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Soldier Background 5e
Soldier Background 5e

Since you are a soldier, the only thing you know and understand is the use of weapons. In soldier 5e, you had been taught early in life how to use arms and basic survival skills; and the Knight feature follows the same learning.

You were either a part of the mercenary or a local militia member who rose to fame during a recent battle. Whatever it is, work with your DM in the soldier background 5e to figure out the answers to questions that make your story more authentic.

  • Expertise – Athletics, intimidation
  • Tools – Vehicle (Land), one type of gaming set
  • Equipment: a collection of bone dice or deck of cards, a belt pouch containing 10 gp, an insignia of rank, a pair of everyday clothes, and a trophy taken from a fallen enemy (a dagger, broken blade, or piece of a banner).

Soldier background 5e specialty

The roles you can take up during this profession by rolling a d8 or choosing from the list below are as follows –

6.Quarter master
8.Support staff (cook, blacksmith, or the like)

5e soldier feature

  • Military rank – You have earned quite a superior military position over the years as a soldier. The organization’s soldiers still respect you, and the ones in the lower rank bow down to you. You can use the charm of your superiority to influence people and to get your way. Some of the camps can be accessible to you due to your rank in the D&D 5e soldier.
d8Personality Trait
1.I’m always courteous and respectful.
2.I’m still affected by the horrors of the war.
3.I’ve lost many friends, and I’m unable to make new ones.
4.I’ve relevant words of wisdom for every battle.
5.I can look a hell hound in the eye without fear.
6.I take pride in my strength and enjoy breaking things.
7.I have a crude sense of humor.
8.I believe a simple, straight forward solution is the answer.

Ideal Soldier

d6Personality Trait
1.Greater good: We would sacrifice our lives for others. (Good)
2.Responsibility: I do what is needed and obey impartial authority. (Lawful)
3.Independence: If people follow blindly, they are accepting tyranny. (Chaotic)
4.Might: The stronger side wins in life and war. (Evil)
5.Live and let live: We can’t kill or wage war for or over ideals. (Neutral)
6.Nation: my city, country, or people are essential. (Any)

Bond Soldier

d6Personality Trait
1.I would still sacrifice my life for people I worked with.
2.I never leave a friend behind.
3.My prestige is my life.
4.I can’t forget the defeat my people faced or the enemies.
5.I can die for those who are loyal to me.
6.I fight for those who can’t do it themselves.

Flaw Soldier

d6Personality Trait
1.The enemies I faced still send shivers down my spine.
2.I don’t have much respect for people who aren’t warriors.
3.A mistake of mine cost many lives in battle, and I want it to remain a secret.
4.My hatred for my enemies is irrational.
5.I follow the law even if it affects me negatively.
6.I’d rather die than accept that I’m wrong.

Suggested traits

5e soldier background

There’s a reason why the soldier background 5e story suits your character well, and it’s because of the abundance of options to choose from.

Barbarian Soldier

Unlike the popular belief about barbarians, they show a unified front while conducting raids and vanish into the wild after it. They are disciplined and work well as a team.

However, it depends entirely on your tribe, whether they want to be dependent on civilization or not. Keep some answers at hands to questions like why you become a soldier or the wars you were a part of and why you left it.

d6Personality Trait
1.I admire people who have proven themselves in battle.
2.I try not harming people unnecessarily as I’m soft at heart.
3.I try to escape a conflict verbally, if possible.
4.I seek the rush of combat.
5.I feel guilty for not passing away with my comrades.
6.I try to avoid physical violence as I’m a coward.

Soldier personality traits 5e

Bard Soldier

A bard’s way with words and their flair for magic, influences people making them excellent officers. They might have joined this profession because of patriotism or due to the interesting stories about the battles. You could come up with other reasons as well. But try to create defining memories to shape your character.

d6Personality Trait
1.I wield humor as a defense mechanism, and they are ill-timed mostly.
2.I don’t get emotionally attached to my friends, fearing I might lose them.
3.I can’t stay in one place for long.
4.I dedicatedly practice my instruments or art.
5.I would do anything for my companions.
6.I perform a fixed ritual to pay my respects to the fallen.

Cleric Soldier

Soldiers need spiritual guidance to deal with the horrors of the war, and here is where the clerics come in to play.

He could also be a medic who could heal your wounds and fight off the enemy’s magic, their aim to save lives instead of taking them.

Your work is to motivate the soldiers, inspire them, and perform their last rites. Those associated with the god of death would be responsible for disposing of the dead or some other such task.

d6Personality Trait
1.I don’t mind playing dirty as long as I win.
2.My faith gives me strength, and I turn to God in times of need.
3.I siphon power from God by praying in battle.
4.I refuse to kill someone. I’d rather not participate.
5.I believe that a person’s real character is revealed during combat.
6.I loathe cowards and treat them that way.

Druid Soldier

Druids with their spells and wild shape turn out to be exceptional spies like criminal background 5e, artillery, and shock troopers. According to them, war is the consequence of the rise in population beyond its means. Their rationale behind joining the army could be the love for the nation and its people or some other reason.

d6Personality Trait
1.Conflict is natural, and the strongest would survive.
2.I help injured people even if it’s my enemy.
3.I’m always there for the people I fought with.
4.I feel guilty about betraying my people by joining.
5.I’m apprehensive about making new friends.
6.I learned one thing from war – civilization must fall.

