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Courtier 5e
Courtier 5e

Enter into a fantasy-driven world by exploring it through your cunning sense of wit and influence. Similarly, delve into the lives of thousands by becoming Courtier 5e and unravel the empire’s deep secrets. Still, first, you have to understand the Courtier background 5e to get into the character and use it to your full advantage.

Details on 5e courtier

In your earlier days, you held a lot of the royal court’s power and the bureaucratic organization as a Courtier 5e. You have been brought up around Regalport; many people have speculated that you are not from a wealthy background. This exalted position of yours is all due to your raving talent of persuasion and wit.

You could have been any one of the many functionaries, assistants, or the hangers-on in the Fairhaven court, or you have might have travelled in the Sharn’s baroque or cutthroat the assortment of guilds, aristocrats, explorers and also classified societies.

Teammates in d&d courtier

Suppose your earlier acquaintances continue to be in a relationship with you despite knowing that you are a full-fledged group member who no longer would give you your start in your life. In that case, those people are favourable for you; this also applies to your adventurous friends who never left your side.

With these new companions, you might undertake missions that are in the organization’s interest so that they can give you your start in your life.

Attributes of a Courtier 5e

  • Skill Proficiencies: Intuition, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One Type Of Artisan’s Tools
  • Languages: Any Two Preferred Choices
  • Equipment: Firstly, fine set of clothes, Identification Papers with a portrait and a pouch containing 20 GP

Characteristics Of Courtier 5E

The royal court or the bureaucratic organization is where you will supposedly get started (which could pertain to specific individuals in the group, like your sponsor or the mentor), so your idea could be related to your court or organization’s philosophy. However, you won’t enjoy the luxuries of Noble background.    

2d8Options For Personality Traits
1.I'm a snob, and I prefer people with a delicate taste in art.
2.I'm a perfectionist; I try to get everything right
3.Even when I am furious or frightened, I try to be cold and calculative.
4.I prefer talking at length about my professor.
5.I'm curious about human nature and how things work.
6.I'm always ready to give a witty comeback.
7.I have mastered patience.
8.I'm quite famous for my work and get disappointed if someone doesn't recognize me
9.(Same as above)
10.I always extrapolate profit from deals.
11.I'm impolite to those who don't share my views on commitment and just work.
12.It's s not conceited if it's the truth.
13.I'm reminiscent of my memories.
14.I like to be tidy, so grooming my moustache is never a waste of time.
15.I binge due to boredom
16.One should stay home if going outside brings no fun. No one understands me except me.


d12Options For Flaws
1.I lose control when someone slanders me.
2.I'm always paranoid about thinking that others are cheating on me.
3.I'm insatiable
4.I even murder someone to achieve a noble title.
5.I look down on everyone
6.I can go to any lengths to achieve something expensive or precious.
7.One should never know about my thefts against the court.
8.I hate competition and competitors.
9.I believe in my ideas and disregard everyone else's.
10.I'm the best
11.I look down upon those who are not a part of the court or the organization.
12.I'm overconfident due to my sheltered growth in the court.


1.Community: civilized people should be responsible for maintaining harmony and security in the community.
2.Aspiration: I try to be the best at the very profession
3.Generosity: I'm god gifted so that I could benefit the world.
4.People: People are more important to me than ideas.
5.Aspiration: I want to do something for myself.
6.Creativity: The world needs novelty and implementations to move forward.
7.Order: Strict procedures bring understanding.
8.Greed: Money is all I need
9.The Game: Winning is my priority; it's the only thing in the game that matters.
10.Culture: one gets enlightenment when learning about others.


1.I tried to look for someone then found them incompetent. So I started searching again.
2.Corruption was prevalent in the earlier court that I worked for. I plan to cleanse the court of this corruption.
3.Who I'm today is because of how the court has moulded me.
4.I will prove to the court upon my return that I was their greatest functionary.
5.There can be no question about my allegiance to the sovereignty
6.I'm a patriot
7.My only cause is to serve my people.
8.Love is the reason I pursue wealth.
9.I'm in debt to my mentor, who passed away early
10.The court is dear to my heart because that's where I learned how to trade.
11.My loyalty is sworn to the King first and then to his subjects
12.I will encounter many bumps on my way to gain the approval of the court.

Courtiers in Popular Culture

Courtier’s ambitiousness and their rise and fall can be spotted in popular culture as well, like Sabe in Stars Wars: Phantom Menace, Littlefinger in Game of Thrones and Merlin during the late middle ages. They set out as great literary examples of the role of courtiers.

The function of the dnd courtier

Courtiers can become a King’s shadow and can access all the power to the kingdom by working behind the scenes. Moreover, they can become invincible if they win the King’s favour and can indirectly rule the land. These talents allow them to change the whole cosmic structure of the land by indirectly residing all the power.

The Folk Hero feature isn’t any different from this, since they also rose to fame like a black sheep. 

