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Haunted Background 5e | Haunted One 5e In DnD – 5th Edition D&d (2024)

Haunted One 5e
Haunted One 5e

The article below gives you a brief about the Haunted One 5E background’s suggested characteristics and unique features, where you get to know about the character’s personality traits, bonds, ideal attributes, and even flaws. Get to know about this background in detail and stick to the article. Read along to learn more about this background.  

Haunted one 5E

Today’s discussion is about the Haunted One 5E where you can select the characteristics oriented to this background. Moreover, this background must have eeriness or horror as its primary attribute.

The Haunted One is described as a character who’s terrified of something which they might not dare to speak openly about it. They also have tried not to run away from it but failed as it could most probably be a disaster or an incident they cannot forget.

Slaying them by a sword or eliminating them by a spell is a scary thought for them. therefore, it might be a shadow on the wall, a spine-chilling nightmare, a memory that refuses to leave their mind or a satanic whisper in the dark that scares them physically and mentally.

It is the reason behind the isolation of your character from their friends and family, and making them asks questions about their sanity also. Your character must find ways to overcome this fear of horror before it destroys them.

This background is curated for massive role-play campaigns and also demands special attention from their DMs.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose any two from Arcana, Religion, Survival, or Investigation.
  • Languages: Choose any one language from the options given in the section below.
  • Pieces of Equipments: Firslty, the monster’s hunter pack (reference in the article) and gothic trinkets are required.

Languages for Haunted One background

The language proficiencies of The Haunted one background should be related to the reason they are terrified. That means your characters have learnt the language as an integral part of the ritual or have acquired knowledge that is forced upon them. The languages below are:

  • Abyssal
  • Celestial
  • Deep speech
  • Infernal
  • Sylvan
  • Primordial
  • Under-common
  • Draconic

Gothic Trinkets Table

The gothic trinkets table below gives you only a few options for designer trinkets for a gothic game that you must consider for help. The gothic trinkets 5E are:

01-02A picture of your imaginary friend that you drew as a child.
03–04A lock which is opened when blood is trickled in its keyhole.
05–06Clothes that are stolen from a scarecrow.
07–08Spinning top, which is carved with four faces that are sad, happy, dead, and wrathful might scare them.
09-10A sibling’s necklace who died on the day your character was born.
11-12A big of a person who was killed by beheading.
13-14An unopened dying father’s letter to you.
15-16A watch that operates backward for an hour at every midnight.
17-18A dying soldier’s winter coat that was stolen.
19-20And invisible ink bottle which can only be read at sunset.
21-22A wineskin refills when it is buried with a dead person overnight.
23-24The set of silverware that a king used for his last meal.
25-26A spyglass that always shows that the world is going to suffer from a terrible storm.
27-28A cameo whose face is scratched might be scary.
29-30A lantern which has a black candle that never runs out and has a green flame can get scary.
31-32A teacup from a kid’s tea set which is stained with blood can get goofy.
33-34A black book that records your dream when you are asleep.
35-36A necklace that is formed why interlinking the holy symbols of the great deities.
37-38A noose that was tied on a hangman’s neck felt more massive than it should.
39-40A box of a lepidopterist, which is filled with wings that have skull-like patterns on them, can get goofy.
41-42A jar of pickles with the ghosts' tongue can scare them.
43-44A pirate's notorious wooden hand might scare them.
45-46A pirate's notorious wooden hand might scare them.
47-48A hand mirror that has medusa depiction in bronze at the back.

The dnd Haunted One suggested Back-story

Furthermore, you need a back story for your dnd haunted one character, and they are lying in the pointers below.

  • It could be a deal with the devil that haunts the character now and then.
  • They have a memory of dragons, orcs, or a human slaying party burning and wrenching their house.
  • A war can also lead to horrible things happening during combats that also becomes part of their life, like the Soldier flaw.Your characters might also be a part of a gang or a Mafia when they were young, but they are still afraid of unforgivable debts.
  • Your character might belong to a Cult who worships false God and now they are haunted by the members for what they did in the name of the deities.

Who haunts the haunted one?

The following pointers will let you know that what might trouble your characters and they are:

  • Ancient creature
  • Visions of the future
  • Past events
  • Ancestral connections

Things to remember while incorporating 5E Haunted One in your campaign:

The 5E Haunted One requires the points below while incorporating this background to your campaign, and they are:

  • You must talk to your player about their requirements.
  • Short your expectations from your campaign.
  • You must communicate or express your ideas about what do you want to do with the back-story of the background.
  • Taking notes about your characters type and the reason why they are haunted is important.
  • Involving the back-story throughout the campaign is a must.

