say when it comes to speaking during the rallies to win some allies, even if you are running out of time.
4.You don't believe in coincidences and feel everything that happens, happens with a purpose from the deity.
5.You never lose first or turn away from a fight, even if the odds are not in favour of you.
6.You have a fascination with historical figures and continuously try to explain the parallels between their adventures and your expeditions.
7.You rarely become furious, but if the situation inflates, you become a ruthless fighter.
8.You are very polite with everyone and call people with their full names and titles as befits their station.
Guild Artisan Background 5e
Guild Artisan Background 5e


If you also find peace while practicing a craft or if it’s one of the reasons behind your smile, then artisan background 5e is the perfect backdrop for you. Even those who aren’t good at art, but enjoy it, can also choose guild artisan 5e to fulfill that desire.

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