D&D’s 5e Courtier demands a minimum of at least six skill ranks to use their ‘Bonus Skill’ for this role. Furthermore, they should have powerful persuading skills to get their point across and a fixed state of mind. However, expertise in weapons is unnecessary as their war is with wits, and their charismatic attitude is their armour.

Courtier’s 5e Multidimensional Function

D&D courtiers have the freedom to choose their favourable area of expertise upon taking the courtier prestige class as seen in courtier 5e background. With every next level, the courtier unlocks a new skill.

Their level of skills rises too with these points. Each Courtier gets one free skill point per Courtier level in that skill, and that skill is always, therefore, a class skill in both the Courtier class and the character’s favoured class.


Courtiers act as an advisory unit to the patron by engaging with them to fulfil various tasks. They also have the autonomy to play the patron’s part if they are unwilling to do so.

  • King’s Confidant – A Courtier gains multiple points in influencing the King provided by the Courtier level.
  • Skill Set – the Courtier, possesses excellent influential skills, diplomacy, intuition, ambition and work ethic.
  • Upgraded Skill – A Courtier’s skill reaps influential power, which helps him access every state’s information. It also gives them an insight into making influential contacts across the empire.


The Courtier is a prostitute of rich status who works for the gratification of her patron’s court members. The Courtesan is well-read with a knack for more skills than the obvious. In addition, she should be a charming and refreshing companion for the loners who are caught within the maze of marriage. They are mostly seen as a homewrecker with a parasitic side.

  • Prying: The Courtesan, with their charming, intimate relationships, can also get an excellent platform to pry on their customer’s secret lives. This fulfils their self-interest in the realm of money, support, and security.
  • Skill Set: A Courtesan embodies charisma, manipulation, prying, craft, persuasion and knowledge. They form a robust network through their noble customers, who provide them with many materialistic gifts.
  • Upgraded Skill:  Rather than just alluding to the power of seduction and sex appeal. Their eavesdropping skills and carrying secret messages allow them to control and pry the nobles’ private lives indirectly.


A Courtier extends his skills even in the realm of entertainment, too, by offering light-hearted performances in favour of their patron.

  • Professional Reputation: As a professional entertainer, the Courtier is well accustomed to various gigs, parties and events. Therefore, all these performances help them make far-reaching contacts with people worldwide and earn handsome money through their routines, as given on page 103 of the PFRPG Core Rulebook.
  • Skill Set – Through their power of influence, including Acrobatics, Judgement, Disguise, Escape Artist, and Performer (any).
  • Upgraded Skill: Any chosen skill set of the Entertainment Courtier


Entertainment Courtiers are the centre of power due to their frequent travels to the court for their patron’s interest.

Diplomatic Backing

The Envoy does not enjoy security the way a diplomat does, but any crime committed to the Envoy while he is on his way to fulfil official duties become an offence to the patron. This way, an Envoy enjoys the protection of his patron against the evil forces roaming the world.

  •   Skill Set–  An Envoy can use his influence on Bluff, politics, insight on geology and culture, symbols and language, and ambition.
  • Upgraded Skill: Linguistic expert and anthropologist. It helps them to understand the geology and culture of any place they go.


Even the Courtier can share an intimate relationship with their patron. The Courtier can be the patron’s love interest, a mistress, a concubine, or a close comrade.

  • Royal Patronage: The intimate relationship of the Favourite enjoys with the patron making everything bloom. The Favourite has the freedom to choose any eight skills with the sanction of the DM to be favoured with her in influence rolls.
  • Upgraded Skill: Any of the DM’s given choices, signifying which the patron enjoys the Favourite’s skill in.


The Courtier is also given the responsibility to be in charge of various potent operations by the patron according to their abilities. 

  • Executive Leadership – You can benefit from someone’s aid or aid others on a roll of 5 or higher.
  • Skill Set – The Manager can use his influence on Judgement, Art, Any Two Branches of knowledge, insights, or any other professional field.
  • Upgraded Skill: Any chosen profession.


The Courtier fulfils his duty on their patron’s part by delivering messages across the globe to envoys and servants.

  • Open Roads: Officers in favourable positions with the Messenger’s patron will not interfere with his progress and even provide hospitality. Some prohibited areas or routes are open to you.
  • Skill Set–  The Messenger can use his influence on Climbing, Disguise, Escape Artist, Fly, Geology, Ride, Stealth, Survival and Swim.
  • Upgraded Skill – The Messenger has excellent lookouts for travelling conditions under the patron’s guiding light, with the most apparent safe routes, travelling problems, appropriate method to carry and deliver messages, etc. An adjustable travel speed with the help of a successful roll.
Courtier Background 5e
Courtier Background 5e

Feature: Court Functionary

As a Courtier 5e, you gain powerful access to every piece of information regarding the empire and its nobles. Everything lies at the tip of your fingernails.

Besides, you know who the movers and the shakers are, who to visit for the favours you seek, and what piques their interest. So this was the Courtier background 5e, and now the time has come to put your seatbelts on and become a part of this exciting journey.

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