Fighter Soldier

A fighter and a soldier back story fit like a glove. He might have learned his skills, expertise in weaponry, or their purpose while in the army. They aren’t familiar with the average life as all the necessities are handed to them. Your reason for entering this profession could be anything you wish. So think about it long and hard.

d6Personality Trait
1.I have a trinket that reminds me why I fight.
2.Suppressing my fear has also led me to deny my emotions.
3.I party whenever possible as our lifespan is unpredictable.
4.I can sacrifice anything, even my life, for my people.
5.I regret not following my passion for art and music, but I still practice it.
6.I perform my morning rituals at any cost.

Monk Soldier

If a monk was raised in a militant monastic order, they make excellent soldiers, surprisingly. Their training and studies revolve around the mastery of such things.

They have lived away from civilization most of their lives, so they are well adjusted to the army lifestyle. Their logic for joining this could also be to promote peace and end wars in the early stages as they are great philosophers as well.

d6Personality Trait
1.I think for long before taking a life.
2.I follow a ritual to process my emotions like poetry, journaling, etc.
3.I protect the weak at all times.
4.The world is the greatest adventure, and its test is war.
5.I feel joy at triumphs and grieve in sorrowful situations.
6.I hold onto my grudges and take vengeance.

Paladin Soldier

Paladins are soldiers in their own as they fight against evil, but many start their journey by enrolling in the military. Their journey hasn’t been easy as they are taught the skills of being a paladin as they progress through the ranks. It’s essential to provide a passionate reason behind their backdrop, so choose wisely.

d6Personality Trait
1.I obey my order’s code, and I’ll protect it with my life.
2.I believe that the world exists in shades of grey, but morality is black and white.
3.I judge the pros and cons of every decision I make.
4.I engage in fights to prove myself.
5.My oath weighs on me, and I think of leaving the order.
6.I’m tired of people treating me differently, so I disguise myself in town.

Ranger Soldier

A ranger knows his way around the wild and has been learning the survival instinct since forever. This gives them an edge over others, and this might be one of the reasons why they chose this path.

Their love for wandering and inquisitiveness unites them. They might also use their expertise as mercenaries and bounty hunters. All these decisions need to be taken into consideration during cc.

d6Personality Trait
1.I stand with the right, always.
2.I have a crude sense of humor, and my speech worse than a sailor’s.
3.I’m intense and brooding from the outside, but I’m shy in real.
4.My actions in the war haunt me, but I try to forget it.
5.I protect the ones who remind me of my lost fellows.
6.I’m proud of my work and wear my uniform wherever I go.

Rogue Soldier

Rogues are skillful and can adjust to any profession due to this. They might have been working as a scout or a spy, or more into guerilla warfare.

Their role isn’t as fighting with swords and armor but more as the one who can sneak past the enemy or disable a trap. It’s up to you as to what task you assign them in the military. You can work with your DM to do so.

d6Personality Trait
1.I’d do anything to progress, even sell my mother.
2.I feel like I deceived my companions by quitting.
3.My time in the army isn’t something I want to remember.
4.I swore to take revenge against an enemy.
5.Every scar of mine tells a story.
6.I can only trust people once I’ve seen them in combat.

Sorcerer Soldier

A sorcerer’s bloodline might be revealed after joining the military or taking this decision because of their powers. It could have been imposed on them, as well.

You need to focus on their bloodline and what they think about it, their magic’s impact on them and their thinking about people who aren’t powerful. If they are recruited early in life, their learning might be limited to weapons rather than an overall development.

d6Personality Trait
1.I’m more comfortable on the battlefield than anywhere else.
2.My war trophy is constantly with me as it’s a status of honor.
3.I try hard to hide my powers because I just want to feel normal.
4.I look down on people with powers.
5.I speak carefully and thoughtfully.
6.I find an excuse to celebrate and drink.

Warlock Soldier

Their pact to advance through the ranks or the misconception that the warlock is a sorcerer or a wizard might be why they were recruited. Their abilities are much needed in the magical world and whether you want to be open about your pact depends on your culture.

d6Personality Trait
1.I become an extrovert once I have ale in hands.
2.I revisit my days in the military, thinking of what I could’ve done differently.
3.I regret my pact and try to keep it a secret.
4.My hobby of flower arranging while in the army helps me stay calm.
5.I’ve sworn vengeance of my enemies, and they should suffer the same.
6.I’m not afraid of challenges.

Wizard Soldier

Their chosen school decides their role in the military. Illusionists turn spies, evoker as artillery, abjurers protect the camp, and so on. You either joined the same because it was necessary for your studies or because of danger.

d6Personality Trait
1.I maintain notes of my battles to improve my strategies.
2.I feel obligated to keep my friends happy.
3.I’m determined to destroy the organization I worked for after I saw their truth.
4.I obsess over my work in a harmful manner.
5.For me, actions speak louder than words.
6.Even though I’m no longer in the army, I still wear my uniform.


Here is everything you need to know about the soldier background 5e. It’s one of the most exciting backstories you’ll find out there. Soldier 5e brings about various aspects, which makes it desirable for gamers.

However, choosing this backdrop wouldn’t be easy because it haunts your character, and parallels the gothic element in DnD Haunted.

Soldier Background 5e dnd

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