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Hermit Background 5e | Hermit 5e in DnD & 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Hermit Background 5e
Hermit Background 5e

Hermits are known for their life of simplicity and quiet, away from the worldly pleasures of the society, but in the hermit background 5e, you’d have to fulfill an essential task for which you’re ready to give up even your solitude. Your hermit 5e adventure unravels as you begin to discover your quest.

  • Skills – Medicine, religion
  • Languages – One of your choice
  • Tool proficiencies – Herbalism kit
  • Equipment – A winter blanket, 5gp, a pair of common clothes, a scroll case full of notes from your studies or prayers.

5e Hermit Features

A list of hermit feature 5e is available to you right here.

Secluded lifestyle – It’s up to you to decide what logic you give behind your Dungeons and Dragons hermit persona’s urge to become a recluse. Some of the motives you can choose from are as follows –

d8Life of Seclusion
1.I was inquisitive towards spiritual illumination.
2.I was following the religious order and participating in communal living.
3.I was banished for a crime I wasn’t guilty for.
4.A life-changing incident turned me towards this path of isolation.
5.I required peace of mind to focus on my art, literature, music, or manifesto.
6.I felt I had to reconnect with nature.
7.I looked after an ancient ruin or relic.
8.I was a pilgrim searching for a sacred place, person, or relic.

Discovery – The essence of your hermit discovery depends on the rationale you choose behind you being an ascetic. Your quest might be regarding the truth about cosmos, deities, aliens, or you came across an artifact that changes the course of history and so on. Your DM would help you out with the details. Also, don’t confuse this backstory with the Sage 5e.

Suggested characteristics – Some of the good and bad attributes you should try out are –

d8Personality trait
1.I rarely speak to anyone except for specific gestures and the occasional grunt.
2.I’m incredibly calm, even in disastrous situations.
3.My community leader professed wise words, and I wish to share that wisdom.
4.I’m empathetic towards the ones who are suffering.
5.I’m ignorant of etiquette and social expectations.
6.I believe that a grand, cosmic plan is behind everything that happens to me.
7.I often become unaware of my surroundings, lost in thought.
8.I’m working on a major philosophical theory and love sharing my ideas.

Ideal Hermit

1.Greater Good: My knowledge is meant to be shared with all, not used for my own benefit. (Good)
2.Logic: Emotions must not cloud our senses or our practical thinking. (Lawful)
3.Free Thinking: Exploration and curiosity are the foundation for progress. (Chaotic)
4.Power: Solitude and contemplation is the way towards mystical or magical power. (Evil)
5.Live and Let Live: Interfering in others’ affairs only causes trouble. (Neutral)
6.Self-Knowledge: If you know yourself, there's nothing left to learn. (Any)

Bond Hermit

1.The members of the heritage, order, or association are more important to me.
2.I chose this path to escape the people hunting me, but I’d have to face them someday.
3.I haven’t attained enlightenment even after my seclusion.
4.I became isolated due to unrequited love.
5.If my discovery is revealed, it might ruin the world.
6.I found insight through my seclusion that only I can destroy a great evil.

Flaw Hermit

1.I’m enjoying a little too much since I returned to the world.
2.The isolation and meditation couldn’t keep my dark, evil thoughts at bay.
3.I’m adamant regarding my ideals and values.
4.My urge to win arguments, eclipses friendships and harmony.
5.Uncovering a lost part of knowledge wasn’t worth it.
6.I’m secretive and prefer staying that way.

5e hermit background

There are 12 variations in the D&D hermit background with the characteristics of each specified in great detail.

Barbarian Hermit

Barbarians are considered to be violent and full of rage. They are attracted to living a secluded life in the wild with no other human being in sight. It could be because they were expelled from their tribe, grew up in the wild, or some other reason.

A Shelter of the Faithful like in Acolyte background could really help them. You must link your logic for being a recluse to your adventure in some way.

d6Personality Traits
1.My conversation skills aren’t honed since I didn’t learn social etiquette.
2.I spend time with objects as they are less complicated than humans.
3.My revelation still gives me nightmares.
4.There are so many new things in the world. What are forks?
5.I hate bathing or being in the water.
6.Being in crowds is overwhelming, so I steer clear of them.

Bard Hermit

This D&D 5e hermit background narrates oral stories, so it’s unlike for them to be away from people. Therefore, they might have been exiled by the nobility or by themselves.

It could also have been because of the prospect of unearthing a lost thing. The story would progress depending, on what you decide to do with your discovery.

d6Personality Traits
1.I unconsciously keep humming or singing a tune that annoys people.
2.Riddles are my forte, and I share them with others as well.
3.My music speaks for me; therefore, I don’t prefer talking much.
4.I crave to tell about my discovery to everyone I meet.
5.I get angry when people don’t understand me even though I don’t say much.
6.I’m always daydreaming and forget about others around me.

Cleric Hermit

It’s pretty common for priests and nuns to travel in search of spiritual knowledge, so your cleric could have the same reason for it, or they were forced into it because of their unorthodox beliefs. Your choice to come back is a crucial one. Your relationship with God is also primary.

Not everyone can be inherently wise like the D&D Cloistered Scholar, but you will find the knowledge you pursue.

d6Personality Traits
1.I still follow my hermitage routine of prayers, rituals, and introspection.
2.My discovery is for everyone to know; the gods damn the consequences.
3.My faith is shaken due to my realization, and I’m scared I’d be
4.My belief in one true God that I worship has become stronger.
5.People have become faithless, and I’m horrified by it.
6.I’m there to help people even if it costs me.