Monster’s hunter pack

The Haunted One Dnd Monster’s Hunter Pack includes various types of equipment such as a tinderbox, a flask of oil, three torches, a silver mirror, a set of manacles, a holy symbol, three wooden stakes, a hammer, a crowbar, a chest, and a flask of holy water that is essential for this background.

It’s better if you buy the whole pack that costs 33 GP as it is much cheaper than buying the contents individually. 

Feature: Harrowing event

The Haunted one background 5E gives you a feature called a harrowing event. Before your character became an adventurer, their life had a dark moment, a deadly fateful decision, or a tragedy that makes them feel that they can never escape it.

This darkness will consume your character with fear like the Outlander background’s Paladin. Now you have to choose a harrowing event from the options given or roll one on the table.

D10Harrowing Event
1.A monster who has killed many lives but saved yours and you don’t know the reason for it.
2.Your character was born under a dark star which silently and distinctly watches you. Also, sometimes call you in the middle of the night.
3.A ghost that has haunted your family for generations and now it haunts your character, but you don’t know what it wants.
4.Your character’s family has a history of practising black magic or dark arts because of which they felt a clutch on their soul, flooded them with terror.
5.A ghost took your sibling away on one night, and you were not able to stop it.
6.Your character was cursed with lycanthropy but cured later. Now, they are being haunted by the innocent people they have once killed.
7.Your character was kidnapped and raised by a hag, but it still has a magical hold over them even if they escaped. Also, it puts evil thoughts in their head.
8.Your character opened a book of Eldritch Tome and closed it later as they saw things that don’t fit a sane mind, but the words were burned into their psyche.
9.A fiend possessed your character, but they locked it away. It still resides in them, but it’s locked.
10.Your character did horrible things to the person they loved and later became a monster who is haunted by waking dreams.

Feature: Heart of the Darkness

Your character seems to have faced unbelievable pain and horror, which is visible through their eyes as your character is not a stranger anymore to that feeling.

They might also fear from the commoners, but they will show their utmost courtesy and do every bit to help your characters. Also, these commoners would join hands with you to fight your enemies unless your characters don’t appear dangerous to them. 

Suggested Characteristics

Your character is a survivor who has learnt to live with horror and terror by now. They protect those people who have made their life brightened and pulled them out of the darkness. The Haunted One d&d discusses some characteristics below:

D8Personality Traits
1.The evils run away from them.
2.They love to read and memorize poetries as it keeps them calm and brings happiness.
3.They spend money freely and live life king size like there is no tomorrow.
4.They love the thrills that they get from hunting.
5.They don’t like to talk about the things that torture them as they don’t want to bother others.
6.They expect danger anywhere and everywhere.
7.They don’t like being the victims, and neither do they allow anyone to victimize them.
8.They do not trust the divine powers and beings.

Ideal Haunted

1.Selflessness. They try to help others who are in need irrespective of their cost.
2.Determination: They always try to stop those spirits who haunt them to die.
3.Greater Good: They always try to kill the monsters from the world to make the world more peaceful and also to exorcise their demonic pleasures.
4.Freedom: They believe that their dark calling is above the law.
5.Logic: They think it’s logical to know about their enemies’ weaknesses and capabilities before indulging in a fight with them.
6.Destruction: They are monsters who kill other evil beings and anyone who comes in between.

Bond Haunted

1.They try to maintain a journal where they write about their thoughts and discoveries.
2.They would sacrifice their lives to protect the innocents from the demons.
3.They believe that their tortures have made them lost their love, and now they want to win it back.
4.They feel that they are filled with guilt and hence hope to get redemption for their actions.
5.They feel that there are evil qualities in them and hence hope never to set that demon free.
6.They think there are many innocents are like children to them and hence want this world to make a better place for them.

Flaw Haunted

1.They have certain everyday rituals to follow that they cannot break.
2.They can assume the worst qualities in people.
3.They feel no sympathy for the dead people as they think the deceased are the lucky ones.
4.They have certain addictions.
5.They are the administrators of gloom and doom that live in this world without any hopes.
6.They can talk to spirits that nobody else can see with their eyes.
Haunted One Background
Haunted One Background

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