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Far Traveler Background 5e | DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Far Traveler-5e
Far Traveler-5e

This article flourishes on the Far Traveller background 5e and will help you get a knack for Far Traveller 5e character as well. It features its skills, traits, and characteristics also which will be relevant to you. 

Background of Far Traveller 5e

Every inhabitant of the Sword Coast shares one thing in common; they spend their lives trying to avoid travelling far from their born place.

But you are an exception.

You were born as 5e far traveler in a distant land that the Sword Coast inhabitants wouldn’t have contemplated. Therefore, the mention of your hometown is in these familiar folk tales and has never caught sight, only described. You have your intentions for coming to this mystic land of Faerûn, which you prefer to keep to yourself. 

You might feel alienated from this land, but you are wonderstruck in noticing the common eccentricities of its traditions and practices. As small details intrigue you, you are spellbound for the new things that will come your way.

Far Traveller 5e Attributes

  • Skill Set: Intuition, Insight and Perception
  • Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument or gaming set as per your choice, something exotic to your homeland.
  • Languages: As per your choice
  • Equipment: Firstly, a pair of traveller’s clothes, one musical instrument or gaming set, maps of poor condition from your homeland that depict where you are in Faerûn, piece of small jewellery worth 10gp exotic to your homeland’s craftsmanship, and a pouch containing 5gp.

Far Traveller Features

Why Are You Here?

In far traveler background, you might have taken this journey with some motives, but the departure to your hometown could have been willing or unwilling. The following will give you options to choose the reason for your departure from home. Some possible homelands where the grounds are appropriate are given below.


Where Are You From?

To become a 5e far traveler, you must first determine your homeland. So the places mentioned below are some towns which are distant from the coast side and thereby are relevant for you. 

  • Evermeet: The magical eleven islands are the elves’s residence who are new to Faerun, which is situated far west. It can be an ideal homeland for you but not mandatory as the elves there find travelling to Faerun harsh. If you are an elf, then Evermeet is the place you call home.

You migrate to Evermeet as you are exiled for breaking the law or are an emissary to propose the benefits of elven culture.

  • Halruaa – Surrounded by mountains and located across the southern edges of South the land of eccentricity known as Halruaa. The place is famous for its skyships and the practice of witchcraft and magic.

However, a journey to Faerun carries an ulterior motive as it has strict rules against associating with any country and exiles if they have broken any byzantine laws. The reason could be for seeking magic through the shines of Gods in other states.

  • Kara-Tur – Located to the east side of Faerun is Kara-Tur. It inhabits people who practice alien customs which the people of Sword Coast never understood. People of Sword Coast will refer to you as “Shou” even if you are not a pure resident and will be as groupie term for those with the same origin.

Diplomacy and trade relations are the prime reasons for travelling to Faerun for Kara-Tur people. Your motivation can be that you came to negotiate terms and then decided to stay there.

  • Mulhorand: The prosperity from the giant monuments to the large terrains comes the land of Mulhorand. Its one of the most famous cities in the eyes of Faerun. Your reaction to Mulhorand was the same when you came to Faerun, that of wonderstruck. Everything captured your eyes from the architecture to the strange practices that prevailed in the state.

The reasons for departure from this land could be due to the wanderlust for exploring the wetlands of Faerun, or you could be fearful of making enemies.

  • Sossal: Your homeland is a mystery and invites lots of questions once you reach Faerun. The inhabitants of Sossal resemble ice with their white hair, snowy skin and white clothing.

Glaciers and ice caps surround Sossal, since its situated far north. No one can go through such harsh a weather to Faerun, only work of extreme significance invites such a dangerous journey.

  • Zakhara: Its located in the extremes of the South. As a result, only a few travel to the end of the world by taking such a long route to Faerun for trading purposes.

Your intention to travel could either be due to sheer curiosity like the Archaeologist personality trait, or could be due to offering a pilgrimage to the deity.

  • The Underdark: Despite the closure of your homeland to Faerun, The Underdark is a place of strange customs and laws. As a native, you are probably of a particular race or a youngling who was captive for long.

The reasons for your voyage could be as an emissary or an escape from your homeland as a criminal. If not a native then the reason dwells on some misfortune that you were running from.

Suggested Characteristics of d&d 5e far traveler

Personality Traits

d6Personality Trait
1.I have a different perception on personal space from the others, like I think invading personal space of others is appropriate, or having a strong reaction to my own.
2.I'm fascinated by the peculiar eating habits of others. I prefer my own food choices.
3.I believe in a robust personal code of honour.
4.I have a unique way of expressing compassion.
5.I pay my respects to my deities through rituals that are alien to this land.
6.Before beginning the day, I practice rituals that are foreign to others.


1.Open. I have so much to learn from the folk I'm about to meet. (Good)
2.Reserved. I'm intrigued by this city's culture, due to its foreign practices. (Lawful)
3.Adventure. Being away from home is an adventurous ride. (Chaotic)
4.Cunning. Ignorance on everyone's part is my advantage. (Evil)
5.Inquisitive. I seek to learn everything unknown to me. (Neutral)
6.Suspicious. I lack judgments so I should be more careful. (Any)


1.As long as I have a connection to my homeland, I'm not safe.
2.The gods comfort me even if I'm far away.
3.I dedicate my cause to my people.
4.My freedom is my priority, and no o one can steal that.
5.I'm wonderstruck by this foreign land.
6.I wish to see my loved ones, but I'm left with no choice.


1.I'm boastful about my culture and look down on others.
2.I try to avoid interaction by being ignorant of their language.
3.I have an addiction problem
4.I'm always suspicious of the people in this land because they are foreign to me.
5.Only ignorant and innocent people are the victims of gods.
6.Exotic beauty of the people in these lands is my weakness.

Centre of Attention

Your strange mannerism, customs and appearance lead people to perceive you as an alien. Since you are a nuisance and an object of intrigue for the scholars, they take a keen interest in your standard foreign practices. 

On the other hand, in the D&D Uthgardt , the characters perceive others with suspicion. 

Luckily, this mysteriousness about you helps in forming an amicable alliance with various scholars and noble lords to gain access to places which mere commoners are denied.

Far Traveler Background 5e
Far Traveler Background 5e


In conclusion, we hope this in-depth learning of far traveler background 5e has equipped with the necessary knowledge of the character. Far traveler 5e will make you urge for wanderlust and will open various intriguing opportunities to explore life’s wonder. For other activities, Gameizmo is the go-to place.

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