Druid Hermit

Druids are nature-loving and are therefore interested in seclusion. They might want to be a hermit to feel more connected to nature. It’d be better if the quest is related to the environment. You could understand the effect on the natural world of the civilization through your secret, and when you return, all the sounds, sights, and smell would feel different.

d6Personality Traits
1.I don’t filter my opinions and speak my mind.
2.I enjoy adapting to new surroundings and learning about new cultures.
3.My secret is harmful to the world of nature, but I can’t save it.
4.I’m meticulous about my appearance and follow a strict diet of dirt.
5.I don’t want to return to the real world.
6.I regret the crime that expelled me and fear that my past would be exposed.

Fighter Hermit

He can be a master of arms, a ronin, or a samurai who has decided to leave the world to hone their skills. Being an ascetic involves both magic and martial arts. It will be beneficial if the exile is imposed on them rather than self-chosen. Their discovery could be the king’s real identity or an ancient dragon who wants to devour the world.

d6Personality Traits
1.I always protect those in need.
2.I empathize with people’s pain and suffering.
3.I prefer an organized life and express my frustration with the deviant ones.
4.I plan to have my revenge for the wrongful exile.
5.My status doesn’t stop me from speaking my mind.
6.I take people’s promises seriously.

Monk Hermit

Monks are hermits by default, so they might be sent into isolation to complete their training. Self-actualization is the goal of a monk, and their revelation would either help them achieve that aim or make you dislike your current life, pushing you to leave it behind. The logic you choose could be anything instead of sticking to a monastery alone.

d6Personality Traits
1.My routine is fixed, and I always perform it.
2.I’m kind towards my friends and enemies as well.
3.I try my best to adjust to local cultures.
4.I follow the principle of the monastery and expect others to do so too.
5.I find positivity in every situation.
6.I’m inquisitive and will try to uncover everything I encounter.

Paladin Hermit

Paladins become a recluse to enter the religious order, or they might be an expelled lord whose divine magic is powered through their need for justice. There are other reasons to choose this way of life also.

d6Personality Traits
1.I favor the company of peasants than nobility.
2.I intervene whenever I see injustice.
3.I’m clueless regarding my secret and fear that I might make a mistake.
4.I’m often rambling about something or the other.
5.I try to understand the social rules but fail miserably.
6.I feel paranoid around large crowds.

Ranger Hermit

Rangers prefer living in the wild, and therefore, being secluded doesn’t bother them, but it could have been imposed on you too. They prefer being around animals rather than humans, so they might have trouble adjusting to the real world.

d6Personality Traits
1.Conversations aren’t my strongest suit.
2.I forget the words for everyday things and speak them in another language.
3.I keep observing the world and don’t enjoy the present.
4.I prefer eating with my hands.
5.People think wolves raised me, and it’s true.
6.I share my ultimate reason for being with anyone interested.

Rogue Hermit

They might be banished for a crime or by themselves to work on their manifesto. They retreated from the world to avoid being caught and, therefore, might return to rebuild their crime circle. Also, consider whether your class abilities and skills were acquired during, before, or after the seclusion. Your backstory plays an essential role here.

d6Personality Traits
1.I passed the time planning my revenge and repeat my kill list before bed.
2.I’m obsessed with wealth and require some coins in my pocket at all times.
3.I tell about my discovery to anyone who’s around me.
4.I disregard social etiquettes as they are useless.
5.I use signed Thieves’ Can’t as I avoid talking.
6.Sometimes, I forget to voice my thoughts.

Sorcerer Hermit

Your bloodline or lack of parentage since birth might have led you on this path. Your quest might encourage you to find your ancestors and gave you your powers. Keep all the answers ready regarding your time in withdrawal. Your revelation should put something close to you at stake to personalize your adventure.

d6Personality Traits
1.My powers make me better than others, and I’m vocal about it.
2.I mostly repeat my secret in mind to remember it.
3.I’m rusty at conversations, and the expressions I know are used anymore.
4.I stick to a simple diet.
5.I use visual aids to explain things than words.
6.I quote books whenever I can as I read a lot of them to pass the time.

Warlock Hermit

Warlocks have an opportunity to honor their pact, so you need to focus on whether they made a pact in isolation and so on. Your patron and his agenda are primary to your discovery. They are powerful, but you can still take him down. Turn your history into an interesting piece.

d6Personality Traits
1.I talk with my patron aloud and forget people can hear me doing so.
2.I don’t people close to protect them from being hurt by my secret.
3.I will do anything to share my revelation with everyone.
4.I have developed a liking towards gossip.
5.I enjoy being around familiar people.
6.I don’t shy away from showing my loyalty to my patron.

Wizard Hermit

Wizards become recluse to perfect their magic or to harbor an ancient secret. A necromancer or a diviner is perfect for this sort of thing. They might have a discovery in mind already and come across something sinister while pursuing it.

d6Personality Traits
1.I talk with my patron aloud and forget people can hear me doing so.
2.I don’t people close to protect them from being hurt by my secret.
3.I will do anything to share my revelation with everyone.
4.I have developed a liking towards gossip.
5.I enjoy being around familiar people.
6.I don’t shy away from showing my loyalty to my patron.

Other hermit background 5e

  • The D&D 5e hermit background allows a kind of isolation with a room for prayer and study.
  • If you want to be a recluse in the wilderness, choose the one who lives in the wild away from people.
  • For a religious pursuit, acolytes are suitable.
  • You can also be a charlatan and fool people into following you.
  Hermit Background 5e in dnd




Hermits are considered pious, but with hermit background 5e, you have the creative liberty to carve their backdrop in a way that they appear badass. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking.


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